1. Greythundercloudys

    Vicon 235?

    Are these balers any good.?
  2. Greythundercloudys

    Better the devil you know, claas 250 baler.

    Iv got a claas 250rc, only doing around 500 bales of silage and 60 straw a season if that, but every year especially the last few it's alway needing bearings or rollers, broke down last day of baling last year, needs a new roller, one on the pressure system, the baler is good when not broken but...
  3. fiat 9090

    whats the best 4 row tedder

    hi,im just wondering what is the best 4 row tedder fo tedding out heavy ten ft silage swards ,a sh one and 4000 of a budget and about 200 acres max over ten weeks 30 acres per day will be the max we will need its just a few of our customers have asked
  4. Farm Classifieds

    Vicon RotaFlow RSM

    Vicon RotaFlow RSM Advert added by: Farol Ltd Machinery Details Category: Muck and Slurry Spreaders Price: £1950 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and contact the dealer
  5. B

    Failing spring barley

    My spring barley hasn't quite had the start I was expecting due to a lot of rain slowing it down and the crows have had a good feed on the slower germinating stuff, it was destined for wholecrop anyway, what could I broadcast on to fill the gaps? If anything? Thanks
  6. T

    Agri buggy sprayer Kent to Yorkshire

    Looking to have a agri buggy sprayer moved from Canterbury CT3 to YO4 4HG in the next couple of weeks if possible?
  7. S

    North Lincolnshire to East Sussex

    Looking for a backload/haulage for a 4 metre Vicon 401 drill (which folds to 3 metres) from North Lincolnshire to East Sussex.
  8. W

    Kv or mchale mower conditioner

    Mounted 3m which one would you go for?
  9. nails

    Abbey Wagtail

    I have recently bought one of these and now have the fert settings worked out but does anybody know what setting for grass seed, approx 15kg an acre. Thanks in advance.
  10. ridger

    Filling meal bags

    Anyone got a handy way of doing it? Getting sick of the old yellow bucket
  11. Seth470

    Best Suited Baler For Me

    Looking at buying a round baler. We mainly do Hay And Straw But also a fair bit of silage. Want to do a fair bit of contracting so want a fairly reliable baler. Just wondering would a chopper be suited. Roughly 5k budget.
  12. B

    Massey ferguson 30 drill

    Hello farmers, I am new here and like to say hello. Could anybody help me with this question: I would like to buy a massey Ferguson seeder 30 with 4 meter wide. I am planning to use it on my no-till land, it is light and sandy soil. I am writing from north germany. Do you think this could work...
  13. Dman2

    Jarmet tedders

    Are these any good?? Cheers
  14. Farm Classifieds

    Vicon LZ401

    Vicon LZ401 Advert added by: Michael landale @mlandale Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £6000 Condition: Used Description Used Vicon 4m tine drill, done very little work for its age. Barn stored since new, metering done off the wheel on the...
  15. Badshot

    KV spreading charts

    I've had a geo for years, changed for a new one this year which has a book half the size for settings, which doesn't have nitram in it!!! Got on the settings page on tellus, doesn't give the option for prills, and doesn't give anything close to nitram. Tried the app, same. What's happened? It...
  16. Dan Attle

    Vicon 120 x90 baler opinions

    Hi all been to look at a 2008 Vicon 120x90 square baler with 60,000 bales just wanting peoples opinions on one weather there a good baler and best place for parts and service in east Anglia , many thanks Dan
  17. Hawkes

    PTO driven fan for accord type drill.

    Looking for a pto driven fan to replace Accord hydraulic unit off a Moore unidrill. Any age but the drill is 1998. message or ring 07739 084848 Thanks.
  18. rdr123

    Best Plain Disc Mower?

    Looking at getting a plain disc mower (no conditioner), as should be able to get one that's 13ft-14ft, mow quicker and generally less to go wrong (hopefully!). We have a 6 star tedder to turn it if needed. Are there any makes that are better than others or some that really should be avoided...
  19. hilux

    Kvernland exacta cl fertiliser spreader

    Has anyone else had problems with the clip shearing on the shaft between the main gearbox and disc?. Had it happen to me 3 times now, so put an 8.8 bolt in lieu of the clip and it still shears. Can't find any play in the gearboxes. Can spread a load or 2 before it shears and sometimes just a few...
  20. S

    Which mounted sprayer

    Thinking of swapping our Amazone 28meter 2000L mounted sprayer. Been a good sprayer but only thing that lets it down is the time it takes to fold/unfold. Anyone running a landquip or kuhn. And other make with a tidy folding boom worth looking at.