1. Jack Russell

    GRP Fertiliser tank cleaning

    Who is the firm that Yara uses to move and clean their fert tanks? The name has gone out of my mind and I just can’t remember.
  2. DrDunc

    TFF promoting carbon capture rip off

    Just received an email from TFF promoting a company who want to sell farm carbon credits to big industry. What a bàstard rip off company! Why are TFF promoting companies like this? On the company's website they give an example of the annual income expected from sales. The annual fee they take...
  3. same crap different day

    Seaweed with bio n fertiliser

    Edwards Advanced Seaweed with BioN. Hi anybody bought or used this product yet ? , seems to be all over Fakebook according to my younger members of staff who are constantly going on about it 🤦‍♂️🤔🤣🤣
  4. Agriland RSS

    Yara reports rise in fourth quarter earnings

    Written by Stella Meehan from Agriland Yara has today (Tuesday, February 8, 2022) reported improved fourth-quarter results as increases in prices more than offset the impact of higher energy cost. Fourth-quarter earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA)...
  5. Gormers

    Manganese deficiency

    Anyone thinking about putting some on this time of year…too early or not…(W Barley)
  6. dontknowanything

    Moving fibreglass fertiliser tanks

    Does anyone know a company who can move these tanks, in the 40-50m3 size range? We have had them from Yara before, but I don't know what hauliers they use. Also, ideally, they would be able to clean the tanks too?
  7. L

    CAN Fert

    This year the only N fertiliser I could get hold of at the time from my preferred source was CAN 27N 12SO3. Having never used this before and seeing the fact that it’s made up of two types of N (one of which is readily available and one that apparently takes 2 or 3 weeks to convert) does it need...
  8. ajd132

    Tablet For staff

    Got some yara points to spend and need to get a couple tablets for the farm. I was thinking just a standard Amazon fire, cheap and the kids ones seem okay. Cheap to replace if break. Just need it to pair with a phone 4g signal and run Greenlight grower for application records on the web browser...
  9. cousinjack

    Anyone good with numbers ?? Can you explain this to me ?

    Two charts taken from farmers guardian. I get the idea of what they are trying to say…. I just can’t see where the actual figures come from ??
  10. Farm Business RSS

    First commercial agreement for fossil free fertilisers signed by Yara and Lantmännen

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Yara and Lantmännen are the first companies to sign a commercial agreement to bring fossil free fertilisers to market. Produced with renewable energy, they are crucial for decarbonizing the food chain and offering consumers more sustainable food choices...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Yara to wind-down sourcing of potash from Belarus

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland Fertiliser giant, Yara, has announced today (January 10) that it is to wind down its sourcing of potash from Belarus. The Norwegian company said the move follows supply-chain issues as a result of sanctions currently placed on the country. Last...
  12. B

    Soil analysis service recommendations please

    Need some soil testing, who is best?
  13. B

    Fertiliser Tank Pad

    Good afternoon all, Just after some advice regarding a liquid fertiliser tank pad. I am due to receive 2 x 50m3 tanks for the spring, and currently looking to install the pad to situate the tanks on. Just wondering what depth of reinforced concrete and hardcore people have used? we are on a...
  14. Direct Driller Magazine

    Challenging autumn weather underlines the need to tailor crop establishment approach to prevailing conditions

    Written by Jeff Claydon Establishing winter wheat on the Claydon farm during October with the new 6m Claydon Evolution 6 mounted drill. Despite a stop-start harvest and the very changeable weather which followed, Suffolk farmer Jeff Claydon was able to establish all the planned area of...
  15. jh.

    Direct Driller lime article

    Trying to get my head around this . Surface area "Per metric ton" , so what rate of prilled would be needed to match a ground rate of 5ton a hec. Never used prilled so no idea on how much a ton even costs compared to a bulk wagon tipped for a lime spreader but surely the cost of a prilled...
  16. CORK

    Variable rate N

    Hi all, I’d like to hear what people’s experiences have been like with variable rate N. I’ve been looking at the Yara Atfarm system and it looks quite accessible for the likes of me (not into too much tech and not farming 1000’s of acres). I’m not looking at this because of the current N...
  17. le bon paysan

    Power demand surges

    Norwegian fertilizer producer Yara International, which curbed output earlier this year, said it would continue to monitor the situation closely and curtail production where necessary https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-12-21/energy-crunch-sends-european-electricity-prices-to-fresh-record
  18. C


    I am looking to buy into Frontier's Soyl/iSoyl, mainly to move towards applying liquid nitrogen at variable rates. Does anyone have any experience with this service? How well does it work? I have an Amazone UF-02 bought 1 year ago with an Amatron 4 screen, will a link up to this be seamless?
  19. Agriland RSS

    Agriculture 4.0 breaks the surface at LAMMA

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Agriculture 4.0 is the term now being given to the wave of digital technology which, we are informed, is going to revolutionise the way that land is farmed. Whether this school of thought is quite the same as the general label ‘Precision Ag’ is...
  20. S

    Foliar N

    Would it be possible to use only foliar in order to make the most of expensive nitrogen? As I understand it is way more efficient but is it possible supply all this way? Looking to apply 170 kg N/ha. Thanks