wild oats

  1. Macsky

    Reintroduction of business rates on land and buildings

    What are the chances of this happening to increase revenue post covid? Ive heard that that this could be the case, 50% of farm rental value + buildings value.
  2. bobk

    Best autumn herb for wild oats

    In wheat , been using 2 ltr/ha of Picomax which does a fair job for the money , looking for summat better , expecting to do them again in the spring with topic.
  3. The Ruminant

    Should we farm without N?

    A really interesting podcast here about the use of N and K and how soils and organic matter responds. Really thought-provoking and confirms a lot of anecdotal things we and other farmers find.
  4. rhifsaith

    F%%kin docks

    Best way to clean a field up of the bloody things? Was thinking of drilling with brassicas after roundup 1st year.Would following that be best with something like tornado for a few years so i could spray with dockstar, then a full reseed in 2 years?
  5. Honest john

    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Very quite on here so far.
  6. The Grinch

    Why dont people look after the land ?

    Made some round bale silage on friends parcel of land today, whilst carting back, started looking at surrounding land and thought to myself how neglected a lot of ground is nowadays. Plenty of little smallholdings with 5 - 10 acres of land that’s never seen muck/slurry or weed killer in years...
  7. G

    Whats wrong with my oats?

  8. Romeogolf

    Wild oats in Spring Barley

    I have a block of land in SB, HSS drilled with the Freeflow straight into overwintered cultivation after it greened up and was sprayed off. Seed came from very clean block on a separate farm, the aim was a cheap grow. Where I drilled has historically been bad for wild oats, so I succumbed to the...
  9. Clive

    Late harvest

    Agronomist looking at a bit of winter milling wheat today to time up for milky ripe protein N - 2 weeks off yet apparently which I would suggest makes august harvest unlikely? No OSR to cut - cant see us dong much if anything until mid-August? Big rea of Linseed juts getting final N so that...
  10. S

    Cover crop pre direct drilled beet?

    Maybe a crazy idea this. I have a 12acre field coming beet, thats a bit more bodied than ideal. Normal for us pre beet is to plough and press sometime between November and Feb, once muck has become available, spread, and ground conditions allow. Sometimes miss out the muck on the bodied land...
  11. Charles Quick

    Any crop worth drilling in June?

    I've got a field of poor linseed + multi-resistant wild oats. I'll be taking the nuclear option soon with 3 litres of glyphosate. Of course it's a great opportunity to get a big cover crop in, but is there anything I can drill that might even come close to washing its face? Would it be worth a...
  12. A

    Avena fatua(wild oat) herbicides in wheat

    Hello I'm a farmer from Eastern Europe. I have big problems with with wild oat and apera in wheat. What actives are effective? Is chlortoluron effective?
  13. Pluto

    Deer problems

    Anyone got any ideas about how to keep deer off Fodder Beet. We have got a herd of about 80 that are in the process of munching their way through 20 acres. Anyone tried Grazers, and is it any good?
  14. czechmate

    How late with roundup to stop wild oat seed

    So, after a catastrophic winter barley crop (I suppose because of it) I now have an unbelievable block of wild oats :(. I hadn’t even seen one here before:scratchhead: Some barley is below 30%, some isn’t, of course being such a poor crop it is very variable. Wild oats are watery to milky. How...
  15. Fragonard

    Harvest Start Date

    Any estimates of when Winter Barley will kick off..
  16. nick...

    Wholecrop rye

    I’ve had someone ask if I’d grow some for him this afternoon and it could be a goer as a break crop.im assuming it’s pretty much the same as growing cereals but know nothing about it so could someone fill me in please Nick...
  17. DieselRob


    I'm looking for a bit of education on growing oats, other than a few wild oats about the farm I've not had anything to do with them. Winters or spring? If springs then they would go in behind a grazed catch crop, if winters would there be enough time to establish a meaningful cover crop pre...
  18. F

    Growing tall maize

    My daughter was sent a maize seed through the school and instructed to grow the tallest maize plant. It will be measured in September when they go back for next year. As a farmer I feel under pressure to show my crop growing skills (you know what its like) but we haven't grown maize for a while...
  19. D

    Weeds that were or could be cropped.

    I sometimes wonder if I’m doing it all wrong. Why not cultivate the stuff that grows like crazy and forget cereals and conventional crops. I was thinking in particular of “Fat Hen” It grows given half a chance and combines very well. Does anybody know if the seed is a useful feed. Did they...
  20. Manny

    Axial pro and su

    I've sprayed my spring barley with a su (finish SX or answer SX) in the last few days and now i have a rec to spray axial pro for wild oats. I've been told i need to keep the rates up as the su will effect how it works. How long a gap is best for least crop damage, how long before the rate can...