1. C


    I am looking to buy into Frontier's Soyl/iSoyl, mainly to move towards applying liquid nitrogen at variable rates. Does anyone have any experience with this service? How well does it work? I have an Amazone UF-02 bought 1 year ago with an Amatron 4 screen, will a link up to this be seamless?
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    Agriculture 4.0 breaks the surface at LAMMA

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Agriculture 4.0 is the term now being given to the wave of digital technology which, we are informed, is going to revolutionise the way that land is farmed. Whether this school of thought is quite the same as the general label ‘Precision Ag’ is...
  3. S

    Foliar N

    Would it be possible to use only foliar in order to make the most of expensive nitrogen? As I understand it is way more efficient but is it possible supply all this way? Looking to apply 170 kg N/ha. Thanks
  4. A

    Trimble greenseeker

    Hi all, with the price of fertiliser been where it is and trying to use it more efficiently, is anyone using the handheld Trimble greenseeker to assess the health of a plant and determine how much nitrogen the crop needs? If so do you think it is a good tool, and saving you nitrogen? Tia
  5. Farfrae

    The Organised Takedown of the Global Fertiliser Supply?

    I've commented previously about how much of what is going on (from a Covid 'pandemic' that isn't really a pandemic to 'zero carbon') in the world is part of an organised plan to bring abbout 'The Great Reset' as proposed by Klaus Schwab in his book of the same name. Obviously I get much derision...
  6. J

    Milk price for next spring/summer

    What is everyone's crystal ball saying for next year, is it unrealistic at this point to expect a minimum of 35ppl? Pushing towards 40ppl? Considering arla are already at 33.5 and saputo only a penny behind with milk as short as it is and I think from what I'm hearing that's only going to get...
  7. G

    Yara says food crisis coming

    The truth is out
  8. S

    How is agriculture going to get net zero by 2040?

    It's what being advocates by farming leaders. Tell me how to do it.
  9. S

    Foliar nitrogen feeds

    Anybody used these before, Agri have one and 20litres/ha is 40kg/ha. Equivalent to around £400/ton fert price..
  10. Bossfarmer

    how much are you REDUCING N rates????

    With the current explosion in fert prices how much N is everyone putting on their Spring barley and wheat and how much do they plan to reduce it to this year? Spring barley 2020 139kg N/ha 2021 112kg N/ha wheat 2020 215kg N/ha 2021 175kg N/ha
  11. W

    Liquid fert prices?

    What are you liquid boys being quoted?
  12. Clive

    CF Nitrogen production?

    The 3 weeks of government aid are nearly over, gas prices are even higher now than when they last shut down what happens next ? Looking at the global picture there is going to be massive N shortages fir 2022 crop, that’s going to really hit world wheat stocks time to buy 2023 futures ...
  13. C

    Potato Prices.

    Now that the AHDB potato council has been kicked into touch, does the Forum have a place in providing a resource for price information?
  14. Kevtherev

    Agriculture as we know it

    Reading media reports and Facebook posts about tree planting and alternatives to meat on a daily basis. Vegan and save the earth types gathering huge momentum as every week goes on. Are we facing what can only be described as a farming endangerment? Could we as a switched on farming group on...
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    Forage harvesters – Go forth and forage

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Grass and forage crops continue to gain popularity among arable farmers for their soil enhancing, weed suppressing and biodiversity encouraging properties, with many now using the cut as a fuel for anaerobic digesters. CPM looks at the latest trends...
  16. D

    Ad Blue buying options

    Now running 2 bits of kit with Ad Blue. Having 1000 litre IBC on site feels excessive but the 20 litre options are probably an expensive way of doing things. what other options are out there in between and how are they transferred - gravity?
  17. G

    Wheat into orbit

    Up£3.75 today!!!
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    Soil health and regenerative techniques to take centre stage in this year’s CropTec Show seminars

    Written by Administrator from Farming Monthly National With growers in the midst of a tumultuous time in British farming, this year’s CropTec Show seminar programme will examine the building blocks for a sustainable arable farming future. CropTec’s acclaimed seminar programme returns for 2021...
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    Act now to moderate the impact of rising fertiliser prices

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The implications of the substantial hike in fertiliser prices are likely to last well into next season according to consultancy business Promar International. “We are seeing a perfect storm for fertiliser prices with a number of factors combining...
  20. A

    Going to have a Swale of a time! (I hope)

    So, rightly or wrongly, I've bought (well on behalf of my boss) 195 Swale ewes to replace a portion of my NCC flock. Gathered up next to the loading banks at Kendal yesterday. Had a grand day down south, prices up about £20 on the year but managed to get some that I liked for for an average of...