wild oats

  1. C

    smelly milk ?

    I have a problem Arla have rejected our milk on the grounds that it has a sweet fruity smell to it . our cell count is 160 and bactoscan is around 10 . the cows eat swift kale /rape hybrid about 2 paces each day and add lib big bales 1st and 2nd cut rye grass they have been having some baled...
  2. bobk

    Do ploughers get bg ?

    If not , there's your answer
  3. bobk

    Barley volunteers in wheat

    Due to the last 12 months weather my already shattered rotation means I've followed sb with wheat ( didn't want to grow it ) anyway we sowed 3 days after finishing combining . So we have a volunteer issue , is frost my friend ? doesn't appears to be any chems available that will kill the stuff.
  4. Villagefarmer

    Surface Trash and pre ems

    Hi All, Sorry if this has been covered before. I've planted wheat into spring oat stubble and there is alot of surface trash even after the Mzuri has been through it. Whats peoples views on pre ems? The field is reasonable clean with some BG and a view wild oats here and there. Talking with...
  5. Mounty

    No worms in DD land

    Probably should post this under the DD categories but felt it may not be viewed by non DD folk. Been soil sampling on a couple of large direct drilled farms recently and consequently dug a lot of holes. One of the farms was about 1200 acres, been direct drilling for about 15 years. Stubbles...
  6. Jerry

    Feeding whole wheat

    I’ve got about a tonne of crap wheat after dressing this year’s seed. So small grain, bit of chaff and weed seed. often I feed this out to the birds in winter but was wondering if there is a safe way to feed it to store lambs through a 3 in 1 feeder. I also have whole oats, barley and...
  7. Flintstone

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Go on, someone must have started...
  8. Steevo

    Does barley still stack up?

    Reading one market report yesterday, barley is currently trading at a £44/t discount to wheat. Is anyone changing their barley acreage as a result, or are people hoping it will come back in time? Personally we put everything we could last year into wheat, and will be doing likewise again this...
  9. J

    Scholarship study

    I have an opportunity to apply for a scholarship to study a topic related to no-till. Here is what I’d like to find in the U.K. (I’m from the states) I’d like to visit a couple of farms (if Covid will go away and allow travel) that are successfully conquering grassy weeds (black grass...
  10. czechmate

    Do I “need” a break crop (cereals)

    So my cereal harvest seems a distant memory, barley at the end of June, wheat early July. It hasn’t rained since so no volunteers yet and no rain on the forecast for the next two weeks. It’s just got me thinking... do I actually need a take all break with this three month break now anyway?
  11. Banana Bar

    Wide cereal rows

    Has anyone got yield comparisons of wide ( 250mm) cereal rows vs conventional narrower rows? BB
  12. Grassman

    Dummies guide to germination!

    I was wondering why seeds can sit in the ground for many years and not germinate. Then all of a sudden they choose to spring up and spoil your crop. They have moisture. They have soil contact. They have warmth. They cant know what crop is there as they haven't a brain! Daylight they don't have...
  13. C

    Dirty fields

    We changed from a Sumo / Plough / Vaderstad system to Mzuri rake / Claydon hybrid system last year. Having now completed a whole season we are now left wondering if it was the correct decision. Our fields have never been so dirty it's almost as if we have drilled companion crops everywhere ...
  14. G

    UK facing worst wheat harvest since 1980s, says farmers' union

  15. MX7

    Combine harvester “Weed Seed Mills”?

    Does any one have one of the above fitted to their combine (Seed Terminator marketed by Zurn UK) (Redekop Mill), if so are they able to mill blackgrass seed as the seed is so small? In theory the idea seems good but I dread to think of the cost of the mill, ok if it works otherwise a waste of...
  16. Devon lad

    Dock control in high clover swards

    We’re incorporating more and more clover into our grazing swards, but docks are always a problem after a while. We try to direct drill 1/2 spring 1/2 autumn reseeds with clover in the mix now and spray out the seedling docks at the 2-3 leaf stage more recently with squire. Before we would...
  17. J

    Convince me to not plough

    We have a small field that has been in a cereal/rape/legume rotation for a good few years now and needs to be put back to grass. I would like to get away from using the plough every time we drill but I'm never sure our soils are quite light enough to min till (we are mostly clay with some loam)...
  18. CornishTone

    Straw for Dung Arrangements

    Is anyone doing straw for dung arrangements? If so, what sort of deal are you doing? Do you put a value on either product or is it just a straight “swap”?
  19. GOV.UK RSS

    Lord Goldsmith speech on green recovery

    Lord Goldsmith speech on green recovery Written by Defra Press Office Yesterday, Minister of State for Pacific and the Environment Lord Goldsmith delivered a keynote speech on the subject of a green recovery and the work that the UK is doing on domestic and international conservation. In...
  20. colhonk

    Continuous Wheat

    Any continuous wheat growers out there? What breed are you finding is the best for 3rd + wheats? Run out of options for rotations, osr kaput, linseed seems a no no especially up here on clay,spring crops Ha Ha Ha,this year has shown once again the feutility of them here.😞