1. H

    Kuhn GA6501p

    Hi all, I’m looking to buy a mounted twin rotor rake to save time rowing up as I’ve only a single rotor atm. Had a Weaving machine on demo last year and wasn’t impressed (although it was cheap) I’m looking at a Kuhn GA6501p. Does anyone rate them.? I’ll need it to row up in front of my quadrant...
  2. czechmate

    Top con weaving

    My deutz has topcon autosteer which I have used all year without any real problem. Thinking back to early spring, flat rolling seing the diff lock, sometimes the tractor would start weaving. Not really important on that job. Well, now I am drilling, by and large it is fine, but sometimes...
  3. Greythundercloudys

    Baler control box, window holder.

    Probably been asked before, but where do you buy them. Sucker window type.
  4. S

    Best straight from stubble tilth seed bed maker?

    Has anyone any advice on which machine is best at making a perfect tilth for sowing after wheat or barley? Only have a small acreage of 100 acres and s T5.105 tractor. Sowing is with a 4m air drill.Had a contractor come in and make a seed bed in one pass straight from bean stubble. Now...
  5. J

    Stubble cultivator recommendations …..

    My Discerator has been a good tool for the past 14 years and cost little to run but it is slow and doesn’t always move all the soil profile in less forgiving conditions. It is probably time to upgrade but what machines are worth looking at that have discs and auto reset legs plus a packer...
  6. J

    Tine drill

    4 or 4.8 or even a 6 metre tine drill wanted accord or weaving what's about
  7. britt

    No till spring beans

    Is anybody doing any good with notill spring beans ? I had a good crop about 6 years ago, but done no good since. There always seems to be a reason, wet spring late sowing, dry spring after drilling, too shallow because the discs were too worn etc. A friend that ploughs before drilling often...
  8. N

    Carier alternatives

    What are worthy comparable alternatives to a vaderstad carier pls? Something without vaderstad price tag 5-6m working width.
  9. Steevo

    Clean stubbles?

    Anybody else finding stubbles are almost perfectly clean this year? A month after harvest almost all stubbles are almost perfectly clean. Doubt I’ll need to be using much roundup this autumn which is one benefit given the current situation.
  10. rich8100

    Weaving direct drill and case pro700

    case ih 215. Puma. We have a weaving direct drill. We are having problems with the headland not shutting the drill down on auto. So the whole isobus and TC is working, it talks to the drill happily. But on the headland line on the maps it will pass over the line without shutting the seed...
  11. J

    Tine drill

    Wanted tine drill 4 metre or 4.8
  12. Farm Classifieds

    WEAVING 4.8 Metre Tineseeder, 2005,

    WEAVING 4.8 Metre Tineseeder, 2005, Advert added by: Agri-Linc Farm Machinery Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £10850 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and contact the dealer
  13. Fat hen

    Stubble rake On sandy soil

    I have borrowed a 8 m Weaving stubble rake. I have tried it on heavy land where it did a fairly good job in moving straw and ripped stubbles out of the ground in lighter parts. Has anyone had experience of stubble rakes on light land and managed to set it so that it doesn’t rip the stubble out?
  14. Vizslaman

    Sub soiler knock on points

    A real newbie question, How do I change the sub soiler knock on points ? I have a JSA 2 legged subsoiler but want to change the points, is there a knack to changing them as I cannot see any form of retaining pin
  15. moretimeforgolf

    Winter linseed drilling

    Just wondering when others with experience of winter linseed think is the best time to drill? I know some will have got theirs in already but I’m in Kent so was thinking mid-September? @Flintstone was early last year but don’t recall seeing how it performed.
  16. Flintstone

    Suggestions please

    I’ve been a Claydon user for six years. Very pleased in general, but thinking about a system change maybe. if you were going to be direct drilling 90% spring crops, into cover crops, what would you recommend? Lots of flint (so minimal rubber please). 215 hp. Good trash capabilities. At least...
  17. W

    3m Topper

    Looking for a 3m (not 2.8m) flail topper that can run on the front and rear linkage.
  18. Deere 6430

    Horsch Terrano FX

    I’m looking forward views on the Horsch Terrano FX mounted cultivator please. Good points and bad points about them. if anyone has a 3 meter one for sale then I would be interested or if there is something better than a Terrano FX
  19. M

    Direct drilling turnips into hard sprayed off grassland

    Will direct drilling work very well if ground is quite hard? Would be turnips into sprayed off grassland
  20. Mark C

    Shakerator legs - slip on point

    is there a leg to fit a shakerator style frame that will take the slip on point and shin that fits a discerator? I have a weaving sub disc and fed up of losing points and then being horrible things to ‘knock on ‘ without shards of cast metal flying about. Demoed a discerator many years ago and...