1. Banana Bar

    Fendt or Fastrac

    On a 6000lt trailed sprayer. Either 724 or 4220? BB
  2. Banana Bar

    Self propelled to Trailed

    Who has gone from a self propelled sprayer to a trailed unit? We are currently spraying just over 4000 ac of mainly cereals with beet, beans, peas and some dreadful OSR. Mix would normally be 2/3 winter crops 1/3 spring. Almost all hanslope series clay with undulations rather than hills. We also...
  3. Farm Classifieds

    2010 Chafer Sentry 6000L 30M

    2010 Chafer Sentry 6000L 30M Advert added by: Rob Witherow @RobW Machinery Details Category: Sprayers Trailed sprayers Price: £20500 Condition: Good Description Chafer Sentry 30 metre boom, 6000L tank. 2010, bought directly from Chafer in 2018. 600/60 R38...
  4. Michelle_Nuttall

    Webinar: Tyres, Traction & Compaction

    AHDB Webinar: Tyres, Traction & Compaction Wed, May 6, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Speakers: Harry Henderson, AHDB and Stephen Lamb, Bridgestone Register here. In this session we will be looking at tyre technology and soil compaction, focusing on: • Tyre Choice • Benefits of a VF (Gen3)...
  5. Farm Classifieds

    Michelin Xeobib 710/60 R38 on 8 stud Valtra rims

    Michelin Xeobib 710/60 R38 on 8 stud Valtra rims Advert added by: JB Tyres Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £ Condition: Excellent Description Michelin pair of Xeobibs on Valtra Rims 8 Stud 95% tread taken off for a larger set...
  6. Colliedog

    Setting suspension accumulator pressures for the perfect ride.

    *Whilst this post is based around the CNH Terraglide 1 system the principle is the same for all hydraulic suspensions and the discussion is open for various machines.* I have heard from many people that the latest Terraglide on the newer 4B tractors works very well but I think its fair to say...
  7. D

    710/60r38 ??

    Hi, Is it just Michelin that are common in this size or are other brands fitted regularly as well? — Anyone got one 710/60 or a pair sitting that would sell? [email protected] Or text 07702 421 638
  8. MX7

    Floatation tractor tyres used back in the 70’s?

    As above what were they called who made them? I suppose nowadays tractors are so big the above tyres would be cost prohibitive and practically prohibitive due to their width on public highways.
  9. F

    Looking for a pair of 710/60r34

    Hello, was wondering if any one had a pair of second hand 710/60r34, thinking of putting on in place of 520/70r38 for sowing etc without having to chance the fronts, thanks!
  10. shumungus

    Michelin Xeobib vs BKT Agrimax V-Flecto

    Anyone any experience / thoughts.
  11. Scrambler

    Which 650/65 38 tyres to choose?

    It's a rare event for me to have to replace any tractor tyres, but the original fit Continental 650/65 38's on my JD 6830 have started to crack on the inside and will soon need to be swapped. Looking on-line I can see some tyres have the prefix IF or VP and claim to be able to run significantly...
  12. its.... only me

    MF 7700 series rear wheel weights.

    Is anybody running two weights per wheel on 7700 series - on 650/65 x 42 tyre. A rep. told me he wouldn’t advise on that - or 620/70 x 42 ? We are currently running one/ wheel
  13. ZXR17

    Self propelled sprayer tyres

    Some advice please . I have a Househam AR 3000 that came on Trelleborg flotations which looked great , big wide cleats with a diamond pattern in the centre and so lots of rubber on the ground but basically it is a trailer tyre and not a driven tyre . The only problem is that our ground is all...
  14. M


    Has anyone got a set of part worn 710/60 r38 xeobibs?
  15. Jetemp

    In furrow ploughing on 710s

    Hi All looking for some advice on putting 710 tyres in furrow. Gregoire Besson plough hrpw7 I think! should I be looking at furrow wideners or collapsing the furrow wall etc? Heavy land so will take a lot to fill the furrow after it’s been squashed with the wide tyre! would normally plough on...
  16. bigrigg150

    big wide flotation terra wheels and tyres.

    Very soft ground conditions here at the min and alot of full slurry stores. I am looking for a big set of flotation tyres etc to fit a jd 150r then we can go and help a few people out. Can you get terra tyres to fit a john deere 150r? or are they a thing of the past? will they be fit for 50k...
  17. Henry B

    Bateman RB35 flotation tyres

    We are running our RB35 (with 36m VG boom) on 710/55/30 floatations but find it treads a bit heavy, has anyone fitted any bigger tyres successfully? We weighed it empty today, the bridge said it was 9.5t
  18. JR.

    Gear ratios for tyre options

    Hello all. I am trying to work out my options for tyre pairings on my T7210 AC. With the JD tractors the book gives you a calculation to work out what wheel pairings you can have and what the tolerance with rolling circumference variation is, because obviously not all tyres have the same RC but...
  19. shumungus

    Vulcanising a VF tyre.

    Your thoughts please, would Vulcanising the sidewall on one of these ever be a job with the amount of flexing involved?
  20. GreaseMonkey

    BKT Agrimax Sirio

    Has anyone any experience of these or have any knowledge on them? They seem a cheap option, which isn’t always a good thing! We’re looking at getting some new boots for our T7040 and wondered if anyone had tried these as an option? Many thanks in advance.