1. DanielKindred

    YEN Nutrition - Grain analysis

    Since 2020 the routine use of grain analysis has been recommended in RB209 as a core part of good nutrient management. The service is now offered by NRM and LanCrop labs and through ADAS' YEN Nutrition network. To get involved in YEN Nutrition visit
  2. Bogweevil

    UK farm productivity - ADAS Presentation to Parliamentary group

    How to raise UK farm productivity - God, this is going to get some people on here going: High yields are possible on most farms −Yields strongly influenced by ‘Farm Factor’ • It’s less about what you spend, more about … ‘Attention to Detail’ • High yields associated with − Wheat crops with more...
  3. mwramsden

    Testing Ideas for enhancing yields

    Do you have an idea you'd like to test for improving crop performance? Would you like to know the impact of different management options on your farm? ADAS are currently running a YEN Yield Testing Project, funded by the EIP-Agri (through DEFRA) until 2020. The project supports YEN entrants in...