tyre pressure

  1. Robert

    John Deere 6175R/ 6195R / 6215R Front : Rear Axle Weight Spread? (Tyre Pressures)

    Until such a time as i can get to a weigh bridge, does anyone have a guide to the weight spread between front and rear axles so we can calculate tyre pressures a bit more accurately? Thanks
  2. Barleycorn

    Volkswagon emissions scandal

    I am often seeing adverts from, presumably, ambulance chasing lawyers about claiming for misrepresentation if you have a VW product of a certain age. We have a 'qualifying' Skoda. Just wondering if anyone's tried claiming this? Are these advertising lawyers worth bothering with, or is there a...
  3. Agri J

    Telehandler test tips and advice

    Morning all, so I have my teleporter test next week, I've used teleporters for years but finally getting my test, anyway I'm not feeling very comfortable with it being so soon as I've had no proper training. I was just wondering if you guys had any tips for what to do in the test, and what they...
  4. neilo

    Do I have enough horses?

    Pulled a single leg Browns mole plough out of the nettles this afternoon, last used 35+ years ago I should think. I have about an acre of blue clay at the bottom of a field to mole into a ditch, so don’t want to spend on anything like a new expander. Buying a 3/4” pin for the leg was bad enough...
  5. Sid

    Regularly check your nuts!!

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-54017386 Please check the wheels nuts as a routine. None of us want this to haunt us for ever us a day. And while you got nuts on our minds check yours or the other halves out at the same time! https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/testicular-cancer/
  6. T

    Spreading in the wet.

    Morning all, it’s getting very wet down here in Aus, with nearly 8” for August the paddocks are boggy as hell. At the moment running our linkage Bogballe on the T7 is out of the question and will be for a while. We are thinking about putting duals on the front and back to increase floatation...
  7. D

    Richard Western Tanker wheel studs

    Has anyone any experience replacing sheared wheel studs from a Richard Edwards tanker (1300 gallon) Is it a big job? Or is it fault straight forward ?
  8. G

    Flotation replacement for 650/85r38

    Is a 900/60r42 a suitable replacement for the above? Tia
  9. Will 1594

    Trelleborg tyres.

    Any one from trelleborg tyres read the tff. . Please contact me by pm 😡
  10. Bald Rick

    Twin or tri axle livestock trailer?

    Which is the better bet for hauling heifers on mainly motorways/dual carriageway- twin or tri axle? 500 mile round trip but only loaded one way
  11. Farm Classifieds

    Fendt 936 Vario Gen6 Tractor

    Fendt 936 Vario Gen6 Tractor Advert added by: Lister Wilder Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £0 Condition: New Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and contact the dealer
  12. GreaseMonkey

    Dalbo Cultimax

    Good evening, we have an 8M Dalbo Cultimax, but nowhere on the book it mentions anything about tyre pressures. Does anyone have one of these and if so, what tyre pressure do they run theirs at? Many thanks in advance.
  13. W

    Combining very short w beans

    Any tips, got a 12m header and not looking forward not only are the beans short but they have prodded low down?
  14. C

    Nissan Navarra N-Guard

    I've just taken delivery of a new N-Guard. On the whole, I like it but the suspension seems very firm, you tend to feel every imperfection on the road, are they all like this, and will it "bed in" come time?
  15. shumungus

    Farm jeep wish list ( aka the Ineos Grenadier Farm R&D thread)

    OK, it would appear that someone of influence in the new Grenadier vehicle has been made aware of us and is paying attention is that not so @CPF . If so this is a first class opportunity for us to get our ideas straight to the right people. So put your ideas on here of practical / beneficial...
  16. S

    advise please,jd 6230 banging when brakes released

    Hi new to here and not really a farmer (car and van mechanic with a mot station and a small holding) I bought a jd6230 standard 2009 with a loader a few months ago for doing our hayledge,no experience with tractors and only used to driving my international 685xl. when clearing the fields and...
  17. Amcnab

    Honda 500esp or Suzuki 500 auto

    Which is best bike? Both with eleccy steering. Will the suzy auto rev a bit. like the idea of the electric shift you can run in a highish gear with little revs
  18. ploughman1963

    650/75R32 tyre - what have you got?

    Our combine came on 650/75R32 tyres but different brands - One has a flat tread profile while the other is crowned which means they have a different rolling radius and causes the combine to be slightly higher one side than the other - no problem until you put our 18’ header on that doesn’t have...
  19. Ali_Maxxum

    Michelin or Trelleborg?

    Which would you choose? On a new tractor. Any user experiences welcome. Could have Mitas again but happy to pay the extra. Not interested in Firestone. BKT not an option. Have driven tractors with both on 650/540 sizes. I've never felt too safe on Michelins on banks, whether they've been pumped...
  20. Bald Rick


    Anyone using one? Pros and cons? Tia