1. N

    New Holland T5 105 Spool Valve and road bounce help

    I'm newish to tractors so please don't shoot me for the dumb questions. I've a New Holland Boomer 50 which wasnt quite cutting it for what I needed, so have just bought a New Holland T5 105. Two very different beasts I know. The boomer spool valves took my 4 Ton tipping trailer no problems but...
  2. W

    Old plant trailer in need of repair

    I bought this for one job to move a scaffold tower as I was stuck, its now done several jobs and saved a fortune in skip hire, delivery charges etc. Its an old all steel Checker plate floor plant trailer. The Good The lights work and it tows very well full or empty Its a professionally...
  3. B

    Ktwo compactor

    Has anyone used one? I like the idea of more capacity and safety but is it worth the extra investment?
  4. E

    Easterby Trailer Backboard

    Easterby trailer backboard - think its off about a 12T trailer. Reasonable condition We can load onto transport. located Southport Message for details £200 ono
  5. D

    Ifor Williams TA510G - Livestock trailer - Double deck 10ft

    Ifor Williams TA510G - Livestock trailer - Double deck 10ft On Ebay
  6. D

    Bateson livestock trailer cattle sheep pigs

    Bateson livestock trailer cattle sheep pigs On Ebay
  7. Major_Fordson

    Restoring a Harford 3 ton tipping trailer. Does anyone have any original pictures?

    Hi all My first post on here! I've recently purchased a Harford 3 ton tipping trailer and I am looking to do it up. I am looking for reference pictures of the trailer "as new" but I am struggling to find much info at all on them. Struggling to figure out paint colours etc... and would love to...
  8. jd24

    Massey 3095 trailer brake hose adapter

    Hi i have been working in our woods and a stick has snapped a hose off the side of the trailer brake control valve. Ive managed to get the bit of thread left inside out of the valve but none of the hydraulic firms around me have the part. They say its a special adapter most likely witha designed...