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    John Deere 840i Trailed sprayer 24m 2009

    John Deere 840i Trailed sprayer 24m 2009 Advert added by: Russell Price Farm Services Ltd Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Trailed sprayers Price: £12000 Condition: Used Description John Deere 840i Trailed 2009 24m sprayer complete with...
  2. Romeogolf

    Hardi Commander section control with Trimble

    Good evening, I have a Hardi Commander 3200i spec trailed sprayer with 28m booms and 9 boom sections. I run a Trimble FM750 with autosteer on RTX and would like to gain auto section control by making them talk to each other. I have steering, auto boom height and rate, so auto section control...
  3. farmer dave136

    Horcsh lb sprayer on valtra smart touch

    I have a new horcsh trailed sprayer with its own control box I’ve a new tractor coming in the spring does anyone know if a can split the sprayer so I can control the sprayer on it’s own control box but show the map on the smart touch screen so I’m not having to flip between the two on the one...

    Hydraulic accumulators

    Just checked the hydraulic accumulators on the front suspension of our New Holland TVT190 and they've both split. I will sit down and price genuine ones:greedy: Where else should i price them and how do you find the pressure/spec to price pattern ones, I havn't cleaned the old ones off properly...
  5. L

    pwm contoller for 12v pto solenoid

    Was looking for a way to slow down pto engagement , the valve is pwm controlled but there is no way to adjust the settings in the module. Was after a little contol box to adjust the duty cylcle on the valve to slow down the take up. I can find pleanty of pwm contollers for fans and lights but...
  6. D

    New sprayer

    Anyone with a new or newish Amazone UX 4200 special sprayer ? And happy ? I have a 5 year old househam 24 mtr 4,000 ltr with a lot of spec. Doesn’t seem to be popular compared to other makes as a trade in ! Any opinions welcome... should one hold long term as it’s in perfect order or does it...
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    Vicon expands dealer network with Vincent Tractors & Plant

    Written by John Swire Vicon continues to develop its dealer network, and the latest appointment is that of Vincent Tractors & Plant, with depots in Fraddon, Cornwall, plus Holsworthy in north Devon, and Smithaleigh near Plympton in south Devon. This appointment gives Vicon a greater foothold...
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    2020 vision: Future of Farming Expo to take to ‘the Hub’ next week

    Written by Agriland Team The 2020 Future of Farming Expo presented by Kverneland Group Ireland is set to take place in the “Marble City” next week. Representing the agri implement powerhouse’s fifth showing, the event will take place at the Hub, Cillin Hill, Kilkenny on Thursday, February 13...
  9. V

    Ceat tractor tyres????

    Was pricing up some front tyres for a tractor and tyre place has recommended to try some ceat tyres . Apparently a very good tyre with something silly like 7 year warranty !!! Price wise they have come in just under a bkt tyre which they say there no warranty on them . Local contractor has a...
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    Chafer Guardian 4000

    Chafer Guardian 4000 Advert added by: Tim Elwess @teslacoils Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Trailed sprayers Price: £22500 Condition: Used Description Chafer guardian 4000 year 2007. 24m. Steering axle. Michelin agribib 18.4r34 tyres. Triple nozzle bodies. Teejet 844e...
  11. WHA82

    JD trailed sprayer

    Looking for a jd trailed sprayer, must be in vgc, isobus and have joystick. 36m 12 section M952i or something like that. Send me a message if you’re thinking of trading yours in. Thanks
  12. Zippy768


    Searched the site for previous threads, but oddly nothing came up :scratchhead:. Bascially, who's got a PA6 qualification?? Went to a NRoSO course the other day and asked about - surprising few have it! Booked on for one soon, naturally as a tight fisted individual begrudge the £200+ fee when I...
  13. Renaultman

    Early Nitrogen for tillering

    It's been a while since I have come out of a winter with wheat that needs thickening. Normally my high seed rates mean the opposite. Some of the late drilled stuff on contract land is s bit thin though. Normally we would roll, allow it to recover then N then BWS or vice versa. Obviously rolling...
  14. R

    LAMMA 2020 - 7th & 8th January, NEC , Birmingham

    New Landini 5 HC tractors walk tall with up to 44in tyres for maximum crop clearance A new range of Landini four-wheel drive tractors equipped with large diameter row crop wheels all round for extra high clearance will be introduced at the LAMMA show being held on 7/8 January 2020 at the...
  15. Dave6170

    Massey ferguson 5610

    Anybody on here got 1? How do you like it? Only know of 1 locally and he really rates it. Wondering what they are like compared to the 5455
  16. S

    Massey Ferguson Dyna VT

    Annyone has some experience 7720s vario vt transmission?
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    Knight EUA trailed sprayer

    Knight EUA trailed sprayer Advert added by: Steven marquis Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Trailed sprayers Price: £12500 Condition: Good Description Knight EUA 3000L trailed sprayer 24m series 4 gull wing boom 4section electro hydrolic, air suspension...
  18. CORK

    Gyroscope for trailed sprayer

    Just a quick question, when fitting the gyroscope to the tractor that pulls the trailed sprayer, should the gyroscope be fitted directly over the hitch point or does it matter if it’s say 8” in front of the hitch point?
  19. Brisel

    Mobile RTK Greenstar using JD Link MTG modem

    Anyone doing this? I have a contract hired 6215R for spraying that currently has SF3 via a SF6000 receiver. I want to upgrade to RTK as my next drill won't be using tramlines & SF3 isn't repeatable enough. AB lines & boundaries shift with SF3 and with a 36m trailed sprayer I need the accuracy...
  20. S

    24m trailed sprayer

    Hello, I want to buy 24m trailed sprayer with auto boom height control, single nozzle section control with isobus. I got offer from toselli marvel (farmgem pioneer ) ,amazone ux super and kverneland t3. I want your opionion which is best. Thanks