1. F

    Precision Ag Machine Opinion

    Hello everyone, My name is Riley and I am an intern for Trimble. Trimble creates technology for precision farming across the whole life cycle of the crop. I would love to get a better understanding of people’s actual experience with precision farming, as well as the effects it has on...
  2. BuskhillFarm

    Which GPS??

    I was wanting to upgrade my Trimble FM250 it has great accuracy but I would like a bigger screen and something that’s easier to put field numbers in for. It’s mainly used for spraying cereal and putting in the tramlines, pre ems and slug peppering etc Options are so far. Secondhand JD 1800...
  3. Steevo

    Trimble (Case/New Holland) GPS System

    Anyone have a system for sale? Ideally a Trimble 750 screen. Would consider individual components if I can make a set up.
  4. H

    Mf error code

    Can anyone throw any light on this what may be causing it
  5. Jerseyjames

    Guidance / Trimble ez250 etc

    Entry level guidance wanted ? Trimble etc anyone have anything for sale ?? Or what would you’d recommend
  6. Jerseyjames

    Trimble ez 250

    As per title Looking for a second hand one before I go buy new anyone have anything ??
  7. Farm Classifieds

    T3002932 - 2020 Fendt 943MT Tracked Tractor

    T3002932 - 2020 Fendt 943MT Tracked Tractor Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £225000 Condition: Used Description 2020 Fendt 943MT Tracked Tractor, Deluxe Cab Suspension, Standen Trimble VarioGuide...
  8. ExeFarmer

    Tractor Guidance system thefts... N Devon

    Dear all My first post. Hello to you. Two guidance systems have been stolen from a farm near Bideford. If you hear anything or know anything contact Devon & Cornwall police with crime ref CR/050587/21 or call their Crimestoppers line 0800555111 Thank you 🐝
  9. Gpsvince

    CNH buy Raven

    CNH have purchased Raven, everything is always changing !
  10. Farm Classifieds

    Agrometius Geoswitch for Vredo to Trimble

    Agrometius Geoswitch for Vredo to Trimble Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £295 Condition: Good Description An Agrometius Geoswitch Interface link box for linking between Vredo and...
  11. Farm Classifieds

    Agribuggy Jacto Uniport 2500 Plus

    Agribuggy Jacto Uniport 2500 Plus Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £16000 Condition: Good Description Excellent 24m sprayer, clean chassis, reliable Cummins engine, controls upgraded to Trimble Field IQ to...
  12. Farm Classifieds

    Trimble FM750

    Trimble FM750 Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £2750 Condition: Excellent Description Trimble FM750 screen with variable rate and intermediate accuracy unlocks with all cables and AG25 GPS...
  13. crofter 65

    Bout marker for weed wiper

    Hi, I am looking for ideas on how to make a bout marker for my weed wipe, the manufacturer ones are very expensive. My own thoughts were a container carrying marker and some how letting it drip out in a slow fashion.
  14. bobk

    EU sausage war

    ffs .
  15. VantageEnglandWales

    Vantage ASC grows further with additional Installation & Service Engineer

    Continuing to deliver their vision for UK customers, Vantage ASC have strengthened their service and support team further with the addition of Mike Coxe. Mike has been working in Agriculture for the last 14 years as both an operator and in management roles giving him a clear understanding of...
  16. Tony g

    isobus on old tractors

    anyone know if it is possible to run a baler with an isobus terminal from an old tractor?specifically a comprima with direct isobus on a 98 it just a matter of getting power to the terminal or is it far more complicated than that?also the machine i've seen has air brakes how involved is...
  17. R

    Getting signal from your new sim card for RTK for Trimble

    Hi, I am in the process of setting my fendt for RTK. I have entered my sim card into the modem for RTK. the sim card I am using is a 'three' sim card. I didnt go down the line of getting a trimble sim. This sim card was activated through trimble. At the moment i'm having trouble connecting the...
  18. Romney_Rob

    Open day - Sheep into Arable and strip till 22nd June

    Hello, We farm next door to the groundswell show, we are a mixed farm of 1600ac of Arable and 2500 sheep, this year we also have done a lot of trial work with an interrow hoe and working with Mzuri to get strip till up and working on our farm. We will be exhibiting at Groundswell but thought...
  19. P

    New Holland guidence ready.

    Looking at a nh tractor that is guidence ready. It has a intelliview4 screen. What would I need to make it steer its self?? I have a 750 screen if needed!
  20. T

    Dinosaur wanting advice on GPS

    Hi, I'm looking to put an RTK system on our tractor for drilling.We have a Kubota M7 tractor which is autosteer ready.I have googled RTK but don't really understand everything.We are based in West Herefordshire and would like to install a system.There seems to be established companies such as...