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    Navigating the maize

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Maize is an appealing alternative break crop, especially with the expanding anaerobic digestion market, but just driving for yield can mean missing important management and agronomy. CPM explores how to manage it for the best returns. Getting...
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    Variety of margins important to boosting farmland bees

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Creating cultivated margins on your farm can support otherwise-threatened wild bees, according to a new study by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT). Scientists from the charity spent two years studying different margins across the south...
  3. ollie989898

    Large herbivores coming back from extinction to combat climate change...

    I thought this may interest those here who believe that large herds of herbivores could play a huge role in combatting climate change, or, more accurately, help reduce the effect of anthropomorphic CO2 releases. Scientists at Harvard are hard at work trying to resurrect the woolly mammoth as a...
  4. andybk


    Had a 3 or 4 like this lambing this time ,soggy body , pointy head no eyes ,thought it might be ovivac reaction but unvaxed hogg lambed today with one ,all ewes have had a good lamb along with the dodgy one so not a disaster , wondering about schmallenberg ?though i think they both might be...
  5. B

    Can The UK Grow Enough Wheat To Make All Its Own Bread?

    As i understood it, to make high grade bread, the UK has to import a large tonnage of a wheat variety the UK cannot grow, canada being one source? or am i wrong, reason i ask this, is even during ww2 when the Uk was being blockaded by AXIS forces and we were ploughing up millions of acres of...
  6. RachelHippoDigital

    Defra would like to speak to farmers for user research

    My name is Rachel and I'm a User Research Consultant from a design consultancy called Hippo Digital. With my colleague Charlotte, we're working on a 6 week piece of discovery research on behalf of Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). We'd like to speak to Farmers and...
  7. shumungus

    Wholecrop choices.

    Wanting to reduce meal use next winter. Suckler to beef and sheep enterprise. No grain storage facilities. Wanting to grow grain and put in silo along with grass. What are the pro's and cons of wheat versus osts versus rye. Never grew grain before, educate me.
  8. T

    Buckets for Foster D2P - Same as McConnel ?

    I have recently obtained a Foster D2P. I have one bucket and am looking for a couple more, say a 12" trenching bucket and a 4" taper drainage bucket with ejector paddle. Are they the same as fitted to the McConnel? Does anyone have any surplus that they want to sell?
  9. martian

    Groundswell Show 2022

    It's a bit early really, but we've just started selling tickets to this years show (22/23rd June 2022). Every year I tell everyone that they shouldn't hang about too long as we're going to sell out and this years no different. We've got room this year for a few more (post covid), but there's a...
  10. CWS

    Ewes not doing at all.

    Looking for some advice. Wife's got a handful of zwartbles and this lambing has been a balls up. There's just no go about them, no intakes and not cleaning after lambing. There fit but wouldn't say fat. As soon as we brought them in they went off feed and haven't recovered. There adlib 1st cut...
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    £5000 grant available to assist NI climate change groups

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Environmental charity, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, has announced that community groups which have signed up for its Carbon Literacy training programmes, may also be eligible to apply for the new Climate Change Challenge Fund. This is an...
  12. JP1

    A new diet regime for a farmer

    So I got through the 20 pages to date on this thread: A lot to read , some conflicting advice (as with any other learning source) and it got me thinking, like everyone else I have to have three meals a day and...
  13. spikeislander

    Nitrogen replacement late in the day on growing crop

    Hi there this may belong in the holistic section but I’m not sure I do ! I’ve been tasked with cropping 200 acres in the coming years but with no man made nitrogen fertiliser , I’ll be exploring cover crops , catch crops , muck etc , although no digestate or compost due to plastics. I’ve...
  14. Oxbury Bank

    Oxbury Bank: How the dairy sector is facing significant changes in the years ahead

    The dairy sector faces significant change in the years ahead, given a combination of the road to net zero, removal of Basic Payments and introduction of new environmental schemes. Throw in aging infrastructure, limited labour availability and the need for succession planning and there’s a lot...
  15. David.

    Warming colostrum.

    I have always warmed it in a saucepan because I think I remember once being told that microwaving destroyed the antibodies. Is this actually correct, or am I unnecessarily making a mess in the kitchen and dirtying the saucepans?.....
  16. A

    Hybrid Rye

    Hi all, growing hybrid rye for the first time, it is to combine not wholecrop, how much nitrogen are others putting on, I’m old school, was thinking 140 units? I would usually put 190ish units on wheat. Tia
  17. Razorback News

    Gold Arable Innovation Award at LAMMA 2020

    Gold Arable Innovation Award at LAMMA 2020 New Stubble Management Tool takes Gold at LAMMA Innovation Awards – Arable Making its debut at LAMMA, the RT500 rotary mower and RH500 residue harrow combination has impressed judges to win the Arable Category of the LAMMA Innovation Awards...
  18. Hutchinsons News

    Act early to stop yellow rust and Septoria

    Act early to stop yellow rust and Septoria Early action will be key to preventing yellow rust and Septoria gaining a foothold in crops as we enter the main spring growing period, according to leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons. The risk from both diseases is relatively high following a milder...
  19. Hutchinsons News

    Early Disease control in OSR

    Early Disease control in OSR Use disease risk forecasts to plan appropriate and timely spray programmes for oilseed rape crops this autumn is the advice of Dr David Ellerton, technical director with Hutchinsons. Light Leaf Spot and phoma stem canker are the two main autumn diseases of Oilseed...
  20. Hutchinsons News

    Using farm trials to build more sustainable farming systems

    Using farm trials to build more sustainable farming systems Farm trials provide an excellent test-bed for the latest tools and technology in real-world situations, but often results can be considered in isolation, potentially overlooking the complex interactions across farming systems...