1. M

    Situation Vacant Burton on Trent Part Time General Farm Worker Wanted

    Part time worker wanted for family dairy farm near Anslow, Burton on Trent. - Responsibilities include feeding, bedding, general yard work - Hours approx. 9:00am until 1:00pm weekdays (also ideally alternate weekends if possible) - Must have a full UK driving licence - Tractor and telehandler...
  2. LandWanted

    Sell Your Land Without Paying Extortionate Estate Agent Fees

    If you've got a plot of land for sale, up to £30,000 in value, don't get stung by extortionate estate agent fees. Sell it directly to me instead and save a small fortune. I'm looking for a plot of agricultural land or woodland, a grass paddock or grazing land, in a beautiful area where I can...
  3. R

    Wanted: Antiques/Salvage/Old Items

    Hi All, I am currently looking to get in contact with Farms in the Yorkshire/Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire area who may be looking to sell any unwanted items that may have sat in storage and/or are of no use. Here’s an idea of what we buy but not limited to: - unused/old items -...
  4. P

    Land Wanted in Central England (or South East/West England) - for wildlife / tree planting project

    Hi! Hope you are all safe. My partner and I are looking to buy a woodland in Central England (or South East/West) for a wildlife / tree planting project. Looking for land larger than 8 acres. Preferably much, much larger than that. Preferably with vehicular access or nearby parking and no...
  5. E

    Wanted - Small Woodland East Sussex

    Hi, I'm after buying a small patch of private woodland for personal use in East Sussex Must have car access and be self contained. Anyone got anything they want to sell? Cash waiting.
  6. J

    Second hand building

    Looking for a steel framed building 60 to 80 foot long by 40 wide or there about.
  7. E

    WANTED: Barn for sale or rent for broodmares & foals

    Cattle type barn required for approx 20 horses and foals. Additional land would be a bonus. Ideally located in North Yorkshire (Harrogate area). Enquiring for client. Please reply with email address for contact, current mobile signal is poor!
  8. S

    Wanted - Huntaway/Collie/Sprocker Pup

    Hello, I am after a Huntaway/Collie/Sprocker pup. My family have always had Collie and Sprocker's and I'm keen to follow the tradition and looking for one for my own family. This will be a family dog, however we lead a very active lifestyle so it will get plenty of exercise and stimulation...
  9. S

    NZ Huntaway X or Collie X Pup Wanted

    Hello, My family and I are looking for a Huntaway (preferably) or a Collie, or potentially a cross between the two, to purchase as a home dog. Preference is a male but open to anything. We have extensive experience with Collie's as home dogs and I'm interested in looking at a Huntaway. We live...
  10. S

    Wanted: Farm land between Glasgow & Edinburgh

    Apologies if this isn't the place to post but looking at all avenues. My partner and I are looking to purchase anything between 5-15 acres of permanent pasture to set up our own private smallholding with potential to build one single storey house or refurbish and existing property. If anyone is...
  11. D

    Concrete/Brick Wanted

    Looking for large amounts of un crushed concrete and brick around Canterbury Kent to bring up some levels, can have a small amount of soil mixed in. Will collect. Many Thanks,
  12. sanshields

    Small Parcel of Isolated Land Wanted to Purchase

    Hello there. We are looking to buy a small parcel of rural and isolated land (about half an acre), to camp in a motorhome and use as a retreat on an occasional basis to paint and write and enjoy peaceful and private surroundings. Would be delighted to hear from you. Shropshire/Welsh Marches...
  13. Stokes6368

    Wanted - David Brown 1190

    Looking for a David Brown 1190 for a restoration project, ideally running but condition not too important, possibly also consider a 885
  14. R

    Pest Control Service

    Hi, My name is Ruaridh, I moved to Edinburgh recently to work in a fieldsports shop and I am looking for permission for pest control in Fife, West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian or Borders. Able to travel respectable distances. I have an air weapon, firearm, shotgun certificate and BASC...
  15. B

    WANTED - Farmers extreme weather experiences

    Living in rural Cheshire and being from a farming family, I decided that I wanted to research farmers experiences of extreme weather events for my University dissertation. In order to do this I am needing as many respondents as possible to take 10-15 minutes to answer my short survey regarding...
  16. mixed breed

    Wanted, fiona

    Has anyone got some lying around or know where I can get a set of small seed inserts for a fiona seed drill. I'm led to believe nordsten drills use the same. Thanks in advance.
  17. J

    Rabbit shooting in kent

    hello everyone I'm new to this site and was seeking a little advice if I may.im looking for farmers who have rabbit control problems on there land who need help reducing numbers. I'm a responsible adult and father of 5. I'm fully insured up to 10million pounds. I would be greatly appreciative...
  18. fenrat

    Opico Grass Harrow 6m and up considered - N Cambs, W Norfolk, S Lincs

    Wanted Opico grass harrow or similar 6m or wider. Not scared of something in need of a bit of TLC We are located in Wisbech, the closer the better but we are able to travel anywhere
  19. B

    Land Wanted, Woodland, Forest

    Hi hopeful someone may be able to help me out. Im looking some woodland available within a 20 mile radius of Belfast to open up a new paintball/airsoft business. Would also consider disused farm yards etc. Any advice would be grateful Thanks Jamie
  20. Saun

    Outbuilding / barn / workshop wanted Dorset

    Hi I'm looking for a space to grow my business in Dorset ideally close to Weymouth. I run a wood work company I would like to expand, space and electricity needed. Old quirky, not weather tight, new or smelly Will be run selling and making hand made furniture and uk timber stockist Buy rent...