weigh cells

  1. MX7

    Why aren,t grain bins used more in the UK

    I have just looked at my Canadian (Saskatchewan) farming contacts web page www.parklandventures .com and I see they have erected two more large grain bins plus replacing their grain dryer with one of 35% more output. As in thread title why aren't grain bins used more in the uk ?
  2. MX7

    Which on farm weigh bridge/weigh cell do you use etc etc?

    As many of you are contract farming and some running commercial grain storage facilities, I am interested to know which make and type of weighbridge or weigh cells you are using. Are they very accurate, do they keep their accuracy,would you chose the same type again,and approx cost. I ask, "as...
  3. Matthew Britton

    Front loader replacement

    So, due to a little problem last week I need to replace my front loader on 6920 John Deere. I like the look of MX T412+, I have the valve and joystick still so priced up the basic version that plumbs into said valve. I have been quoted £9169. This feels very dear as the loader it replaced was a...
  4. Deere 6430

    New grain trailer spec/options

    Wanting to get a new grain trailer and want it to be future proof and legal as much as possible So far 14 ton and standard stuff such as grain chute sprung drawbar roll over sheet etc front window 10 stud full commercial axles with s cam brakes and proper slack adjusters Air over hydraulic...
  5. C

    Emptying fert spreader

    Ive got a teagle fert spreader and ive still got some ammonium nitrate left inside it, what should i do with it?
  6. Rob_AD

    Amazone ZATS Disc Problem

    When I start the discs on my ZATS, they both run but the right hand disc shows 0 rpm. After about 5 seconds the discs stop and a warning message appears Can anyone advise what it might be? I have just replaced the right hand weigh cell and got it done for me by a local fabricator (bolts were...
  7. L

    Kuhn M EMC

    looking at one of these at the moment. If we buy one with emc do you need a weigh cell as well or is it a luxury ? Thoughts please.
  8. sanderzo

    Amazone za-v striping

    I have an amazone za-v fert spinner with weigh cells. I use gps, I set the vanes to what it says on the amazone app for the appropriate fertiliser but I still create stripes on fields. On a 4 bag load one side of the hopper always has 150-200kg left in it at the end. This underspreading on one...
  9. Bob lincs

    Sulky X40+ Econov

    We had this new sulky spreader on demo this morning and It was very impressive, weigh cells and section control were excellent. Is anyone on here running one and have any thoughts or advice ???
  10. Try to succeed

    Kuhn Axis 40.1 Help

    Hi, Currently having an issue with my spreader and wondered if anyone could suggest anything. Started using it the other day and the weight reading shot up over 3000 when I’d only put 1200kg in. As a result the flow factor bounced back and forth so I emptied it on manual setting. Have done...
  11. Speedstar

    Contractors ,Silage cost by the ton

    Is any one charging to make silage by the ton ? Our new forager has a system on it the weigh the grass & take the D/M content & this is what we are planning on doing in the next few years for the people that want to pay by the ton, we will charge some much per ton for the complete job.
  12. Cab-over Pete

    Project Xerion.

    At long last I’ve made a tentative start on the Xerion. It’s been a long story of hassle and hold ups since I bought it in September and that shows no sign of letting up. Parts are desperately slow to arrive and to date, after ordering everything in early February the only things I’ve received...
  13. Henry B

    Kuhn Axis weigh cell broken

    Got a Kuhn Axis fert spreader with a broken weigh cell dealer want £1100 for a new one ,has anyone found a cheaper source?
  14. W

    Weigh bridge Advice??

    We're in the process of building an AD plant and are looking at putting in a weighbridge in at the same time. Have any members got good/bad experiences with different companies?? Are the standard 3m ones ok, or is it worth going wider for modern flotation tyres. Any advice would be great!!