1. topground

    DEFRA Animal Welfare grants.

    DEFRA decided that they know best how to spend the money that livestock farmers will now not have available through BPS and they have announced that they will fund an on farm review with your vet. I have responded to a request for input into the scheme as a livestock keeper. Does your vet know...
  2. J

    Maternal ewe breed

    Currently we are running easycare ewes and think they are great sheep the only problem we have is keeping them in! I’ve never seen sheep to be able to jump or push under anything like them! When we have them in the pens they are clearing hurdles or pushing under them. I wouldn’t say there wild...
  3. JET

    Home Made Cattle Race

    New Cattle Race are ridiculous money show your Home Made Cattle Race so i can steal ideas ;)
  4. G

    Farmers to be taught to suck eggs

  5. Buffalo

    Pedigree Salers Bull

    3 1/2 year old pedigree salers bull ‘Litton Omega’ sired by Preenbank Jasper Bvd accredited herd Vaccinated Bvd, lepto and bravoxin 10 Tb tested ready to move Calves can be seen on farm, genuine easy calving bull, been used on heifers £2200 Gareth Bufton 07917718047
  6. A

    Foot & Mouth

    Hopefully not the case in these pigs in Norfolk.
  7. K

    Tick Borne Fever

    Has anyone ever had an outbreak of Tick Borne Fever in dairy cows? A quick rundown on our case: On the 20th of April, I had six first calvers with no milk and high temperatures. I immediately suspected IBR so the vet recommended that we vaccinate. Symptoms cleared up and heifers came back...
  8. Jerry

    Tb test - Avian Lumps

    Had my first IR today with my Tb test after 4 years clear. Vet was saying I’ve got a lot of cows with significant lumps from the avian jab. He said that could indicate there is a good chance there’s a strong background level of infection??
  9. tr250

    Limousin bull for sale

    Just thought I’d put a quick ad up but unfortunately he’s not available until mid July. Grange Laurier born 27/03/2015 Proven stock getter Perfect feet Never had any trouble calving but probably not a bull for heifers Plenty of calves, stores/fat cattle can be seen by him. Closed herd just...
  10. WittetCheviots

    Heptavac P

    Does anyone know what is causing the supply issue with Heptavac and when it is likely to reappear on the market.
  11. Agriland RSS

    TB: RSPCA calls for cattle vaccination, not just badgers

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is calling on government to place focus on cattle-based measures to reduce tuberculosis (TB) in cattle. The society make this remark, among others, in a statement released today...
  12. Wolds Beef

    4 Pedigree Lincoln Red Bulling Heifers For Sale

    From the High Health WINCEBY herd of Lincoln Red Cattle. BVD free Johnes Monitored Neospora free IBR Vaccinated. PM me if Interested. In there working clothes!! Easy calving Easy feeding herd.
  13. Agriland RSS

    Government introduces new badger vaccination licence

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland A new and simplified licence for vaccinating badgers has been rolled out today (Thursday, May 26), as part of government plans to step up efforts to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (TB) in England by 2038. The new licence to trap badgers for vaccination...
  14. B

    14 Store cattle

    14 Store cattle 6-8 months. Going well on grass only 8 AA heifers (5 named sires) 1 AA steer 3 Blue heifers 1 Hereford steer (named sire) 1 Blonde steer TB tested ready to go. BVD PI tested. Dehorned, castrated. Vaccinated: Bravoxin (Blackleg, clostridia etc|), Rispoval 4 pneumonia vaccine...
  15. Angus2000

    Lamb Vaccination

    Looking to vaccinate lambs averaging 5 weeks old this weekend. Struggling to get any heptavac p plus, I have seen other options such as ovivac p plus and lambivac but not sure which one would be the better choice? Or if anyone knew where I could get Heptavac p plus atm?
  16. G

    Who gives a flying feck whether Starmer had a beer?

    As sbove??
  17. will6910

    Which investment is better currently

    I currently have a small dilemma. I have sold some off my store heifers and done not Brilliant. So Im going have to graze the remaining 9 heifers for the summer to get more weight on them. So il have 9 heifers and then ewes and lambs. I can’t see how il have grass for them all without some...
  18. R

    Tricky Sheep move...

    A neighbour is allowing my sheep to graze a field. The difficulty is getting them there....but it is frustratingly close. I have a very small trailer and no dog. The flock is 40 ewes + lambs. So this would be 6 trailer loads. From the map you can see my filed (A). They would need walking...
  19. B

    Lamb holding front leg up

    Hi Any advice Would be great. I have a lamb that’s 10days old, noticed 5 days ago she was lame holding her front leg up. She won’t put any weight and refuses to use it. Iv Penstrep & loxicom her and still no improvement. I have had the vet out and she can’t put her finger on anything, just...
  20. Agriland RSS

    USPCA urges people to be aware of new puppy scam tactics

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Northern Ireland animal welfare charity, the USPCA, has issued a warning to animal lovers across the region, following intelligence reported to its Special Investigations Unit. Recent reports highlight that illegal puppy farmers have moved to a new mode...