1. capfits

    The Russian Sanctions

    Look pointless and rather weak. 5 small banks and 3 individuals that are already sanctioned by the US 4 years ago! Were these the only targets that were not given money to Conservative party or something? Amazing how quickly this shower can act to stop Universal Benefit but put out such a...
  2. Defra Farming

    Slurry: making the best of it

    Slurry: making the best of it Written by The Team Copyright Natural England/Paul Glendell Every year, farms in England generate and use millions of tonnes of livestock slurry. Slurry contains lots of nutrients including nitrates, phosphate and potash as well as a host of other things that...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Low Carbon Agriculture show announces its headline speakers

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Industry heavyweight speakers will discuss new environmental policy on UK farms, as well as opportunities such as carbon farming, and advances in renewable energy at Low Carbon Agriculture show this March 8 and March 9, at the NAEC, Stoneleigh, cutting...
  4. its.... only me

    Mounted Simba FreeFlow

    Has anybody either done something like this, or heard or know of anyone that has successfully converted a trailed FreeFlow to use as a mounted drill. I was thinking a 4 m. version might make a cheap folding tine seeder Thoughts were drop the front draw bar off and fit a three point linkage -...
  5. GAM

    Red Diesel?

    We are having a piece of land levelled and compacted for a yard in April, can the contractor use Red diesel?
  6. Jack Russell

    GRP Fertiliser tank cleaning

    Who is the firm that Yara uses to move and clean their fert tanks? The name has gone out of my mind and I just can’t remember.
  7. R

    Class Q

    When class Q planning was introduced l believe that it was for redundant farm buildings. I am now told the redundant bit is no longer necessary, is this correct? After applying for this planning ,when an inspection takes place by the planners,does the building have to be completely empty and...