winter feeding

  1. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    How to maximise variable silage cuts

    Maximising milk from forage will be at the forefront of minds this winter and effectively managing silage at feed-out to balance inconsistencies between cuts will be key to success. Inconsistencies in silage between cuts can present a challenge at feed-out and have a notable impact on rumen...
  2. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Top tips for feeding this year's silage

    Dairy farmers across the UK and Ireland are being encouraged to analyse their forages regularly during feed-out, to ensure rations meet performance targets and support rumen health. According to Lientjie Colahan, technical sales support at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, this year's silage could...
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    Winter Feeding Cows

    Hi Please could I ask your advice ? We have a small (two acre) field that we rent to our neighbour. He is keeping three English Long Horns (pets) on the field over winter. They have eaten off all the grass and we have had a covering of snow. They are making such a row, and they were quiet in...