1. M

    Navara due for a change

    My Navara is due for a change in the next 6-12 months, spoke to Nissan today, they (obviously) told me to pull my finger out because Nissan were stopping making the Navara and the last ones would be coming into the country in December. If I were to order today expect the new one to turn up in...
  2. B

    Hilux 2.8 2021, has anyone got one yet?

    Sorry this is another pickup thread! Being unwilling to replace my Navara with another due to really poor service and back up from both the Nissan dealers I have tried added to the fact that they will soon not be available I am looking at alternatives. Went and looked at the new Isuzu and drove...
  3. Henery

    Anyone swapped a 3.2 Ranger fora biturbo 10 speed?

    At risk of starting a Pickup debate ...... as the title says, is the 2 litre 10 speed a step forward?
  4. B

    VW Amarok future prices

    Anybody that read a previous thread about a vehicle quandary I have, have a view on the future values of Amarok’s now they’ve been discontinued. Anything on forecourts are now big money upto £70,000 inc vat for 20 plates ex demonstrators. I’ve found one on a 20 plate with 8,000 miles for...
  5. B

    Major vehicle quandary

    So I presently run a Amarok doing 15,000 miles a year. It’s leased and going in June this year. It ticks all the boxes for me as it’ll travel across fields, tow a trailer, carry stuff in the pickup bed, takes the kids to and from school and is also happy travelling to the coast on holiday. I’ve...
  6. Selectamatic

    What Pick Up Truck...?

    I know, I know! Almost as strongly debated as Forager's v's Wagons... Im thinking of a new pick up, but as I don't have much experience with them, I thought I'd ask the collective! :) Shopping List I cant justify a proper double cab really, but one of those extra cab versions would suit, I...
  7. DieselRob

    Navara NP300 4x4 issue

    When you put your navara in 4wd does it drive smoothly when turning? Mine feels like there is something binding up making it not go round smoothly or as tight as you’re steering, in at Nissan garage and they think it is normal but I’m sure it wasn’t like this from new
  8. CPF

    The new Nissan Navarra for 2021

    Nissan has done a new facelift to the Navara came out yesterday coming to Europe shortly
  9. rhifsaith

    Vw Amarok

    Looking at changing my Amarok for another. Some good deals about now as they must be registered before the end of this month. If I was to wait until September would they be cheaper still as they would be pre registered?
  10. Hilly

    Pickup thread

    Going to buy a new one it’s between invincible and a tekna , however have not denied either yet , anyone tried either of these ? Like Toyota but hate that new front end not botherd about Nissan but think they look great . Hmmm what you think ?
  11. jacobl741

    towing with 2 litre amarok

    My dad has a 15 plate 2 litre amarok, 180bhp. Its the auto version, what are these like for towing a trailer full of cattle? Might be borrowing it while i sort another but dont want to ruin his truck, would i be better just using the tractor? If its decent may be an option for my next one...
  12. jacobl741

    nissan navara any good?

    wanting to know if the new navaras are any good? Obvoiusly there was horror stories about the d40 model, does the the new have any common issues and whats it like as a daily vehicle/farm vehicle towing and stuff.
  13. Timbo

    Those with the woeful 1.9 Isuzu

    Very very reputable tuning company doing a fine job on the 1.9. They also do the 2.5.
  14. shumungus

    Farm jeep wish list ( aka the Ineos Grenadier Farm R&D thread)

    OK, it would appear that someone of influence in the new Grenadier vehicle has been made aware of us and is paying attention is that not so @CPF . If so this is a first class opportunity for us to get our ideas straight to the right people. So put your ideas on here of practical / beneficial...
  15. jacobl741

    Which 4x4 car?

    Looking at swapping my 15 plate dmax for a car rather than another pick up. Will be used as a daily, towing cattle trailer and flat trailer, and going in fields abit to look my cows. Thinking possibly a discovery, anyone got any suggestions on which would be best?
  16. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  17. JP1

    The Ineos Grenadier thread

    I still am not sure whether this will surface as a reaity but as I keep getting marketing snippets, I thought I'd post a few of them...
  18. colhonk

    MB pickup

    AutoExpert TV. The MB X class has been canned because they have discovered there arn`t as many Stupid people as they thought to buy it. :D:D
  19. Will Wilson

    Company car - advice please

    Morning - this is a Q a company agronomist or vet might be able to help with. Looking at a new car for the business (me as the driver) to replace a Ford Ranger. Dont want/need a new pick up. Must be - Good MPG (45 mpg + minimum) diesel Ready for 40,000 miles a year on mostly motorways...
  20. L

    Which New Pick-Up Is The Best Vehicle To Get?

    I currently have an Isuzu D-Max 2.5 Utah and I will be looking to change it. But I don't want another Isuzu due to the very poor experience with main dealer and Isuzu UK's attitude. I also want to ensure that I am out of this vehicle before the know engine issues start accuring. I am also not...