1. T

    Entry level gps or foam blob marker

    I know it might be a long shot but bought a tractor mounted weed wiper and really struggling to see where I’ve travelled. Looking for something like a teejet centreliner,, ez guide 250 or something similar. I would also consider a foam blob marker Cheers
  2. Wobblebox

    Amazone fert spreaders

    I’m looking at an Amazone ZA-TS Ultra Profis Hydro spreader, but I have absolutely no experience with Amazone spreaders. It will be replacing an aged Kuhn Axis 30.1 which I’ve been really pleased with. It will be used through a Trimble GFX750 controller. So, basically, are they accurate? How...
  3. Tucks100

    Gps trimble update fm750

    Hello Where can I fine a software up for my fm 750 been looking for a link but can't find it has anyone got a email with it in or some point me in the right place plz looking for v8.10 I'm running 7.77 I need to update thanks Jon
  4. Clive

    Vaderstad drill speed signal

    Is it possible to run a vaderstad drill control box from a speed signal other than the drill's radar? ie the tractor GPS or wheels speed sensor The radar has failed on our carrier bio-drill and rather than get that repaired I'm wondering if we can simply use a different (more accurate) speed...
  5. V

    Vantage strengthens service backup with engineering expertise

    Dedicated to delivering up to date products and the best back up in the business, Vantage England & Wales have added a new installation & Service engineer to their team. Harry Hamer is the most recent addition and will be based in the North West of the companies trading area, England, and...
  6. D

    Challenger 45 GPS

    Can you get GPS steering system to work on a Challenger 45 ( electric steering wheel ) like a Trimble CFX 750 and EZ-Pilot with RangePoint RTX
  7. B

    Lost receiver

    I recently purchased my first Fendt but I am about 10 hrs from closest dealer so I thought it might be handy to have my own laptop and fendias program. I really don’t know much about either Fendt or the program but a service tech said that my front 3pt problem could perhaps be resolved by...
  8. S

    Xero setup

    I see there are loads of people on here using Xero now. Anyone got any good tips for setting it up for arable farming? Just about to start on it next week and any advice on structuring it for best results would be much appreciated!
  9. R

    Trimble nav 500

    Looking for a trimble nav 500 dome , for a xcn 350
  10. Steevo

    Rangepoint RTX

    Anyone else having issues with Rangepoint? Trimble 750 won’t move to corrected signal even with 18 sats.
  11. O

    Autosteer and 3m combi drill

    Looking to start spring drilling soon, with a new to us 3m Kvernland accord DA power Harrow combi and recently purchased a tractor with auto steer. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to go about using the GPS for a beginner? Fields are 10 acre average with not many straight hedges, is a...
  12. Haggis

    Mapping/Precision farming software

    I am currently using Gatekeeper for crop recording and mapping/precision farming. There seems to be a reasonable choice for the crop recording alternatives, however options for the mapping and precision farming side of things seem more limited. What are other people using to do mapping and...
  13. CPF

    Guidance systems (GPS)

    Are any of you losing your signal We are using Trimble and John deer The John deer system seems okay Been told it’s running on USA satellites I’m not sure about that? But the Trimbles are horrendous problems losing signal all the time. I’ve been told Trimble are using European satellites...
  14. Farm Classifieds

    Clayton C4105 Knight Crusader

    Clayton C4105 Knight Crusader Advert added by: Richard Harper @Power Harrow Pilot Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Self-propelled sprayers Price: £12500 Condition: Used Description Clayton Sprayer 24m John deere Engine 10 speed manual transmission air...
  15. bartdereu

    Topcon AGI-4 upgrade to RTK

    Hi all, i own a Fendt 718 SCR which came wit a built in Topcon AGI-4 GPS , on EGNOS . I've wanted to upgrade it to RTK and i found a radio module that i bought. Now when i opened the reciever, i noted that the IMU (the gyro module) was not installed , even do i have gyro readings on my...
  16. jhorr30

    Cnh trimble auto steer

    Have a case ih puma 230cvx steer ready from the factory which was fitted with second hand nh rtk auto steer equipment almost 2 years ago. Has never worked right since it was installed. It just won't drive straight. It can be up to 30cm off line at times but is mostly 3.5-15cm off line. It is...
  17. F

    Isobus sectioncontrol hardi 6500

    Hello from cold Finland. I hope that someone here could help. I am now using a hardi sprayer with an hc6500 controller with a jobcom and trimble cfx750 sectioncontrol. I bought new tractor with isobus and integrated autoguide and section control. Can i use valtras sectioncontrol an old non...
  18. J

    Coverage Switch

    Has anyone come up with a simple solution to record coverage with a GFX750/NAV900 on a non ISOBUS tractor. Its on a MF7480VT need to utilize Lift arms and also SCVs for different operations.Im sure there was a post a while back about the small circular connector that looks like a diagnostic port...
  19. S

    Yara N sensor

    Blue passive sensor £350.. X20 incab control touch screen £ 350. Harness X2 £300. In use and serviced Feb 21. Only for sale as upgraded to newer model, ideal entry level. 07778 254547
  20. Chae1

    Drilling advice needed

    Drilling with autosteer RTk on new Holland tractor. Up until now on 24 m tramlines I have had to overlap a half run with our 4m drill. This has been enough to take out any small kinks in the field. Gone to 28m now so won't have to do half width overlap. Will drill the first tramline in...