1. ilovebalingtoo

    Regerative grazing sheep breed?

    What breeds of sheep would suit a regenerative grazing approach, obviously a shedder but is an easycare the answer or something like a wiltshire horn more suitable for a hardy type grazer of more rough pasture?
  2. spin cycle

    covid recovery

    got the dreaded lerg....3 days in.....know there's a lot of variables but how long did you take to get back to work i have flu like symptoms....worked wednesday and felt bad....gave up trying to work thursday.....just tested on off chance today and 'bang' :(
  3. Janet Hughes Defra

    Sustainable Farming Incentive is open for applications

    Good afternoon all, I wanted to let you know that we've opened the Sustainable Farming Incentive for applications today. You can find a summary of what's available in this initial rollout here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/a-summary-of-the-sfi-in-2022 - we'll be expanding the scheme to cover...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Sheep farmers on worm red alert as wet and warm weather persist

    Written by Bernie Commins from Agriland Sheep farmers are being advised to be on their guard against nematodirus and stomach worms as warm and wet weather cause egg counts to spike. Sheep farmer, Tom Carlisle, from Skipton, North Yorkshire, saw nematodirus egg counts in his lambs reach 770...
  5. hendrebc

    More cows?

    Am I the only one considering keeping more suckler cows?
  6. unlacedgecko

    Farm Vendor Finance

    Thoughts of the collective?
  7. B

    Sucklers on hay

    Usually feed cows ad lib baleage. Salt licks right through then lifeline crumb on feed about 2 weeks pre and right through calving. Looking at making more hay this time due to cost of wrap. Thinking hay until new year then switch to baleage. What would people feed with it? Would be medium to...
  8. Bokey

    Save less and borrow more!

    Just heard the word recession for first time on main stream media forecast for later this year their advice is spend all your money quickly and borrow as much as you can! Just told ma dad I want to spend spend spend en he don't seem to keen😒
  9. casemx 270

    Lack of insects

    I see they keep banging on about insect decline when out on the sprayer especially with a flowering spray on the osr ( no insecticide) I saw plenty of insects and butterflies .
  10. L

    Am I mad !

    Would really like to go back to using these. Once only treatment. No issues for soils or insects and they have worked well here in the past. but the price !!! ☹️
  11. T

    Scour in lambs

    Anyone had this issue ? Best treatments ?
  12. Agriland RSS

    Mild weather prompts nematodirus warning for sheep farmers

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland The rise in temperature in recent days means there is an increased risk to lambs hatching nematodirus, according to the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group. Nematodirus is a disease cause by Nematodirus battus, a parasite found in...
  13. A

    Heptavac lambs

    How long after lambing do you leave lambs till they get their first heptavac injection. Thanks.
  14. C

    Vet threat.

    Farmers will get free veterinarian visits as part of a Brexit dividend, the Environment Secretary will announce this week. Annual check-ups for two to three hours will be paid for by the Government and will cover cattle, sheep and pigs. George Eustice told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Too often...
  15. hally

    Watery mouth prevention

    Last 25 years we have used Terramycin pills for prevention of watery mouth, all triplets and weaker lambs but vet can’t source these now so has given us a 100ml bottle of spectam but due to the shortage we have to keep taking it back to get it refilled !!!!! This we be a pain as we have more...
  16. V

    Dosing ewes after lambing options

    I’ve just started inside lambing 🙈 ewes were fluke doses with closantol based drench after scanning at new year. Ewes have been inside a month now give or take. Years ago we would lamb bit later well into March and ewes would get a wormer normally zermex drench before turnout with lambs . This...
  17. D

    Hare and buzzard

    Saw something I've never seen before this morning. A hare and a buzzard having a fight. Think the buzzard came off worst. Nature - red in tooth and claw.
  18. neilo

    Heamonchus ! Advice & experience wanted.

    It seems that we, along with several folk in the area, have got a heamonchus challenge from somewhere (nothing comes on here without Zolvix, so how did it get here? :scratchhead: ). Everything has been grazing roots and off (contaminated?) grass since New Year, so not shedding any more eggs...
  19. H

    Sheep possibly exposed to scab.

    Neighbour unfortunately has got scab, a good chance some of mine have come into contact. Looking at giving them cydectin 2%, just wondering how high a risk there is if causing worm resistance with a one off treatment? Have used foot vax in the past so 1% is out Would struggle to find clean...
  20. D

    How long before shed worm eggs hatch?

    Edited to get to the point. If a worm egg is passed by a sheep how long before the egg hatches & can be picked up by another sheep. Guess weather is very important.