1. MX7

    Rotary combine vs hy brid performance in Winter/Spring Barley?

    Is the performance of Rotary Combines, egCase Axial Flow better than Hy brid combines eg Claas Lexion APS Hybrid System? Another words do Rotaries have less sieve /rotary losses when dealing with Barley , Oats etc that create a lot of straw for the separation system to deal with.?
  2. Daniel

    Arable farmers, is it essential that……

    When you get your Lexion out of the shed you have to state something portentous on Twitter such as: ‘Winter barley is a go’ A go? What is this mangling of the language? The correct phrase surely, is something like ‘harvest has commenced’ Alternatively: ‘The barley isn’t quite fit but we’re...
  3. H

    Cars overtaking while waiting to turn right

    Why do continually overtake tractors indicating right and waiting to turn off. Today with a 200hp tractor and 3000 gallon tank on the back had to stop and wait for 5 cars to overtake me before I could turn right into field. Next run I was stopped waiting for on coming traffic to clear so I...
  4. jackrussell101

    Wholecrop to dry cows?

    Does anyone on here do it? Grown it for the first time in years. Usually feed 18kg grass, 2-3kg straw and then just some standard dry cow mineral at 0.1kg a head. Would I simply replace the straw and some of the silage with the wholecrop to make the ration work?
  5. Clive

    Winter Barley yields 2021

    So i see quite a few combines are rolling now in the uk ? how’s it yielding so far ? would be helpful to others to add some context - variety, location and areas etc maybe ?
  6. W

    The perfect storm

    Canada burning up. Vast areas of the USA in drought. Germany water logged. Mice plague in Oz. Possible El Niño effect 2021. None existant U.K. stocks of cereals due to poor harvest 20. Sterling value consistent. Could be the year to sit on 2021 harvest? £250/t feed wheat base?
  7. Agriland RSS

    Details of Northern Ireland’s new bovine TB strategy revealed

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Proposals for a long-term bovine TB (bTB) Eradication Strategy for Northern Ireland (NI) have finally been revealed. Minister for Agriculture, Edwin Poots described the medley of proposals as a “combined approach” and announced his preferred measures to...
  8. CPM RSS

    Cover crops deliver multiple benefits to vining pea production, PGRO trials show

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Vining peas can yield up to 1.5t/ha more if they are planted after a cover crop, work carried out by the Processors and Growers Research Organisation and the Green Pea Company (GPC) has shown. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Increased soil...
  9. V

    Winter barley v spring barley

    I’ve 30 acres been in permanent grass for years needing freshened up. Given feed price and straw prices I’m thinking I should put some barley in and produce something of my own. My thoughts on winter v spring is I will have crop off far earlier than spring stuff to get a reseed put in plus my...
  10. Farm Business RSS

    Plan cash flow now to avoid feed cost issues

    Written by Lydia Turner from Farm Business Soaring feed costs mean dairy farmers need to be careful when planning cash flow to avoid pinch points over the next six months. According to agricultural bank Oxbury, feed comprises one of the greatest input costs on dairy units, with higher yielding...
  11. Farm Business RSS

    What the Sustainable Farming Incentive could mean for livestock farmers

    Written by Iain Hoey from Farm Business With the process of reduction, and eventual elimination, of direct payments underway, the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has been put together a ‘very simplistic picture’ of what this means for farmers and growers, and how it...
  12. chaffcutter

    Straw in the swath, auction results 2021

    Hi, anyone selling straw this harvest, what's the market like where you are?
  13. T

    Osr 2021

    Just had a cheeky look at some neighbours osr as thought from a distance it looked like it was starting to turn . Well not yet out of a few stems i counted 230 pods that had set and only 87 that i would say will still have harvestable seed full of pod midge i don 't think it is going to be a...
  14. Agriland RSS

    Dairy Focus: Prevention better than cure in Co. Antrim

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland In this week’s Dairy Focus, Agriland made the trip to meet the McLean family on their dairy farm near Straid, Co. Antrim. Roy, his wife and their six children are currently milking 85 to 90 mainly Holstein Friesian cows, supplying milk all year-round...
  15. Bury the Trash

    ....for sowing within the next week what best for sheep ?

    For winter, bit later use. Not bought seed yet but...Redstart ? Always get on well it . could add a bit of Italian but might need to spray out potential wild oats if they come :unsure:
  16. B

    There,s no profit in beans

    I would like to grow winter beans on a small scale (20 acres) but I need a drill, many years ago people used to use carrier ? drills, I think Are they still around for modest money?, I know they can be spun on and ploughed in but dont really want to do it.
  17. glow worm

    Non farming conversation

    Anyone else lost the ability to have a 'normal' conversation in a non farming environment after a years lockdown in isolation, or is it just me?! Visit to Docs etc .. for the life of me, when asked the question, I can only think of pee, p*ss or sh*t ....... urine or faeces totally elude me...
  18. Vader

    Destroying immunity...?

    Just an idle thought. A farmer i knew was going to go high health status on herd. Started with jonas testing. 1/4 of the herd came back with high results and recommended culling. He culled most, but few of his best he did not and kept them isolated on a different farm. Had then tested year...
  19. N

    looking to purchase, need advice

    hi all, I am looking to diversify my portfolio, and considering buying farmland, to rent out, not to try and achieve 'the good life' I am currently a residential landlord, who my tenants would consider a nice guy. (am sure we all do!!) so, long story short, is it worth investing in land, be...