tyre pressure

  1. Syngenta UK

    Arena Syngenta Sprays and Sprayers Arena

    The Sprays and Sprayers Arena is a key highlight for many visitors to Cereals every year, showcasing the latest innovations and application technology. We aim to bring the arena to life through the digital world of Cereals LIVE 2020. It is a critical time for UK farmers, tasked with improving...
  2. James

    Most comfortable tractor?

    Currently running a mf 7618 with cab and front suspension. Not too bad a tractor on the whole but has gotten pretty uncomfortable esp on roads. What newer tractors are very comfortable say specced with the best seat that manufacturer has to offer. obviously I'm assuming that they all would have...
  3. 6

    Tls 6910

    Is there a way to put tls on a 6910 that doesn't have it?
  4. M

    Loader Tractor Tyre Pressures

    Just wondering your views on tyre pressures for loader tractor. We have recently taken to a MF 5712 (66 plate) with loader including soft-ride. Unfortunately no cab suspension. Tractor used for general farm duties including loading and delivering hay bales. Finding it very uncomfortable and...
  5. Banana Bar

    Fendt or Fastrac

    On a 6000lt trailed sprayer. Either 724 or 4220? BB
  6. An Gof

    Self propelled or Mounted .....Transport Box

    I have a big capital expenditure decision to make. The old transport box that father bought about 30 years ago has finally succumbed to tin worm and i need a new one. Now i have put together several complex spreadsheets to analyse this purchase because i really fancy a self propelled transport...
  7. Selectamatic

    Cage Wheels, are they really that bad?!

    Just thinking out aloud... Little David Brown and Box Seed Drill, would I see any benefit from adding a pair of cage wheels to the tractor for either winter or spring sowing? What's the good and bad things about them?!
  8. W

    Silage trailer - stability?

    Looking at possibly changing our silage trailer for a bigger model - seen a few tidy used ones for sale, all 14 ton, 18 foot long, but they all seem to be on the bigger flotation tyres (560/60/22.5) which seems to push the height up a fair bit which makes me quite sceptical of them on some steep...
  9. Michelle_Nuttall

    Webinar: Tyres, Traction & Compaction

    AHDB Webinar: Tyres, Traction & Compaction Wed, May 6, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Speakers: Harry Henderson, AHDB and Stephen Lamb, Bridgestone Register here. In this session we will be looking at tyre technology and soil compaction, focusing on: • Tyre Choice • Benefits of a VF (Gen3)...
  10. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Webinar: Making the most of the Recommended List: 4 Mar 2020

    During this webinar on the recommended list and variety selection tool Judith Stafford was joined by Colin Chappell of Gander Farm and Bastiaan Brak from AHDB. They discussed how to get the most from the resources available to support decision making, and demonstrated the new variety selection...
  11. 640

    Drill markers and new to drilling

    hi everyone totally new to any type of forums so sorry if this is in wrong place for a starter was wondering if anyone could help me on drilling I'm new to it and seem to be over to the left all the time missing one way and overlapping the other I've tried everything measuring till my head hurts...
  12. marco

    John deere 6820 problems

    I've a 6820 and the front axle seems to scrub/ tyres bounce a bit when turning tight. If I turn on and off the 4wd on concrete you can hear it clunk on and off. I reduced the tyre pressure to 22psi (16.9s) and it hasn't cured the problem. Any ideas on what to look for try?
  13. Romeogolf

    From Self propelled, to trailed, back to Self propelled sprayer

    Curious to know if anyone has gone from self propelled sprayer, to trailed, and then back to self propelled and been pleased they did. This does not need to be a comparison thread discussing the merits of each. I went from a self propelled, to a 28m trailed with larger tank on a 200hp tractor...
  14. S

    Cab suspension

    Hey all, I'm looking for info on retro fitting cab suspension on a John Deere 6910, I've see posts where lads had done it but I didn't save them! I think it had been done using Massey or new Holland suspension kits Any info and photos would be appreciated Cheers
  15. H

    Loader tractor tyre pressures

    We recently bought a jd 6320 loader tractor , was just wondering what the tyre pressures should be back and front ? , she’s a bit bouncy on the road , think the tyres might be a bit hard
  16. H

    Dowdeswell delta 100

    Morning all, mom having problems with a new to me plough . I just can’t get it to pull true is wanders all over the place . The Lemken and Kuhn I have used we’re easy to set up and pull true but I can’t get to the bottom of this one. I’m pulling it with a 6430 premium, tyre pressures the same...
  17. JCfarmer

    Rolling Winter Wheat

    Has anyone started rolling winter wheat as yet, I have been holding off as night time temperatures have been very low to freezing?
  18. J

    MF 390 judders on the road

    I have recently bought a 390 and on the road in top gear it seams to judder every so often as if it’s stuck in 4wd any ideas would be greatly received as I don’t want to damage it.
  19. Pluto

    Sealing tubeless tyres

    Anyone got any bright ideas how to get a rear tractor tyre to seal on the rim? The tyres on okay, but just a paper thin gap in one or two places. Don’t really want to call out a fitter just to blow it up. Bear in mind that I only have a 100L compressor, perfectly okay for pumping up tyres, but...
  20. R

    Direct drilling with Claydon Hybrid drill

    Hi, We have brought a 4.8m Claydon Hybrid mounted drill not used it since delivered in October. I could do with some advice on best practice drilling spring beans and spring barley. Ran it through the ground yesterday to set depths and to see what finish it left but apart from that haven't done...