1. Bigjon44

    Anyone bought fert

    As per the title.new prices are out.anyone committed to buying any yet or is people holding back?
  2. R

    NPK Specialists anyone?

    Good day all, I hope you are all well. I came across this website after stumbling around for the last week trying to figure something out and was wondering if I could post a question to the experts. I come from a farming country where there are many row crops grown. In my country there are two...
  3. Agriland RSS

    Yara cuts ties with suppliers linked to Russian sanctions

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland Yara said that it has stopped all sourcing from suppliers linked to Russian sanctioned entities and persons. The Norwegian company, which is a major global fertiliser producer, said that it is using its global sourcing, production and distribution...
  4. B

    Sulphur use in arable systems

    Is anyone successfully getting good yield responses without the need to use Nitrogen with added Sulphur. Farmyard manure, Digestate and Sewage Sludge all rotationally applied pre drilling
  5. casemx 270

    Micro nutrients

    Working on the basis that a healthy crop is the best way forward I hear of people using mirco nutrients on their crops thinking mainly of wheat and osr what products do you use and can you actually see a difference between treated and non treated to justify the application ? Currently we do use...
  6. bovrill

    MB Trac imports

    I saw these two fresh off a ship earlier, looking a bit worse for wear: I spoke to the bloke checking them over, and he reckoned he'd seen several of them coming into the country recently. They've obviously been used (and abused) as tugs rather than agricultural, no linkage or hitch, just a...
  7. Agriland RSS

    Yara considers stock market listing for clean ammonia business

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland Yara International ASA has today (Wednesday, May 4) announced that it is considering listing its clean ammonia business on the stock market. The company has retained the services of investment firms ABG Sundal Collier and J.P. Morgan to evaluate a...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Yara reports revenues of $16.6bn for 2021

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland Yara recorded revenues of $16.6 billion (€15.3 billion) for last year, according to the group's integrated financial report for 2021. The Norwegian company, which is a major fertiliser and crop nutrition producer, employs around 17,800 people and...
  9. W

    T1 winter wheat

    What are people using and when are you starting
  10. pappuller

    Maize 2022

    Thought I'd kick this off, what are peoples thoughts regarding seedbed feeding this year ? We are going to increase slurry and apply a foliar n product once the plant is growing.
  11. A

    Liquid fertiliser

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had any experience in liquid fertiliser. A salesman has tried to sell me it and if I’m honest I don’t know anything about it, and with him being a typical salesman it does sound very good and with fertiliser prices the way they are this year I was thinking of giving...
  12. Steevo

    Solid urea use restricted and to be regulated by Red Tractor

    Looks like the NFU have done a right number on arable farmers. https://www.nfuonline.com/updates-and-information/nfu-submits-response-to-defra-urea-fertiliser-consultation/?utm_source=b310322&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bulletin Use of solid urea is now due to be regulated by Red Tractor...
  13. Spudie

    Fertiliser app

    Is there any good apps about to work out fert for crop from soil test results?
  14. Nick.

    Adjusting fert spreader disc veins

    I’ve managed to put stripes in the wheat (yet again) despite phoning Amazone for the settings. 😡 So, I’ve ordered a tray test kit. But I can’t find any info on how to adjust the veins to even up spread. It’s thrown it too far. Surely it can’t be a case of trial and error. Running an Amazone...
  15. shumungus

    Simple pH test

    Lab seems to have lost my soil samples, need to crack on with work and need to know pH of block of land. Have a calibrated optical pH meter for checking water for the chooks and was thinking is it just a matter of mixing some soil samples with distilled water and checking for a simple farmgate...
  16. S

    K use this year

    What are thoughts for K use this season. We have generally good levels, mostly in the moderate range, some high and some in the low category. With the price of MOP at the moment I am toying with not putting any on cereals this year and saving what was earmarked for that for next year on carrots...
  17. TheEarlOfMoray

    Origin fert

    Drilling spring barley with origin fert for a customer today. God it’s crap, every bag is sticky lumpy Solid dusty rubbish. For the sake of £20 a ton or so stick to Yara. Rant over
  18. Clive

    A new high in agricultural corruption has been achieved

    So recently appointed deputy president of the NFU Tom Bradshaw who recent was tasked in leading a ”independant” NFU consultation into Red Tractor has been appointed to the Red Tractor board it’s almost buying believe this, the conflict of interest is huge, frankly it’s corrupt the timing is...
  19. Wynnstay

    Fertiliser Update for March 2022 - By Dave Mitchell, Fertiliser Manager at Wynnstay

    With the terrible events in Ukraine unfolding before our eyes, the consequences are being felt immediately at home. The Boss of Yara, Svein Tore Holsether has warned in a BBC interview that the situation could get even tougher and has spoken of the Ukraine war as ‘catastrophic for global food’...
  20. Badshot

    SFI pilot

    Well I have had it with this now. Emails still aren't coming to me direct, so I am missing some fairly important ones I think. The amount of nonsensical rubbish coming out is overwhelming, there's nobody listening to us when we ask questions, utter shambles. The rewards do not add up at...