weather station

  1. B

    Storms east coast scotland

    Spectacular lightning last night here in the borders. Probably wildest I ‘ve ever seen . Thankfully missed the rain. How’s everyone else on the east? @Hilly @Woolless @melted welly @Chae1 ect
  2. H

    Raspberry Pi - Python Based GPS System

    Hi All, I just wanted to share something I have been for a couple of months now. I got interested in raspberry pis as cheap way of creating farm hardware. This started with a sheep RFID scanner which for the cost of ~£100 can read and manage all the data about our sheep flock like a commercial...
  3. Honest john

    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Very quite on here so far.
  4. MX7

    Any one using Sencrop weather station with additional wind speed /direction facility, soil temp probe and soil surface temp probe?

    As above ,does it work ok. ? Has any one replaced a Davis weather station with the above, if so how do they compare? I am particularly interested in the wind speed/direction facility and soil temp probe , and soil surface temp probe, which I know are addons to both weather stations.
  5. W

    Website for total rainfall

    Which sites for total rainfall on a postcode?
  6. jacobl741

    Which weather forecast?

    Hi all hoping to mow in the coming week but all the weather forcasts say different!! Which do people find most reliable?
  7. CerealsEvent

    Exhibitor Live Chats 11th June

    Morning Sessions 11 June JOIN 8:30 Join a Prodata Weather Station Overview JOIN 8:30 Catch up with Agrifac JOIN 9:00 How to save time and reduce admin JOIN 9:00 Join Ian from Paragon Bank to discuss asset funding JOIN 9:00 Chat with Charles...
  8. Prodata Weather Systems

    Stand Prodata Weather Systems

    PRODATA WEATHER SYSTEMS Stand: 958 UK company with over 20 years market experience providing customised environmental monitoring solutions to Growers and the wider AG community based on the Davis Instruments catalogue of products. Prodata Weather Systems are the leading European retailer of...
  9. CerealsEvent

    Exhibitor Presentations - 10th June

    Cereals LIVE exhibitors are technological leaders, innovators and change agents. Catch up with them here to find out what they have been working on. Morning Sessions 10 June JOIN 8:30 Join a Prodata Weather Station Overview JOIN 8:30 Catch up with Agrifac JOIN 9:00...
  10. Sencrop News

    Stand Sencrop - Test the connected ag-weather station

    SENCROP Stand: 236 Sencrop is an innovative company based at Euratechnologies (Lille – France), Europe’s third largest startup accelerator. More than 10 000 farmers are using our connected ag-weather stations to receive the current and predicted temperature, humidity, wind speed, as well as...
  11. J

    Black lives demo.

    Looking back in history there was a similar protests( anti war) plus black power at the 68 olympics Tommie Smith and John Carlos black glove protest at the 200 metres presentation. The irony I find now is that the protesters use the one knee( as used by th NFL player 3 yrs ago) and It was...
  12. Agriland RSS

    Dry weather hindering grass growth on livestock farms across the UK

    Written by Billy Wickham With parched fields now a common sight across the countryside, extremely dry weather over the past two months is starting to have a major effect on farms. As sheep and beef cattle in the UK are reared in a non-intensive way, mostly using natural grass rather than...
  13. Nearly

    Right then. It's fodder rape time. :(

    Ok @Great In Grass after 2 months with no rain on a sand farm it's time to send me some fodder rape seed please. Unless anyone else can do me a rain dance?
  14. Mark C

    Hay making 2020

    Has @Goweresque started his usual thread ? Hands up who’s made a start? Mowed 30 acres of new seeds today for haylage. Looked promising but bugger all in the bottom, was my best field too!
  15. MX7

    Davis Weather Station,Anemometer reading incorrectly, why?

    As above,any reason why windspeed reading slower than actual and wind direction changing direction slowly. Would low batteries in weather station be the cause,although it is solar powered? Thanks for any info.
  16. Agriland RSS

    Are worm burdens affecting the performance of your lambs?

    Written by Agriland Team Worm control is vital if you are aiming to achieve good lamb growth rates and a profitable sheep enterprise. Heavy worm burden in lambs will lead to a reduction in performance and delay development. “Ultimately parasites cost growth and these worm infections affect...
  17. Paddington

    Davis Vantage Vue spares

    Anybody bought any replacement parts for these recently ? I need a temperature/humidity sensor but can only find them listed for the Vantage Pro, don't know if they use the same part ? The firm I bought the weather station from has gone bust and the only replacement I can find (for the Vantage...
  18. CPM RSS

    Innovation Showcase – Always take the weather with you

    Written by cpm A new climate module on Hutchinsons precision platform – Omnia – means growers are now able to benefit from a number of crop modelling systems, tried and tested at the company’s Helix farm in Northants. CPM finds out more. We’re really keen to ensure that all data collected has a...
  19. CerealsEvent

    Drive efficiencies with precision farming at Cereals LIVE

    Drive efficiencies with precision farming at Cereals LIVE Farmers are continually striving to improve efficiencies and precision technology provides the means to do so, which is why Cereals LIVE is showcasing the very latest advances. From data analysis and variable rate applications to...
  20. T C

    A month without rain?

    Looking at (all) forecasts we could go through April with no recorded rain. Not idea after a wet winter!