1. farmer james

    Removing paths added on ramblers ‘don’t lose your way’ maps

    As the title says I have just seen that we have some paths shown on the ramblers ‘don’t lose your way’ maps. How would I get these removed or contest that they are not actually paths, I think I did see a thread on this previously but cannot find it. Thanks for any advice FJ
  2. JCfarmer

    Spring drilling 2021

    Have I missed this thread or has no one started? Mucked 2 weeks ago. Soil loosening with topsoiler yesterday and today. Work with the carrier tomorrow and then wednesday.................. rain!!!? :rolleyes: This is for spring barley. How is everyone getting on, still to wet?
  3. M

    General margin per acre/ha?

    I've been having some varied discussions with some of my neighbours recently about what an expected / acceptable and realistic margin per acre is, in broad terms across the whole arable side of the farm and also per crop. As per usual, the figures vary wildy, from those who will always be...
  4. Hawkes

    RSPB . Farmers will be like burglars being paid not to steal things.

    From todays Western Morning News.
  5. Jobs in Agriculture

    Situation Vacant Livestock Genetics Consultant

    An exciting and rewarding sales and consultancy opportunity. In this role, you will develop and manage dairy farming clients across the dedicated area, through the provision of a variety of industry-leading products, services and advice. Extensive training will be given to the successful...
  6. Paddington

    Living in a town

    The village people thread showed that many TFF members lived in towns and cities at some time in their lives but ,town living has some advantages. There's a few I can think of; 1) Choice, in the country you are often limited to one shop, one pub, one garage, one cafe etc Hobsons choice, unless...
  7. Farm Business RSS

    AHDB report sheds light on future food trade with the US

    Written by John Swire New analysis highlights the risks and the opportunities a new trade deal with the US may bring for UK food and farming. The latest Horizon report from AHDB looks in detail at a potential transatlantic deal, providing independent, evidence-based analysis of the likely...