1. N

    which compound fertiliser

    anyone know if its possible to buy a compound containing P + K + S? or just P + S ? can buy 0:26:26 or TSP or K&S or N&P&K&S
  2. Farm Business RSS

    Strong industry support for Grassland & Muck 2020

    Written by John Swire With stand space selling out fast and an impressive line-up of sponsors and partners, Grassland & Muck 2020 is set to be the biggest and best yet. Taking place at Ragley Estate on 20-21 May, the event has already sold out over 70% of stands, with all the leading machinery...
  3. teslacoils

    CTL Use-by Date?

    When is the useup date for CTL?
  4. M

    MF 135 vs MF250

    Afternoon Everyone Im after a bit of advice needed on tractor selection. Ive read through almost all the similar posts on this forum and have come to the decision between the two machines in the title. Basically ive got approx 15 acre at the moment to do a bit of hobby farming , haymaking...
  5. S

    Polyhalite in potatoes

    Interested in the veiws/experiences of others here. Assuming I'm crazy enough to keep growing bloody potatoes....... Polyhalite is fairly well priced and contains K, Mg, So3 and Ca. The calcium element interests me particularly - in many cases I think it is an underrated nutrient in potatoes...
  6. R

    Crops after Flooding

    Hi All Am looking to see if any of you have suffered the same problem and have found an answer ? I have a market garden in Kent During the early hours of Monday 30th September The river over topped causing flooding to my main Vegetable growing field of about 2.5 acres. When day light came we...
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    Yara Q3 profit up despite lower deliveries

    Written by Jamie Day Norwegian multinational fertiliser manufacturer Yara International has reported an increased operating profit on slightly lower revenues from its third quarter trading. The company made an operating income of $314 million on revenues of $3.49 billion in the quarter ended...
  8. Cows 'n grass

    Negotiation on tractor quotes

    I'm a dairy farmer who doesn't like machinery a lot so doesn't buy a lot. My main tractor is up for renewal and I have been gathering a few quotes. How much groom for manoeuvre is there on new tractor quotes. 0,5,10% ? I'm assuming there's some? Do you normally get more for your money by...
  9. David.

    Liquid fert, is it worth it small farm?

    Lot around here doing it this way, and to be fair, their crops tend to look better than ours in April, particularly in a dry time. Just idly wondering if it would ever repay the setup costs on 240ac of arable.
  10. kevindb880

    Drilling anyone?

    Just north of Hertford, We managed to get 20 acres in last week but nothing since and now it’s really wet! Anyone else got anything in the ground?
  11. CropTec

    CropTec 2019 - November 27th and 28th

    Welcome to the CropTec Show thread on The Farming Forum. Here we will announce what you can expect at the show and what seminars and hubs will be available. CropTec is the leading technical event in the arable calendar showcasing new technology, innovation and knowledge exchange within farming...
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    Yara and Nel commit to developing clean hydrogen

    Written by John Swire In an agreement signed last month, Yara and Nel confirm their shared ambition of developing clean hydrogen which would allow Yara to realise low carbon footprint fertiliser production. The project is based on Nel’s development of new water electrolyser technology that...