1. J

    Lancashire airgun / shotgun permission

    Im looking for permissions around Lancashire for vermin shooting or rough shooting (willing to pay a fee). I’m 22 fully insured shotgun licence holder and also have air guns. If anyone has suitable or or requirements for vermin control please drop me a message and we can discuss further. Thanks
  2. Scaleyhunter

    Shooting permission

    Permission sought from land owners / Farmers etc Wirral / Chester Area to shoot vermin rats etc with PCP air rifle sub 12ftlb, Day /Night. Over 60 years shooting experience both private and in HM Forces. Now retired NHS nurse with time to spare if anyone would like to use my service then I am...
  3. T


    Hiya, name is Tom, I am looking for a location to shoot vermin. I am both Sec 1 and Sec 2 licence holder and a keen outdoorsman. Very considerate, sensible and polite. Reasonably flexible with time and work around the farm. (Shift worker). Live in Colchester and have been brought up on country...
  4. T

    Shooting permission around Teesside

    Looking for shooting permission to help out with any pigeon problems close to the Teesside area, as I live in Stockton-on-Tees. Any interest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Email: [email protected] Phone: 07909776401
  5. T

    Shooting permission around Teesside area

    Looking for shooting permission to help out with any woodpigeon problems. Live in Stockton-on-Tees so would be able to help in any areas close to Teesside. My email is [email protected] Any interest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Cassidy12

    Vermin control - Permission wanted

    I live near Titchfield in the south and have recently got back into shooting. I’m looking for a permission to shoot vermin. My services would be completely free and I would be available for any help if required. All live stock and land would be respected and I would contact you before I arrived...
  7. EasySteelBuildings.Co.Uk

    Vermin Proofing a Single Skin Steel Shed!

    I thought I'd put this out there for a myriad of solutions. What's the best 'tried and tested' way of vermin proofing a single skin shed. We supply profiled (foam) base fillers, the sheets overlap the slab by 25mm In the past we have supplied a drip flashing, that sits on top of the slab...
  8. S

    Vermin control and crop protection

    hi my name is steve and I have just moved to the Norfolk/Cambridge area from south Kent, whilst living in Kent I had the use of 600acres now that I have moved I am now looking for new permissions hopefully someone will be in need of a helping hand with crop protection and any other vermin...
  9. M

    Seeking Shooting land in Northern Ireland

    Hello. seeking land to shoot vermin, foxes, rabbits, crows etc, I live in Co Tyrone, willing to travel.
  10. TrapBarn

    Genuine Fenn traps from only £6.75 ea

    Yes, if you buy direct from Fenn Traps Ltd via their on-line store Fenn Mark4 (for rats , squirrel, stoat & weasel) and Fenn Mark6 for rabbits& mink plus mesh tunnels and safety cages. All prices include delivery!
  11. Tom_o_m

    Deer control

    All, Just to flag I coordinate a deer management group of committed and fully qualified stalkers (all of whom are also fully insured). We operate a free service but take our deer management role very seriously, and will put the hours in when landowners are suffering deer damage. We ensure that...
  12. J

    Free pest control - Yorkshire

    Hi everyone. We are a pair of mature (over 40)shooters in yorkshire currently offering free pest control I. E rabbit, fox, corvid, pigeon. We have over 20 years shooting experience between us and are both fully insured members of BASC. We would greatly welcome any opportunities you may offer...
  13. G

    Looking For Work gone

  14. ChrisPCarter

    Vermin & Pigeon Shooting - North Yorkshire

    Hi, I'm a responsible and experienced 45 year old field sports enthusiast based near Harrogate, North Yorkshire and would be pleased to assist you with any pest control issues in surrounding areas, free of charge. I work in the IT business and could provide you with a bit of advice, technical...
  15. Zak

    Free Pigeon control, crop protection

    Hi, I'm offering free pigeon control in the East Midlands area or abit further out as I'm willing to travel. I can also make it during the week Shotgun certificate present and insurance. 10+ years experience I'm also willing to drop the farmer some cash for permission.. Message me on here or...
  16. V

    Rabbit control. Northern Ireland.

    Hi guys. Are you having problems with rabbits around your farms/land? I live in Co. Antrim and for years have been traveling around the country taking numbers of theses pests from farms/land using ferrets and/or dogs. Over the past few years i have noticed a big drop in numbers on the farms/land...
  17. N

    vermin help

    Hi all, New to this site, and will apologise in advance as my request has probably been posted previously by many others. My daughter (aged 21) and myself (aged 43) are seeking permission to shoot over land (mid/south Devon). This would be for the purpose of vermin control (rabbit, fox and...
  18. D

    Land required for vermin shooting - will pay annual lease

    Hi, I am a 44 year old guy from Ayrshire. I'm married with two young daughters and have a professional career, although not in farming. I was brought up as a child on a family farm, Midtown Farm, Cornhill, Banffshire and have the utmost respect for farming and the countryside. I've been a...