1. Farm Classifieds

    Kuhn Axis 30.1

    Kuhn Axis 30.1 Advert added by: Tim Hayward @T Hectares Machinery Details Category: Applicators Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster Price: £3500 Condition: Good Description 2009 Kuhn Axis 30.1 S8 VXR discs, 30 - 42 m, Quantron E controller VRA compatible...
  2. T C

    Kuhn axis 30 M retrofit isobus

    Is it possible to get a task controller that replaces the quantron to change the spreader to iso bus. Just got an iso screened tractor but it won't talk to the spreader. Got VRA and section control unlocked. Ideally I would like to still be able to use the spreader as it is.
  3. Q T Agri

    VRA and ISOBUS on new drill?

    We are upgrading our drill. We have an ISOBUS capable New Holland with steering etc done through an aftermarket FMX 750. We want to be able to do VRA. Is it possible to export an NMEA output from a FMX 750 screen and then use the inteliview IV screen for vra prescriptions and ISOBUS control? TIA
  4. ugur tan

    Augmenta Field Analyzer-Vra real time

    Hi all, Has anybody heard about augmenta field analyzer system? The system offers to apply solid or liquid nitrogen variably in real time. I'm planning to buy one, so a few users feedback (if there is) would be nice. I'm curoius about does it actually works? https://www.augmenta.ag/...
  5. Agtech-Enthusiast

    Skippy Scout: Anyone used it or is planning to use it?

    Just wanting some feedback on Skippy Scout from people who have used it! Anyone planning on using it this season?
  6. CORK

    Variable rate N

    Hi all, I’d like to hear what people’s experiences have been like with variable rate N. I’ve been looking at the Yara Atfarm system and it looks quite accessible for the likes of me (not into too much tech and not farming 1000’s of acres). I’m not looking at this because of the current N...
  7. S

    Dr Elaine Ingham/compost

    I've been dragged down a rabbit hole and wondered if anyone had already been? Her thoughts to me seem revolutionary but I've searched the forum and there's not a great deal of chatter about her ideas. Just wondering if there are any opinions or anyone seen any trial data?
  8. Case290

    Rds ps8000i variable rate seed plan

    Maybe is a old thread on this contour ag +seed Plan ——- to Rds control box Any tips to get this to work Seed plan complete Select individual fields download to sd card Rds box asking for farm number field number ? ??? 👎 day gone got no where fast
  9. PFinSuffolk

    Fendt vario terminal, e-control and rapid 800 issues on isobus

    Hi all, anyone have a really simple reason why a Vaderstad Rapid 800 with isobus and e-control will not show up in a 943MT Vario screen? Drill normally runs on the e-control via the iPad system but want to do VR so figured would switch isobus task control to the vario screen and load ISOXML...
  10. Robt

    Kuhn Quantron S2 VRA

    Helping a mate (never try this at home! ) Before I email anyone at Kuhn. Does anyone know the part number for iPad to Quantron S2 for VRA or even if it’s possible?
  11. S

    FM-1000 and Horsch Pronto DC ISOBUS issues?

    A new to us Trimble FM-1000 with ISOBUS unlock with our some years old Horsch Pronto DC Combi Seeder. Task Controller seems to be OK for Section and Rate Control. Latest firmware on both gadgets. But to our disapointment we do not get any sound alarm from the FM-1000 when the seed of fertilizer...
  12. Overby


    I'm not an arable man but keep an eye on hat's happening and am interested in the way the industry is headed. A fella near us has been sowing spring barley after getting caught out in the back end and left with a few hundred unsown acres. Most fields were disced twice, subsoiled, roterrad...
  13. T

    Lime spreading rates.

    We've been talking about reduced lime spreading rates on the Beef & Lamb price tracker & thought it deserves it's own thread. @livestock 1 @Hilly @Highland Mule @Cab-over Pete @Skintagain @Kiwi Pete @Poorbuthappy Sorry if I've missed anyone who was in that conversation. Just to catch up...
  14. H

    Log burner advice 4KW

    I’ve recently being given a 4KW log burner to put in my lounge which is 6.6 long 4 meters wide and 2.2 high. Just worried it isint going to be big enough for the room and get it hot enough? It’s in good condition and high quality. Please lend me your opinions
  15. J

    Drone software/tech for crop inspection

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with drones for mapping and inspecting crops on a large scale. Any good software or companies to look at? cheers
  16. Robert

    No Satellite Biomass Imagery Available This Year for VRA N?

    We have not had a useable satellite image since late January so are unable to do any up to date VRA N plans. Given that all these services supposedly use the same satellites, is everyone else in the same boat or am i incredibly unlucky that each of the subsequent ~ 8 passes (approx 1 per week)...
  17. Bald Rick

    Recognise yourself? HAAC photo 1981-82

    Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6
  18. W

    Cancel your NFU membership now

    There’s loads of threads about Red Tractor and within them loads of moans about various quangos within all the Ag sectors. Guys and Gals for christ sake just cancel your NFU memberships tonight. Send emails to you local secretary informing them you are cancelling because of the likes of Red...
  19. A

    JD Boilersuit

    I can’t seem to find any of the usual black with the green arms JD boilersuits I wear everyday in stock anywhere! Anyone else notice this or are they taking out some fancy new design probably for more money! I swear by them but don’t like the almost fully green ones show up oil etc too much! I...
  20. D

    New tractor, which model to choose

    Looking at a new massey 205hp. Next model up is 225hp and £3300 more. We don’t really need the extra power. In 5 years time with 2500 hrs on it will the higher horse power tractor be worth around 2k more.?.