1. Northdowns Martin

    Lower disturbance subsoiler

    Need to ‘lift’ a few field post harvest, looking at my current options in the machinery paddock I have a Sumo Trio, Carrier and a Heva 5 leg subsoiler. My guess is Heva would be best, but worried about the amount of disturbance. Would changing the legs and point help reduce? I’m thinking...
  2. L

    Looking for organic cereal feed for poultry DIRECT from FARMER

    I have about 15 hens in my care which I love dearly. I'm looking to improve their nutrient intake because they've started dying recently with no symptoms and I believe they have some deficiency problems. Would like to get my hands on some good quality cereals and seeds for them, preferably...
  3. Kevtherev


    Anyone growing or grown lupins for whole crop? Was a few growing it about 15yr ago but seems to have fallen away. Pic for attention
  4. C

    Wholecrop hybrid rye fed too cattle.

    I wholecrop a lot of spring cereals for our beef herd. Mostly oats to form the base of a tmr. I'm looking at the yield from hybrid rye and thinking it maybe a good option. Has anyone done it, what is the feed value if cut late? Is it palatable enough for them? Thanks in advance.
  5. W

    Hybrid Winter Barley

    If your growing it, how are you getting on with it? Costs to grow? Output? What it like grass weed wise?
  6. Farmer_1994

    “Grazing corn”

    Bmr tillering corn, 60 days from plant till harvest and yields 5-7 dm ton an acre. feed test from local farmer that tried it last year Thoughts?
  7. Andyt880

    DD turnips into permanent pasture without glyphosate

    I am thinking of getting 4 acres of old grass land Direct drilled with turnips after second cut silage. Winters are wet here and land wouldn’t be the lightest but this would be one of my driest fields in winter. Never grazed a forage crop over winter here before. I am wondering would I get...
  8. Farm Business RSS

    Dow Shield® 400 controlling weeds in game cover crops

    Written by John Swire Game cover crops for shooting and wildlife and wild bird seed mixtures need careful management, starting with reducing the weed population which will help their establishment. This can be challenging, as often there are mixtures of different crop types established in the...
  9. beardface

    Summer grazing cover/forage crop

    Anyone grazing sheep on annual summer cover crops? Thinking a mix with say rye, ryegrass, 2 or 3 annual clovers, phacelia, vetch and a brassica with regrowth could be a good mix. Stock it at over 5 ewes and lambs to acre rotational grazed. Could be a good alternative arable 'crop' with benefits...
  10. Still Farming

    Spring sow oats weeds

    Sown oats , glysophate any weed flush before crop emergence. April drought conditions also killed lot of weeds in cultivation. Corn taking ages to come up snd now it is how behold the bloody weeds like redshank etc. Taking off? Any ideas as not much recommended?
  11. CPM RSS

    New fungicide – Flag leaf gets new option

    Written by cpm Univoq has been launched by Corteva Agriscience, bringing a new mode of action to T2 fungicide programmes. CPM finds out how it works, how it performs and how to look after it. Inatreq is in a new chemical class. By Tom Allen-Stevens Cereal growers have a new fungicide for the...
  12. dragonfly

    AB9 drilling

    Right, we've had some rain. So who is drilling AB9 now? Is it warm enough, or should we wait another week or so?
  13. Flat 10

    AB9 two year species

    Aside from kale and maybe some fodder radishes are there any other options? Had mixed success in the past as if the kale fails you need to re establish every year or risk a fine? I guess wheat sown now won't vernalise so will provide some cover/seed in the second year. Any other bright ideas for...
  14. B

    Liquid N scorch

    Is it just us or has this year been bad for it?
  15. JCfarmer

    Winter oats not looking happy at the moment!

    Has anyone got red/brown tipped leaves. Agronomist thinks its the cold dry weather we've had, I hope anyway! He said other clients have the same. Sprayed 10 days ago with 1.25 l Chlormequat 0.5 l Tubosan 0.1 l Moddus 0.4 l Starane 21g Ally Max Started spraying after 10 in the morning and...
  16. Selectamatic

    More fert on my spring wheat?

    Evening, About a month, ish, ago i sowed 80kg an acre of spring wheat, and put another 100kg of 20-10-10 down the drill spout. Now, I’m a total novice to growing wheat, but the question is, should I give it a bit more fertiliser? If so, what, and when? I can feel the eyes rolling in your...
  17. Farmdeals

    750 g/ltr Chlormequat - £14.95 per 10 litres on Farmdeals

    We have added the herbPlant Growth Regulator BEC CCC (750g Chlormequat) which come ins 10 ltr cans to Farmdeals today. The price is £14.95 per 10l delivered and is available to mainland UK. For use on barley (winter), oats, rye, triticale, wheat (spring), wheat (winter). Click here to sign is...
  18. Fergieman

    N Rates Applied

    Just been doing the sheets for last application of fert to w and s barley. What rates of nitrogen are you applying to your cereal crops? 220kgsN/ha w wheat 200kgsN/ha w barley 125kgsN/ha s barley Adjusted for any manure/slurry applied.
  19. C

    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    No significant amount of rain in the forecast. Should we be getting concerned yet?
  20. Dman2

    AB 9 Winter bird mix

    Have some of the above to sow Can use 90% cereal, so we are using oats seeing as we have some. What rate are people sowing the oats And do you mix the other seeds with the oats to sow or sow seperate. Cheers