1. C

    Resorted to the “Nettles” Drag harra

    Well we have every bit of kit imaginable in the shed...and today we decided to get the pigtail drag Harrow out of the nettles. Luckily we had some points and tines in the back of the shed So it’s ready to go tommorrow !!! Sumo will bring too much wet st!te up, carrier will just compact it ...
  2. D

    710/60r38 ??

    Hi, Is it just Michelin that are common in this size or are other brands fitted regularly as well? — Anyone got one 710/60 or a pair sitting that would sell? [email protected] Or text 07702 421 638
  3. MX7

    Floatation tractor tyres used back in the 70’s?

    As above what were they called who made them? I suppose nowadays tractors are so big the above tyres would be cost prohibitive and practically prohibitive due to their width on public highways.
  4. Dian Landman

    Operator feedback on certain tractors

    Hey guys. I need some feedback from guys running some of the tractors I'm going to mention. We are sitting with a difficult choice to make. Currently running a Landini 7-200 but its starting to give trouble and only sitting at 1200h. We decided to rather take the loss now and replace the...
  5. R

    BKT or Alliance Tyres ?

    Alliance or Bkt ? replacing a set of 650/65/42 & 600/65/28 on a JD6150, I’ve used bkt before and was very pleased with them, Alliance are £700 cheaper tho, but had no experience of them. Would like the saving of £700 but they need to be right for the job. Anyone had experience of these makes? Thanks
  6. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  7. F

    Looking for a pair of 710/60r34

    Hello, was wondering if any one had a pair of second hand 710/60r34, thinking of putting on in place of 520/70r38 for sowing etc without having to chance the fronts, thanks!
  8. 6

    New Tyres for 250hp tractor

    Looking to replace a set of tyres on a 250hp tractor... Tractor is used mainly for cultivation and drilling,but does a fair bit of road work when needed....Normally run Michelin Mach x bibs but have spoken to vredestein rep at Lamma that reckons traxion xxl are a better option!!!! But obviously...
  9. Farm Classifieds

    **BRAND NEW** Trelleborg 16.9 x 34 and 12.4 x 24 kubota wheels (480/70x34 360/70x24)

    **BRAND NEW** Trelleborg 16.9 x 34 and 12.4 x 24 kubota wheels (480/70x34 360/70x24) Advert added by: Chesterfield Agri Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £1950 Condition: New Description Brand new set of wheels taken from Kubota tractor...
  10. A

    Maximo tyres

    Any one tried them,looking at a set of 650/540,had a rough quote ,3k a set,any good?
  11. Farm Classifieds

    Trelleborg 580/65 r22.5

    Trelleborg 580/65 r22.5 Advert added by: Richard Suddes @Suddy Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £2800 Condition: Used Description 80% tread remaining. Fits Bateman rb25 and others no repairs 07739429578 How to make contact with the Seller...