1. B

    Best trailing shoe or dribble bar on the market?

    Looking at trialing shoes and dribble bars, but liking the look of trailing shoe. Ideally need something that can be mounted to tanker, or used on tractor as umbilical system. Used on grass land only. What would be the best brand to go for? Anybody have experiences with different brands?
  2. Agriland RSS

    NAAC publishes survey of agricultural contracting prices

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) in the UK has released its latest survey of contracting prices. Not surprisingly, the organisation is also advising farmers and customers to expect price rises. With fuel prices at record...
  3. Aspiring Peasants


    I know disc mowers are more popular than drum mowers but I really dislike my Krone disc mower. It's on its fifth season, it's unreliable and is hard to get as tidy a job as with the vicon drum mower we used to have. Looking at alternatives, has anyone got a Weaving drum mower which I think are...
  4. Eden.Agri.AD

    Nurse Tanker Snorkels

    Has anybody seen or got a slurry snorkel either on their field nurse tank for the umbilical or mounted on the front of the nurse tank tractor? With a Doda pump / DCI arm / Boom and Dribble bar now pretty much standard spec of a tanker, IMO there is too much going on and too much for the guys...
  5. C

    Dairy slurry on Spring Barley

    Been thinking about putting some slurry from our dairy cows onto spring barley this year. We have an umbilical kit with 9m dribble bar but no hose humper. What growth stage would be best to apply the slurry causing little to no damage? Any help appreciated. TIA
  6. Headless chicken

    What are you vaccinating for?

    Things slipped on the vaccination front with us over the past couple years and has made me question a bit if we mess with cows too much. What do others vaccinate for? we had a flare up of pneumonia in calves this autumn and we’re started to wonder if some of it is underlying bvd or ibr. We’re...
  7. J

    Joint ill lambs

    Any thoughts on how this is affecting lambs .Always seems to start 7-10days old see lambs trailing a leg / limping .We lamb indoors wonder is there a connection between footrot and lambs getting infected ,the vets reckon could be more likely mastitis link. Tried Draxxin for a longer cover and...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Is a 15m dribble bar to spread slurry destined to become the norm?

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The fading of the splash plate in favour of ground level application of slurry has led to the adoption of 7.5m as being the standard width for dribble bar-type booms. Yet the industry never stands still, and can barely see any sort of standard without...
  9. dinderleat

    Fertiliser stocks

    I thought it would be interesting to see what effect the fertiliser price and availability is having on farm that will effect overall production.
  10. bobk

    Anyone growing crops with no fert ?

    Excluding organic boys , could be interesting
  11. Speedstar

    Slurry kit for for sale at York

    any one know anything about all the slurry kit to sell in the York sale ?
  12. M

    Labour Cost per Litre

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, I'm trying to find comparable labour costs per litre for different systems. We run a 250 Holstein cow autumn block system, and I need to show the directors how we compare against other systems and wether we should try to increase yield or take a more...
  13. yellowbelly

    f**k Up Fortnight

    'Twas always thus - that 10-14 days in the run up to the start of lambing heralds the onslaught of TLD, prolapses, blown guts, abortions and the 1001 other things that can go wrong with sheep :banghead: Many moons ago, when I was young and keen, an old bloke once told me, "A farm or a piece...
  14. Z

    Slurrykat 10m Dribblebar Issue

    Finally getting out to use my new dribblebar on my Umbilical system and yesterday evening after having a walk around it I noticed around 5 pipes on one side are badly kinked with one pipe split. Two are badly flattened. When you close the arms up to change fields, the pipes are kinking. It’s...
  15. Defra Farming

    The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund: review of items

    The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund: review of items Written by Gordon Jones © Natural England/Jane Uglow The first round of the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund closed on 7 January 2022. We received 5,624 eligible applications worth an overall value of just over £53.5 million...
  16. 6

    Slurry spreading

    Looking for some advice, what’s the best option for a tanker mounted pump for piping slurry? Would like to be able to use it for direct pumping from a lagoon/tank or for drawing to the pipe and blowing off. For direct pumping do you need a hydraulic pump to fill the tanker and a pto driven...
  17. hally

    Slurry pipe

    what is the best pipe for taking slurry from the top of the pump up into the tower and where do I get it. Last stuff hasn’t lasted five minutes. TIA.
  18. F

    Perhaps we deserve everything the EA throws at us

    We really are our own worst enemy sometimes. I have just heard of an umbilical running until 4 am this morning so they could get as much slurry out as possible before todays torrential rain hits.
  19. W

    Whats the value of a m3 of pig slurry from a slatted finishing unit?

    As title says, what price would people say its worth? Baring in mind not only does it provide n but p and k as well. Im thinking it should be £15m3 collected at least....
  20. spikeislander

    Nitrogen replacement late in the day on growing crop

    Hi there this may belong in the holistic section but I’m not sure I do ! I’ve been tasked with cropping 200 acres in the coming years but with no man made nitrogen fertiliser , I’ll be exploring cover crops , catch crops , muck etc , although no digestate or compost due to plastics. I’ve...