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  1. S

    Organic Rotation Ideas for Finishing Suckler Calves

    Afternoon All, We're exploring changing our system from conventional to organic and wanted to get some advice on organic rotations. We're looking to dedicate all our arable land (light chalk) to produce organic feed for finishing our suckler Angus X calves. Current thoughts are for a 9-year...
  2. Farm Business RSS

    Impressive yields from new varieties despite stop-start harvest

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Despite catchy August weather that has left many farmers with the usual harvest headaches there have been some notable performances from several new varieties being grown for the first time, including two new winter barley varieties, that have exceeded...
  3. C

    Catch Crop

    How late can we sow a catch crop before Winter wheat is sown ? Late harvest prevented us from being able to establish earlier but want to do something to rectify damaged soil after last years wet drilling conditions.
  4. J

    Combine reliability

    Now most are wrapping up cutting for this year many are looking on how their combines have performed over the season. Many will be happy, a few will have niggles or just nightmares and I just thought a quick word or two on their own experiences. I was using a late 90's TX34, only a 15' header...
  5. S

    Will high fertiliser prices change you’re cropping plan.

    As per title. I am thinking of dropping winter barley and reducing wheat in favour of spring crops grown with plenty of pig muck under them . What’s everyone’s thoughts ?
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    Milk producers commit to home-grown wheat and barley for straw value

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Increasing numbers of dairy farmers in Northern Ireland seem committed to growing their own acreages of wheat and barley. But according to Co. Down contractor Andrew Gibson, it’s not the grain value of the cereal that is driving this growth, but...
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    Real Results Pioneers – No compromise in blackgrass battle

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Experience has shaped a multi-tool blackgrass strategy at Troston Farms in Suffolk, with crop productivity the key priority. CPM visits to find out how it’s developed and what part new chemistry will play. Yield is king. Compromise that and you...
  8. phr49

    Ergot in Spring wheat

    See Ergot tolerances have been tightened up this harvest does this mean if you can see it on lump of wheat it will need dressing out or is there some guidance say 1 ergot kernel per kg of wheat is too much ? If it has to be gravity separated to remove how much per tonne can you expect to pay ...
  9. S

    How much are you going to plant this year?

    With the good wheat prices currently, are we going to try to see more wheat planted?
  10. Agriland RSS

    Agricultural livelihoods ‘under extreme pressure’ in Afghanistan

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland The combination of “severe drought, Covid-19 related economic impacts and widespread displacement” has hit rural communities in Afghanistan hard, particularly its farmers and herders, according to the UN. Agriculture plays an “important role” in the...
  11. G

    Earliest date to spread FYM for S. Barley

    Is there any official earliest spreading date for FYM when drilling a spring barley crop? Is March OK? Feb? Jan? Dec? Nov?, Oct? Interested in any published official date. Can't find one.
  12. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    UK milling premiums up and away

    Global wheat supply has seen some drastic cuts in recent forecasts. But there are also questions about the quality of the wheat, not just quantity. In the UK, we are generally net importers of milling wheat and our key import origins are Canada and the EU. Canada’s crops have suffered from...
  13. Green oak

    Your crop of the year. So far.

    im Happy with planet spring barley so far. Coming of just under 3 tonne a acre. Some first wheats locally are doing the same.
  14. ajd132

    Wheat blend problem

    Started on a farm in feb and they have been growing a blend of kerrin, crispin and gleam. I’ve sent a few loads into central store and the bushel is really low. The crops look good but aren’t yielding as much as they look. Bushels around 68. Had t0 teb, t1 .8 ascra, t2 1l revystar, t3 azoxy +...
  15. kiwi pom

    Crop Failure

    Just watched a YouTube video of Mike Mitchell in Canada starting his harvest. The drought has meant there's virtually no crop but he's out there with the combines trying to collect up enough lentils for some seed to plant next season. It sounds like its not a rare event either. Got me wondering...
  16. DairyGrazing

    How much are you planning on investing in the next 20 years?

    Just had a think about what we'd like to do going forward just to stand still on 400 cows. 1)450k on a parlour 2)150k to get the rest of the milkers onto deep sand and heifers off straw onto cubicles 3)50k on tracks 4)75k on silage pits to stop over filling the current one and so we dont have...
  17. G

    The Anyone finished yet thread

  18. W

    Soil analysis and flat crops

    Anybody ever looked into this? Got a field that every year the crops go flat. The last osr crop back in 2012 went down and since then in no particular order - spring barley, spring wheat, winter rye, winter wheat and even a couple of cover crops (mainly mustard) have gone flat in places. Prior...
  19. S

    300 acres starting from scratch

    Hello all, Hypothetical question here. What would everyone do if they had a 300 acre greenfield site of grade 3 land? Build a dairy? Go all cereals? Sheep? Location; Northumberland Cheers Steakeater
  20. Farmer-George

    Ergot Claims

    Anyone else seeing ergot claims into store for wheat and barley? Not saying it’s not there but I sure can’t find as much in my heap as the seem to be able to find on the weigh bridge in every load.