1. Phil P

    What type of bird is this?

    Can anyone tell me what type of bird this is? It’s not one I’ve seen knocking about before. After a bit of Googling the closest one I can find is a fieldfare? But probably way off the mark 🤦🏻‍♂️ But also got goldfinch, (edit: gray wagtail🤦🏻‍♂️) two pairs of oyster catchers and half a dozen...
  2. 7610 super q

    Ever met a pleasant dog walker ?
  3. martian

    A Soil Academy

    There's a lot of muttering about how rubbish standard Agriculture courses are at Universities and Colleges, which may be unfair but it got me wondering whether it would be possible to design a course that actually taught students to farm regeneratively. I imagine a small farm run by the...
  4. T

    Direct drilling swedes

    I'm looking into direct drilling swedes this month, what's best to spray off existing grass and how long would I need to leave it until DD the swedes in? And what variety of swedes do people recommend. Thanks.
  5. casemx 270

    Lack of insects

    I see they keep banging on about insect decline when out on the sprayer especially with a flowering spray on the osr ( no insecticide) I saw plenty of insects and butterflies .
  6. Lakes Nash


    got a few bits of sporadic patches of bracken in one of the upper fields, not worth a boom spray, what and when is the best time to eradicate it? just raising its head this week! which spray? as asulox is only available in July in large quantities,
  7. An Gof

    WW T2

    Flag leaf fully emerged on the KWS Extase so the T2 has gone on today. Applying 1.25L/Ha Revystar + 5Kg EpsoTop.
  8. T

    Ewe lamb wintering crop

    What’s the best fodder crop for wintering ewe lambs on? Ideally to last until April. How many acres to keep 3-400 on? I don’t think our land would be good enough for fodder beet.
  9. Agriland RSS

    Scientists find a new way to switch on dormant plant genes

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Rothamsted scientists have found a new way to switch on dormant plant genes, one which does not require the insertion of foreign DNA. This is the first such demonstration using a gene editing ‘deletion’ approach in any organism, with previous methods...
  10. B

    Winter or spring barley?

    Specifically thinking about gross margin but also ability to smoother grass weeds. Any opinion please?
  11. A

    Wheat varieties for (or not for) direct drilling

    Hi Folks, i don't often post, i work at Rothamsted and we're hoping to set up a DD experiment with different wheat varieties. Interested in any comments on suitable or unsuitable candidates, also any comments on particular traits that might be important for direct drilling. Happy for any...
  12. CPM RSS

    Scientists turn on gene without creating a GMO

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Scientists at Rothamsted Research have found a way to switch on a dormant gene without inserting foreign DNA and creating a GMO, as would usually be the approach. According to the research facility, this is the first such demonstration using a...
  13. Grass And Grain

    Poll. Which month will be highest wheat price?

    3 loads of wheat left to sell (sold most of it in January :() In which month do you predict (guess) will see the highest wheat price?
  14. S

    GS2 scheme

    We're organic dairy and last few years have had some off ground on a grazing agreement, converted it to organic and the landlord claims the payment. They've just let me know it's now in GS2 and bit by bit what the rules are, highlights; No cutting til 1st July No dung spreading until 1st July...
  15. Oldmacdonald

    Garden agronomy.

    Got a few invasive weeds in the garden, so hoping a knapsack of something will sort them out. Ground elder And some sort of buttercup - not the creeping sort. MCPA all I need?
  16. Adama News

    Trial Data for Soratel (prothioconazole) for superior disease control

    A UNIQUE, HIGH PERFORMING PROTHIOCONAZOLE Soratel for superior disease control A novel prothioconazole fungicide which uses a unique formulation to offer improved cereal and OSR disease control compared to the current market leader. SORATEL features ‘AsorbitalTM’ formulation technology...
  17. DieselRob

    Increasing OSR oil levels

    Any suggestions of how to improve oil levels in OSR? Last year yields were 1.85t/ac but oil levels of 40.5-41, given current prices then improving oil bonuses could be good ROI. Thoughts?
  18. Agriland RSS

    Caution needed to gain the full benefits of under-sowing maize

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Growers may be keener than ever this year to keep valuable nitrates in the soil by under-sowing maize with a grass or legume-rich cover crop, but caution is needed to receive the full benefit of the practice, advises grass breeder Barenbrug UK. Recent...
  19. Bigjon44

    Groundsel in wheat

    Got a smattering of quite tall groundsel in a field of it worth doing anything or will anything do anything at this stage to take it out or not too worry about it
  20. Agriland RSS

    Undersowing maize – is it an option this year?

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland According to grass seed breeder Barenbrug UK, some growers may be keen to keep valuable nitrates in the soil this year by undersowing maize with a grass or legume-rich cover crop. However, the company’s team of agronomists is pointing out that caution...