1. T

    MF 6499 electrical problem

    Hi all, Just went to use my 6499 and found that my right hand indicator doesn’t work at all. Left one is fine. The bulbs are okay as all the indicator lights flash when using the hazards. The relays are fine you can here them click when you use the indicator stick and fuses are all intact, I...
  2. A

    Fastrac 155 won’t engage properly

    I have a 1996 fastrac 155 when you engage the shuttle to either forward or reverse in all gears it won’t engage properly will roll forward/reverse but when you rev it doesn’t speed up ,any ideas what could be the problem Thanks
  3. Rob@EB

    Online Machinery Timed Auction

    Online Machinery Timed Auction held by Edward Buckland Ltd. Most of the lots are based in Cornwall, UK. Bidding starts from Saturday 22nd August and ends Friday 26th August from 12 noon. To view/register for bidding please use the link below...
  4. S

    Strange sound from PTO (Fiat 110-90)

    Hello there. I recently noticed a strange and worrying rattling sound coming from my PTO on Fiat 110-90 tractor. The sound is only present at very low speeds and the disappears partly or entirely when reving up. When just turning the pto shaft without the pto engaged there is no noise or...
  5. mattb0985

    Looking For Work Seasonal Harvest Worker

    Tidy and well kept 25 year old, seeking seasonal harvest work, arable preferred. Have 5+ years experience with a wide range of small and large agricultural machinery in long hours under pressure, whilst adhering to safety and cooperating with employees. This is shown through working the harvest...
  6. J

    Starting my own contracting business

    Hello just want to have some thoughts thrown at me about possible ways to start contracting. I’m 23 and not from farming stock. Always wanted to get my own machine and go off working with it. I know there’s lots of negatives around it. I’ve read other posts but most are involving farmers sons...
  7. L

    John Deere 6310

    Hi, just wondering if someone can help me, my front left wheel hub is leaking oil and I’m wondering is there much trouble in replacing the seal. Thanks
  8. O

    Wanted Tires

    Wanted 50 85 38 tyres or 580 70 38 must have at least 30% tread please call me on tell 07778615828
  9. B

    Reekie reliance 500 destoner problems

    Hi how’s it going I have a reekie reliance 500 destoner I bought last year used it last season an parked in shed after use Every thing was working perfact hooked it on today an she won’t do anything wen I move the joysticks on the control box the oil is flowing round an back to the tractor an...
  10. B

    Hydraulic Driving pto

    How it going I’ve recently bought a potato harvester that has pto ground drive an pto driving webs there for I need 2 pto shafts is there anywhere I could buy a pto that I can bolt onto the back of my tractor an drive it off the hydraulics I would need something that doesn’t take that much to...
  11. J

    Looking For Work Arable operator in yorkshire

    Arable operator with 17 years experience looking for permanent full time arable job in Yorkshire. Currently living in East Yorkshire but would be prepared to move for the right role. Experience and qualifications as follows : Qualifications: Category H track layer/crawler tractor. PA1 and PA2...
  12. D

    Claas 697 4 wheel drive problems

    Wondering if anyone can shed some light on an issue I’m having. Just recently got a new (to me) Claas 697 and everything seems to work as it should bar the 4 wheel drive. It works fine under breaking but not on the switch. The diff lock won’t go on either. I’m getting an intermittent...
  13. Gemma@Gritting

    Snow Clearance

  14. Gemma@Gritting

    Winter Services Required!

    Snow Clearance Services required for Winter 2019-2020 Season! Contact [email protected] for further information.
  15. Gerry6420

    kongskilde/jf trailed mower

    Looking at a 2017 jf 10ft trailed mower. Think it’s a kongskilde jf 3205 is the model. Anyone know what there like. Looks strong machine, well built. Not much about them anywhere online. Any faults or should they be avoided.
  16. C

    Registering a 'fairly new' tractor, how easy is it?

    I recently bought a Kubota STV36 which is only a few years old. It's not got a V5 and I was wondering how easy (and costly) it is to get it registered (and insured?) for road use. It has a factory fitted cab and presumably has all the required type approvals as one often sees STV36s for sale...
  17. J

    Looking for work!

    Please feel free to comment on here if interested! Full time work only please as I have a harvest job if I need it and I’m not looking for anywhere else just for the season. Thank you kindly for viewing and all the best! Qualifications: • Category H track layer/crawler tractor. • PA1 and PA2...
  18. ColoradoWolf

    Case MX135 - Dashboard clock

    Hi all, Driving my MX135a round, the clock is stuck on 12:00 and its quite annoying as its easier to have a look at that rather than pull out a phone with muddy and dirty hands. Anybody got any ideas on how to sort this? Thanks, Dan
  19. Borlace1

    A question about the cost of machinery...

    Hi guys :) This is my first post and, as well as introducing myself, I thought I'd get a gauge on your thoughts on a couple of topics. I'm the agriculutral finance specialist at Midlands Asset Finance (you might have seen our ads popping up on the Forum). I've noticed that a lot of people I...
  20. M

    Massey Ferguson 3080 lost 4th gear

    Ive got a MF 3080 autotronic that wont go into 4th gear, i fixed the issue with the nut at the front of the gearbox a few months ago and completly stripped out the gear box replaced a cog that had stripped teeth and put it all back together, A and B range aswell as 1,2,3 all work perfectly but...

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