1. N

    Cheap ass strip till drill idea

    Why wont this work then? Using what I have, subsoiler, changing legs to low disturbance, then use a long and short suffolk coulter to drill into strip behind the leg. In an ideal world then a press wheel to run after the coulter or a double disc coulter with a press wheel instead of suffolks.
  2. N

    Which PTO shaft for Side Arm Flail

    Hi, have a weaving FP225 Side arm flail. has a tendency to slightly bend the pto shaft. rendering it completely useless. any suggestions on type of shaft or UJays to avoid this thanks
  3. pappuller

    Kuhn,Pottinger,Sulky. Which powerharrow?

    Toying with upgrading our vintage Ferboli powerharrow, our 3 local dealers sell the 3 brands above, kuhn dearest,pottinger middle, sulky cheapest. All quick change tines and packer roller. Will be max 100 acres a year and a 3m machine. Opinions and experiences please.
  4. Bob lincs

    Front hopper build

    We need another large front hopper so after looking for ages for a suitable hopper we found another Accord Exata TL fert spreader which are an ideal size and shape . This one was in excellent condition and full working order so probably a bit to good to strip down but still cheaper than building...
  5. C

    Vaderstad drill widths

    Hi just wondering if anyone has converted a rapid 400p down to three meters and if so was it much of a task thanks
  6. Dave b

    Accord/Vicon Drill

    Has any one converted a standard 4 m vicon/accord air drill with Suffolk coulters to a tine drill??
  7. F

    250,000 heifer