winter wheat

  1. Agrovista News

    Innovation Range - Phosphorus Liberator

    Innovation Range - Phosphorus Liberator A soil-applied product that dissolves existing phosphorus locked up in the soil, making it available to plants and improving soil health. How it works Phosphorus Liberator contains carboxylic acid salt – an organic compound with the ability to break down...
  2. C

    Your perfect seeding tine for a Horsch?

    From what I can see, a lot of gents are using a 1" tine in the spring and a 5" tine in the fall for cover crops. If you had the ability to build the perfect tine, what would it look like? Would you prefer narrower than a 1" for spring seeding? Something that is interchangeable between 1" and...
  3. Janet Hughes Defra

    New information about local nature recovery and landscape recovery

    Morning all and happy new year. Further to the information we published about the Sustainable Farming Incentive in December (see, today we're publishing information about the 2 other new...
  4. Direct Driller Magazine

    Challenging autumn weather underlines the need to tailor crop establishment approach to prevailing conditions

    Written by Jeff Claydon Establishing winter wheat on the Claydon farm during October with the new 6m Claydon Evolution 6 mounted drill. Despite a stop-start harvest and the very changeable weather which followed, Suffolk farmer Jeff Claydon was able to establish all the planned area of...
  5. Direct Driller Magazine

    AHDB: Strategic Farm Report December 2021

    Tis the time of year to reflect on progress, thing you’ change and things you’ll keep just as they are. In this spirt, its time to review progress at AHDB’s Strategic Farms and share some results with you. From the 15 of November, we ran Strategic Farm week with four distinct themes. Can...
  6. Direct Driller Magazine

    Plan the move to direct drilling carefully

    Both cover crops and low-disturbance drilling are often seen as an easy way to improve soil health and performance while also offering an opportunity to cut fixed costs. Where the transition is managed well, it can be very worthwhile but in other cases, the journey to drilling nirvana can be a...
  7. Wobblebox

    2 combines vs. 1

    Didn’t want to hijack the other thread currently running but I’m thinking about the opposite and running 2 combines instead of 1. Currently cutting 700 acres with an 11 plate NH CX8070 with 25ft cut, and a range of cropping from winter OSR and winter barley, winter wheat and spring beans. I aim...
  8. Direct Driller Magazine

    Practical Soil Biology

    Written by Robert Patton from Plantworks UK ‘It was a new day yesterday but by God it’s an old day now’. The briefest of reflections on the COVID I could dream up, courtesy of Jethro Tull (worthy of pointing out to the younger audience not the chap that developed the seed drill). While we...
  9. J

    Land Drainage Costs Devon

    Hi there , I am looking at a barn conversion on 18 acres of arable land, when we viewed on boxing day the land was very water logged and there was a fair few marsh type plants on the land. What would the likely cost be like to sort this out , I assume underground drainage would be the...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Tillage: Are you practicing a five-minute fallow policy?

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Many UK tillage growers now practice what they call a ‘five-minute fallow policy’ as they strive to improve the sustainability of their farms. In practical terms, this means going in with the seed drill to plant cover crops as soon as the combines...
  11. Agriland RSS

    A UK tillage farmer reflects on the year that was 2021

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The latest Tillage Edge podcast from Teagasc features a reflection on the year that was 2021 from UK-based farm manager, Andy Mahon. He was in conversation with Teagasc’s Michael Hennessy. “We had an interesting harvest – one to remember for good...
  12. Direct Driller Magazine

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming Spring barley profits from improved soil biology and structure Detailed trials assessing a broad range of regenerative farming strategies on a progressive Durham farm are putting some solid science into efforts to improve arable...
  13. CornishRanger

    Ploughing permanent pasture

    After some advice/guidance. Anyone on here applied to plough permanent pasture? We have taken on a tenancy where the grassland has all been down long enough to be classed as PP and needs ploughing really. I've found the relevant paperwork on the site, just wondering if people had previous...
  14. W

    Are fungicides more harmful than insecticides

    We hear all the Time of farmers using less insecticides, and for good reason generally, but I do wonder if the real bad apple is modern fungicides. Amazing how many are now farming without insecticides after years of addiction, can we start to cut our reliance on fungicides too?
  15. Bigjon44

    Winter beans

    Anyone's beans come through the ground yet??!! Planted ours back at start of November and still not showing!
  16. Flat 10

    Red Tractor suspension for a rejected load of grain?

    I thought this was the case that if you were rejected for having ergot or mouse poo in your grain you were suspended? I hope I am as I cannot find out having spent half an hour on RT's website. Can anybody point me in the direction of the relevant piece of paper? Thanks
  17. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Frost tolerance a concern in Black Sea areas

    Across most parts of Europe, favourable weather allowed a ‘fair start’ for winter cereal crops. However, there are concerns for frost tolerance, in particular, Black Sea winter cereals. The latest MARS Crop Monitoring report released yesterday, stated sowing was either complete or mostly...
  18. F

    Late Winter Wheat

    What is the latest folk have sown a successful winter wheat?
  19. A

    Delete duplicate

    delete duplicate
  20. A

    The benefit of rolling

    Got rained off when rolling a field of newly drilled winter wheat and it never got finished. Took this 3 weeks later slugs have hammered it where it hadn’t been rolled. Won’t make that mistake again!