1. G

    Original exhaust wanted for David brown 780

    I currently have an exhaust which has been painted red but the baffle inside was damaged and i wanted ot get the tractor finished for a show so i just painted the exhaust. I now want to get an original exhaust with the baffles still intact. will be interested in anything available so you could...
  2. J

    Woodland wanted.

    A rather strange request to land owners, I am in need of woodland to practice bushcraft in, I'm a 25 year old family man, so I will be respectful of anywhere I am given permission to go, I'm even willing to help out on the land if need be, I just find it important to be able to use the skills of...
  3. T

    Wanted, field to rent for an event....near Staffordshire!

    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong area. I am looking for a venue to hire for our large championship dog show, preferably somewhere we can hire for the same weekend every year. What we require: A large, flat grassed field (we would consider two adjoining fields) Easy access from the...
  4. fenrat

    Wanted - Simba Free Flow 6m

    I'm looking for a 6m free flow as close to Sutton Bridge as possible but will consider anything anywhere. Preferably would like one ready to rock and roll but a project is also not a problem. If metering has issues, i already have lots of spares for that, so not a problem.
  5. L


    I'm looking for a unit or workshop near Basildon, I am starting a small company building bespoke campervans. We are a very clean, tidy and respectful team. The unit/barn must: - Within 15 miles of Basildon in Essex and cheap as possible as we're paying cash. - The entrance will need to be...
  6. C

    Barn/Workshop in Hertfordshire

    Hello, I am running a small vehicle wrapping/spraying business and am in need of a barn/workshop in the Hertfordshire area. Ideally looking for something in the range of 500 to 1000 sqft with electricity, water supply and vehicle access. Please note that we are not mechanics and our work is...
  7. B

    Wanted grazing

    Wanted grassland for cropping grazing in the Ledbury area good rates payed any acres considered
  8. B

    Wanted steer stores

    I am looking for steer store calves 6-12 months old any breed considered as long as they aren't fresian or holstein .Must have named sires. I am in the Ledbury area.
  9. K

    Looking For Work Looking for farm work with accomodation. North Yorkshire.

    STILL LOOKING! Permanent full time position wanted. Hardworking, reliable and trustworthy 28 year old male looking to get into farming work (both arable & livestock considered) No experience of farming work so would need to under go training. Currently working as plant operator, processing green...
  10. B

    Wanted : Grassland

    Wanted grassland for cropping / grazing in the Ledbury area good rates payed any acres considered
  11. B

    Wanted In calf cows

    I am after in calf British blue/cross cows to calf in the spring. In the Gloucester area.
  12. holwellcourtfarm

    looking for a JF muckranger bevel gearbox

    The bevel gearbox on our old JF muckranger 90 has given up Does anyone know where there's a spare one lying around or another make that would do? I'm willing to adapt the machine. It's a 1:1 ratio.
  13. J

    Wanted-shepherds hut

    Looking for a shepherds hut to restore. No preferences on condition-run down is fine. Willing to pay a fair price depending on condition. Will travel to uk mainland to pick up.