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    Roll with it

    Roll with it Written by Llyr Jones talks about taking over the family farm at 19, the huge range of different enterprises he has on the farm, including sheep and cattle, renewable energy production, free range laying hens, and rape seed oil production, his many wider industry roles, and how...
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    Varieties – Signalling a breakdown

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Signals are starting to indicate a potential breakdown of septoria resistance in varieties with Cougar parentage. CPM takes a look at the evidence to date. All measures of IPM will be important when growing these varieties. By Charlotte Cunningham...
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    Innovation insight – Agronomising genetics

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Could a closer relationship between grower and breeder be the key to achieving the genetic potential of varieties? CPM takes a closer look at an initiative that aims to do just that. It’s about taking ‘genetics’ (varieties) and providing detailed...
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    Frontier announces virtual tours of 3D Thinking trial sites

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine After its debut in 2020, Frontier Agriculture is once again inviting growers to join a virtual tour of one of its 3D Thinking variety trial sites. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Across the 15 new videos, seed business development manager, Jim...
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    Wynnstay appoints new forage and arable specialist

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland To cover the customer base in the South West, Wynnstay has appointed Louise Woolacott as forage and arable specialist in the region. With over a decade of experience in the sector, and residing in the region herself, Mrs. Woolacott will provide advice...
  6. B

    The hand over

    Handing the reigns from one generation to the next has been well documented on here, some successes down not so. We are in the process here (or at at least I think we are) - it’s not going well to be honest. Despite doing all the feeding, shepherding, organising, all the paper work etc I still...
  7. Exfarmer

    Lammas day?

    Whio knows what this day in the church calendar celebrates? I am very sceptical about many clerics 😀
  8. G

    Old oilseed rape varieties

    Anyone got some old tall varieties lying about? Bienvenu, tafal , jet neuf?
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    Sales of clover seed rocket as farmers aim to reduce fertiliser bills

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Germinal NI is confirming a four-fold increase in red clover seed sales for the first six months of this year, compared to all of 2020. “Demand has risen on the back of the growth in herbal leys and the fact that many grassland farmers now view...
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    Monitor maize crops key to a successful harvest

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Tim Richmond, LG Maize Manager says that across the country, farmers faced challenging conditions to get maize established but the focus now has to turn quickly to ensuring a successful harvest. “Many farmers were forced to drill crops later than usual...
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    Malting barley – Donegal’s best kept secret

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Malting barley production is helping to breathe new life into Donegal’s tillage sector with a total of 1,200ac due to be cut this year. Of even more significance is the fact that one third of this area has been dedicated to a single winter variety...
  12. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Will UK protein premiums grow?

    With the UK barley harvest progressing well, it won’t be long before attention starts to turn to the winter wheat crop. Until the crop is cut, there is a wide degree of uncertainty over quality. This year, arguably more than others, concerns about quality are also being fuelled by external...
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    Ambitious Thinking

    Ambitious Thinking Written by Vicki Hird talks about what makes a successful campaigner, her work with Sustain, how we can make fairer food supply chains, her new book ' Re-Bugging the Planet', and lots, lots more.. Podcast Sponsors: NFU Cymru - for more information please visit...
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    Grass quality key to profitable milk production

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland On dairy farms, improving sward productivity is important, with good quality grass remaining the key to profitable milk production. Grass is the cheapest feed dairy farmers have access to, with grass production on farms having an impact on farm...
  15. C

    Wheat expectations?

    What are everyone's thoughts then? Heard 'massive' on a different thread from south of us. May just be us, but mid/later season wheats(altitude or drill date/variety) hit by cool & wet at flowering-michodochium 15-20% florets on some ears, despite very robust (+PTZ) head spray. Earlier...
  16. Chris F

    National Food Strategy: open letter

    July 2021 Rt Hon George Eustice Seacole Building 2 Marsham St London SW1P 4DF Dear Secretary of State, Re: National Food Strategy: open letter We are writing to you reflecting widely different experiences and communities within the farming sector, to endorse the recommendations of the...
  17. Z

    Preserving barley pea crop for feeding

    I've got some barley and pea mix planted, and hoping to combine intend to feed it to dairy beef this winter what's the best way of preserving, i have some propcorn, probably not enough , and its scarce or use a urea type product. i favour the urea type treatment, as its rumen friendly, id...
  18. T C

    Revystar Experience

    We have used Revystar on Spring Barley at "paint brush" for ramularia and it is disappointing. We used Adexar type (old stock) as a T2 on wheat and I thought we had too much septoria. My independent agronomist brought some plants from a neighbour who had used Revystar (same variety) and it was...
  19. BSPB News

    Joint National Food Strategy response from crop genetics breeding companies

    Take action to harness the unique contribution of plant genetic innovation, Government urged Responding to last week’s National Food Strategy, leading players along the length of the UK’s crop improvement pipeline, from fundamental and applied genetic science to commercial plant breeding, have...
  20. N

    Companions for planting OSR

    Has anyone used vetches? Winter or Spring Varieties? Springs presumably dont require herbicide termination but dont have the early spring N Fixation capacity..