weigh cells

  1. Cab-over Pete

    Project Zetros

    Aye-up, Right then, time to make a start. Had the chassis cab delivered on Monday and have been faffing about with paperwork for first registration and MoT exemption. Got all that away and had a bit of a go up the lane with it. Bit of a niggle, it won’t change into low range on the transfer...
  2. Frantic Farmer

    Weigh bar cable

    Managed to cut through cable on our tru-test weigh bars today weighing cattle. Is it possible rejoin yourself or job for a professional
  3. Jackov Altraids

    Buying and selling sheep handling gear.

    I've been looking for something to help with handling sheep now my knees/hip/ back etc are tiring. I didn't want to spend a fortune and was happy to get some second hand kit but there seems very little about. I'm I missing somewhere or do I need to wait for everyone to get their new kit in the...
  4. Matt

    straw based pigs. ideas to stop dunning in lying area

    So we have got a 1000 pig place shed with the galebreaker blinds on side with the raised catwalk over pens. the pigs seem to like to mess in the middle of the pens any one got any tips to help try to stop this. our first batch was lovely minimal mess, it was a winter batch so it was a colder...
  5. S

    Burning spreader advice

    Looking at a second hand spreader. It has 2 vertical beaters but they are for bio solids. They are a bit further away from the bed and the auger flighting goes down to the bottom. Anyone used these type for spreading farm yard manure, did they work ok.
  6. tr250

    Fertiliser spreader recommendations

    We are looking for a new spreader this year any recommendations or ones to steer clear of. I want one that’s reasonably simple but I do want it to vari according to tractor speed, spread 28m and hold 4 bags of nitram.
  7. Louis Mc

    Bogballe spreader isobus

    Is anyone using a bogballe spreader on green star isobus? Have 2/3 isobus tractors so don’t think any point going separate control box. How have people found them? Going to 30m with weigh cells and section control. Any thoughts and opinions appreciated
  8. TelesnaAg

    Sheep handler for crutching store lambs, single person

    Understand this might have been debated to death but there is new models around. I will be building new infrastructure at my new farm, cattle set up i have sorted. As for sheep, i aint race drenching or crutching again. So for smaller sheep i was thinking peak hill sheep handler or open to...
  9. S

    Cattle crush

    What’s the views on an IAE Saracen crush versus a Bateman Tamar manual squeeze
  10. J

    Bridge/old weighbridge

    Looking for an old Weighbridge or actual bridge to replace a old bridge to cross a fast flowing stream . Must be capable and of taking a fully loaded artic .
  11. Farm Classifieds

    T408179C - Bogballe 24-36m M2W Q2 Mounted Broadcaster

    T408179C - Bogballe 24-36m M2W Q2 Mounted Broadcaster Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Applicators Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster Price: £3500 Condition: Good Description BOGBALLE 24-36M M2W Q2 MOUNTED DISC BROADCASTER...
  12. R

    Fert spinner

    Looking to buy a 2nd hand fert spinner. Don't want Gps etc, maybe just a weigh cell. What do you guys recommend? Was thinking KRM but have heard that they can smash up some fertilizer, anybody put me right on this? Thanks. Rascal
  13. Stags Agri

    Full Dispersal Sale of Telehandler & 5 Tractors at Bradnich, Exeter, EX5 4LT - Wednesday 23rd September 2020 - 700+LOTS

  14. CPM RSS

    Discounts offered on Kuhn high-tech spreaders

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Discounts of up to £2000 are available on new Kuhn fertiliser spreader purchases up until 31 Dec 2020 where precision equipment options are included. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Applying to Kuhn’s Axis 40.2 and Axis 50.2 spreaders, the discount scheme is...
  15. Farm Classifieds

    Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crate

    Unistock Cattle Squeeze Crate Advert added by: Ollie Martin @Kippo Machinery Details Category: Livestock Equipment Livestock Handling Equipment Price: £5000 Condition: Excellent Description 2019, squeeze crate with auto-locking head yoke, c/w weigh cells, as...
  16. Longneck

    Weighing system on a grain trailer?

    Anybody got one? Seems like they have been around on trucks for plenty of years now, must be a way of fitting something to grain trailers for sensible money?
  17. hillbill

    Weight calculations........

    The fact that i didnt listen at school 20some years ago has eventually caught up with me. So, essentially i need to find the formula to calculate the load gain on the tractor 3 pount linkage, by adding a extra furrow on the plough. If the extra furrow and disc weigh, hypothetically, 250kg, what...
  18. D

    Weigh cells

    Can anyone advise on axle weigh cells? Are they accurate and what make would you go for? Any idea of price?
  19. Headless chicken

    Moving fert to the field

    How are others doing it? I think the best answer is a hiab trailer with a donkey engine. Anyone done this? Would a forestry trailer work?
  20. S

    Best EID reader setup

    Hi all! Hoping you can help give me some tips on EID reading kit as I am thinking of taking the leap. I know it is often a matter of personal preference but I have literally zero experience of them. We only have a little farm of 200 breeding ewes but we are trying to do everything as well as we...