1. JKG

    Ewe with bloody snot.

    Hello, I have a ewe with twins and 1 has orf and the ewe also has a tiny bit on her nipple. I have separated her from the other ewes and lambs...only 3 ewes and no other signs of it yet. she seem to be okay the first few days but she hasn't eaten the food I gave to her and she has had a snotty...
  2. Greythundercloudys

    First lmb dose,?

    What's folk using this year for the first dose, white stuff?
  3. Hereford21

    Fly prevention?

    Last year we had a few issues with fly strike on our lambs, we were using crovect and did a couple applications on the lambs. None of them died, but it did stall us from selling them for a while. This year we were thinking of buying clik instead but it’s much more expensive, is it worth it?
  4. L

    Am I mad !

    Would really like to go back to using these. Once only treatment. No issues for soils or insects and they have worked well here in the past. but the price !!! ☹️
  5. T

    Scour in lambs

    Anyone had this issue ? Best treatments ?
  6. Rob D

    Border Collie Puppies

    2 Border collie dog puppies available - both parents owned and working 2000 ewes Microchipped and up to date on wormer Great lines in the sires pedigree. Genuine farm dogs looking for working home £600 Exeter
  7. rusty

    Finishing Dairy bred stores

    I have 45 Lim and Stabilizer cross heifers and steers that are 17 months old and about 420kg. They have been on grazed grass only last summer and high quality silage and whole crop wheat TMR from when they were housed at the end of November. I have sold 9 as stores recently and was a bit...
  8. CopperBeech

    New entrants / post entry / building the future of our industry.

    Been having general discussions today with a couple of people about the future of the sheep industry, some very interesting points raised to be fair. Someone pointed out that these days we have probably more young folk wanting to get into sheep farming / shepherding than at any other time (or...
  9. yellowbelly

    f**k Up Fortnight

    'Twas always thus - that 10-14 days in the run up to the start of lambing heralds the onslaught of TLD, prolapses, blown guts, abortions and the 1001 other things that can go wrong with sheep :banghead: Many moons ago, when I was young and keen, an old bloke once told me, "A farm or a piece...
  10. will6910

    Few lambing issues

    Iv been lambing nearly 3 weeks now. Iv a range off issues cropping up. I know a lot Is down to feeding issue but wanted to voice my worries as struggling abit. Iv had 2 sheep die with what looks like listeriosis. Have maybe 10 or 12 ewes with twins having to have 1 taken off as lack off milk...
  11. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Crutching before lambing

    At my son’s insistence, we have crutched all the ewes this year before they lamb. Not too onerous a task with the combi clamp, but yet another job to do with the sheep. Do other people on the forum do this ? and do they think it is worthwhile ?
  12. D

    Ideal time for all farmers with any common sense to tell farm assurance schemes to go to hell.

    As above, we are on the brink of worldwide food shortage, if not even worse. What better time can there ever be for all farmers with any common sense to tell Red Tractor and all other farm assurance rackets to go to hell? As ever of course there will be some who won’t, and they will take the...
  13. A

    Heptavac lambs

    How long after lambing do you leave lambs till they get their first heptavac injection. Thanks.
  14. andybk

    Indoor lambs Cocci

    As a rule we have our lambs out within a week , but this year had to keep them in a bit longer (about a 5 weeks -month) due to having to be off nearby keep quicker and later lambing , i went through lambs and gave a squirt 1-2ml of vecoxin at about 3 weeks old along with first dose of ovivac ...
  15. Clive

    Holding numbers

    Is it possible to check a farms holding number vs an address or is this information not in the public domain ?
  16. Ceri

    Injectable wormer qure for lambs with Gid..?

    Any1 done this or anything else to right lambs with Gid.....? Had 10-15 go down with it & it's going to be a while before they're fit to go to slaughter..... They're fine atm but not right if u know wat I mean. Vets confirmed it Friday. We worm our dogs frequently but guessing it's come from...
  17. V

    Dosing ewes after lambing options

    I’ve just started inside lambing 🙈 ewes were fluke doses with closantol based drench after scanning at new year. Ewes have been inside a month now give or take. Years ago we would lamb bit later well into March and ewes would get a wormer normally zermex drench before turnout with lambs . This...
  18. neilo

    Heamonchus ! Advice & experience wanted.

    It seems that we, along with several folk in the area, have got a heamonchus challenge from somewhere (nothing comes on here without Zolvix, so how did it get here? :scratchhead: ). Everything has been grazing roots and off (contaminated?) grass since New Year, so not shedding any more eggs...
  19. J

    Poorly dog

    Sorry not sure when the best place to post to ask for advice was but a bit desperate now On Thursday I had to rush my dog into the vets at about midday, having been totally fine 5 minutes before (ran up and down the driveway chasing the telehandler) he had got back in the yard and was violently...
  20. Daddy Pig

    Anybody lost a Fendt.

    I spotted a 18 plate Fendt in a layby on the A303 eastbound about a mile west of Winterbourne Stoke at 4.00 yesterday morning, Its still there now, struck me as a bit odd.