1. D

    Critical Mass

    To paraphrase some recent posts on here: ‘The EA staff aren’t what they were. Can’t even hang a gate properly.’ ‘The vets aren’t what they were. I seem to know more than they do.’ ‘The Defra staff aren’t what they were. Just don’t understand the practicalities.’ ‘The Ag colleges aren’t what...
  2. Robert K

    Wheat Seed

    Have two half ton bags of wheat seed left over. 500kg of 2021 Gleam with redigo pro seed dressing £235 500kg of 2019 Alabaster with Beret gold seed dressing £200 Available now Can send via pallet if needed 07531 574681
  3. J

    More Winter Wheat or Spring Barley

    With the current price of nitrogen, what are the thoughts on drilling more winter wheat if the weather holds, now late November, more than likely looking at reduced yield 8t/h ish? we have tested seed in the shed we can dress. OR Spring Barley, been offered £190 ex November 2022 today, can be...
  4. Agriland RSS

    New report shows a record-breaking year for the forestry market

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The forestry market has seen a record-breaking year, with average values more than double what they were three years ago and the total value of the forestry investment market reaching a new high, according to the latest UK Forest Market Report. The...
  5. Barleycorn

    Carlsberg patenting barley seed.

    Just had an email about this
  6. Natallia @PlantWorks

    PlantWorks' 2021 wheat field trials: increase the impact of nitrogen inputs on your wheat crops

    We report here on 2021 wheat trials using SMART ROTATIONS 3 (SR3) liquid bacteria. These trials were undertaken ‘on the farm’ with replicated treatment tramlines/plots and statistically analysed using combine readings. Results: Applied on farms in both UK and Hungary on different wheat...
  7. CPM RSS

    £27 million available as Farming Investment Fund opens

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine A fund of £27 million to invest in productivity-boosting equipment is now open to farmers with the launch of the Farming Investment Fund. Farmers, foresters and growers from across England are being urged to apply for grants to buy new equipment...
  8. Janet Hughes Defra

    New Farming Investment Fund launched today

    Afternoon all - we've launched the farming investment fund - info here: Here's a blogpost explaining what's changed and how we've improved the scheme based on learning from previous schemes...
  9. slim shiny

    New jd 6r
  10. Agriland RSS

    LST and Zenith Nurseries to develop ‘industry first’ lighting and sensor solution

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland AgriTech firm Light Science Technologies Ltd (LST) has announced the start of a project to develop a cloche lighting and sensor technology system for the controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) market, reducing the need for import substitution by...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Cover crops: phacelia and oil radish uncovered as soil saviours

    Written by Bernie Commins from Agriland Growing phacelia or oil radish cover crops in vegetable rotations helps to build and stabilise soils – with a new trial revealing it could safeguard future productivity. The trial – funded by Agri-Tech Cornwall with land provided by Duchy College –...
  12. G

    Meeting with AHDB about cereals assurance: What do you want us to say?

    On Friday 19th, a group of farmers from TFF are meeting AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds to discuss market access for our grain. If you want us to raise any issues, please let us know in this thread, so we can take those points to AHDB. We are of the opinion that our concerns have not been voiced by...
  13. T

    Fruit Growers

    Hi all We planted an orchard a few years ago (North Yorkshire), have about 500 trees on some of our land, about 35 heritage varieties on MM106 rootstock. We are maybe 2 years from getting a good crop and our plan is to sell organic juice. Are there any members on here growing Apples? If so...
  14. DanielKindred

    How to respond to costly fertiliser nitrogen for use in 2022

    Research Review No. 97 Review of how best to respond to expensive fertiliser nitrogen for use in 2022 by Roger Sylvester-Bradley and Daniel Kindred 1. Abstract This is Part One of a two-part study to help cereal and oilseed growers respond appropriately to the large increases in prices of...
  15. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Bread wheat winning in 2021/22

    This marketing year, global wheat prices have been reaching record highs. UK futures have been no exception and physical domestic prices have been following suit. Ex-farm feed wheat prices have been reaching near record levels in the AHDB corn returns price survey which dates back to January...
  16. Jsmith2211

    Hybrid Rye

    Hello again. We are looking into doing hybrid rye this spring on some fairly light land (in places its heavy but overall its quite sandy). 30 acre rented block that my father is very keen on renting out to potatoes - which doesnt do the soil any good in my opinion. We like the look of rye...
  17. T

    Need help identifying these

    Hello. Can you help me identify these? What variety is this? It is edible? They just popped up this summer in our garden, and we never had this kind planted before. They were 4, I broke one to see how's inside. The inside is light yellow, not very thick, and the seeds are white, beautiful and...
  18. YorkshireTom25

    Sumo trio

    Thoughts on a 3.5m mounted sumo trio. I have a mounted trio converted to trailed but contemplating buying a proper trailed or making mine back to a mounted one?
  19. Bald Rick

    “The animal agriculture industry is not long for this world”

    That is the stated aim of Patrick Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods which creates meat substitutes using genetically engineered yeasts. He is quoted in today’s Times as ”If we eliminated animal agriculture in the next 15 years it causes a pause in emissions that lasts 30 year. Biomass recovery...
  20. ladycrofter

    Apple tree growing thorns

    Saw this at a friend's 🤪, burr on the side of an apple tree throwing out thorn-bearing water shoots. Not a crab apple, good sized eating apples but unknown variety. Well above any graft point. Whatever is happening?!?