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    Potatoes – Experience is the mother of wisdom

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF It’s often said that learning is best when put into practice and much has been learnt about potato desiccation over the past year or so. CPM talks to a couple of potato specialists who pass on what they’ve learnt from their mistakes using PPOs...
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    Fine tuning strategies to achieve successful crop desiccation

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Following their first full season of diquat free desiccation, and potentially armed with greater knowledge gleaned from “real” non-trial conditions without a diquat safety net, many potato growers should now have an even better understanding of what it...
  3. Bigjon44

    Potato blight

    Anyone got a few patches of blight in their spuds with this very unpredictable weather!! What's the best product to apply?
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    Potatoes – All in the timing

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Controlling the risks of sprouting begins long before a potato goes into long-term storage. CPM attends a recent AHDB webinar to learn how to get the best out of maleic hydrazide applications. Once sprouting starts in the field, it’s a hell of a job to stop it...
  5. B

    Crow invasion

    Our back yard seems to have become the "in" place for crows recently. Got about 40 there atm, any ideas what's attracting them or how we can discourage them? It looks like a scene from a Hitchcock film and the noise is something else? It's not food, because we only chuck out a handful of...
  6. D

    Growing top notch Marforna

    How do you grow top qualty Marforna potatoes? As the Man said, " Well I would not start here" Yes I should have had them planted earlier & should have got them treated with Rhino powder. But what else? we can sell them, but quite hard to grow prone to been hollow & the slugs love'em. I've...
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    276: Maleic hydrazide – getting ready for the next potato storage season

    276: Maleic hydrazide – getting ready for the next potato storage season Written by AHDB Maleic hydrazide is a growth regulator that has been on the market for many years. The true value of it is now becoming apparent, with the demise of chlorpropham (CIPC). Previously it was used mainly for...
  8. spin cycle

    whats done this to spuds

    interesting photo on local faceache of some ones spuds....2 yr old pig muck used
  9. E

    a question for the potato experts

    My first lifted rocket have split and cracked . Can anyone explain why
  10. colhonk

    Potato fert

    Do potatoes need a sulphur fertiliser?
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    Potatoes – Integrated approach for PVY

    Written by cpm Download PDF Seed potato producers are leaving no stone unturned to slow the proliferation of virus in British stocks, with straw mulches and mineral oils set to compliment systemic insecticides as part of a robust integrated pest management (IPM) strategy this year. CPM finds...
  12. Pasty

    Small Ragwort

    I've just noticed some small plants, about primrose size that look like ragwort in a wooded part of the farm near a stream. Not the tall stemmy jobs you would expect but fully in flower. Is there a kind of junior version? I'll keep an eye on it over the year. So far off limits from animals.
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    Genome edited wheat to reduce cancer risk from bread and toast

    Written by Lydia Turner UK Scientists have used genome editing to reduce a cancer-causing compound commonly found during bread baking. Acrylamide, is a compound which forms during bread baking and further increased when bread is toasted, the darker the toast, the more of this carcinogenic...
  14. D

    Lamb feeding tube

    Just bought a new one. Is it just me or is a rubber tube hard to push down the lambs throat. I got on well with the more plastic type ones.
  15. E

    How deep should spuds be planted?

    I'm planting some earlies in some quite deep pots...about it possible to plant them too deep..or will they yield better ?
  16. Yorkshire lad

    American farmers

    I'd rather watch YouTube than TV now and enjoy seeing farmers in other countries . I follow a quite few, Millennial Farmer and 10th Generation Dairyman being a couple of them. What suprises me is how Americans use skidsteers as their main loaders. Surley loading shovels or...
  17. S

    Sprayer filling, Discuss

    Thinking of going down the route of having a veg craft style filling system. 90% of the time we fill at a central site, next to IBCs etc etc. This means we could save a few hours by turning off the sprayer and using cheap(er) electricity to run a pump and fill the sprayer? Big hopper would make...
  18. N

    seed hopper

    anyone know a manufacturer of forklift tote bin / hopper. to hold 2x600 seed dont want to see swinging bags on tines anymore with people and expensive drills underneath.
  19. Andrew1983

    Preserving stock feed potatoes

    Normally get offered stock feed potatoes in May, we take them and mix with silage and clamp them which has worked well the last couple years. I am contemplating keeping back my tail end of yearling stores to graze and hang up in October/November. I’d prefer to feed them tatties near enough all...