1. The Ruminant

    Forage rye for grazing

    I'm a forage rye novice and looking for advice on varieties to graze (winter / early spring). Humboldt is the go-to varierty, I'm told, but I understand it's out of stock. I've been offered Dukato, which is listed as a 'population rye', the info sheet gives no details on its grazing potential...
  2. Z

    Wheat variety for this autumn

    Possibly looking for new one this year if I can get seed, got kerrin and skyscraper but not sure about the skyscraper. Doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the kerrin. Won’t ditch either but thinking of speeding the risk a little.
  3. kevindb880

    Spring Barley regrowth

    We are going to cut some Planet spring barley today, the moisture was 12.5% yesterday so it’s pretty dry but there is a heck of a lot of regrowth. We could end up with a lot of Green grains in the tank. What’s the best thing to do with it? Put on the floor in a heap and blow with cool air? Or...
  4. Wheat

    BYDV tolerant varieties

    I keep reading about BYDV tolerant Wheat and Barley varieties, but from what I can see the majority of the recommended list do not fall into this camp. I am aware there are one or two resistant varieties in the pipeline, and even now being grown commercially, but is the any tolerance in...
  5. stablegirl

    Mineral premix

    Each morning like a lot of you do we add a bag of this and a bag of that to the ration, but even as the cow numbers go up and down we still use 1 bag of this or half a bag of that which doesn't seem very accurate. Ive tried doing a premix in the past with a months worth of all these...
  6. nick...


    Ok,who has grown it,winter linseed that is.whats it like,easy to grow etc,any or many downfalls.got a flier come in this months arable farming.woukd be a decent break crop. Nick...
  7. B

    Grass only milking

    any one feeding no meal to milking cows while out at grass pro and cons
  8. beardface

    Ideal combine

    Anyone running one this year. 2 I know of locally. Both reports not good. Crap in barley, crap in rape and both needed major work before harvest. Brother spoke to a lad who worked for agco and he said they had been released a couple years too soon without enough testing. Safe to say I don't...
  9. bluegreen

    JOHN DEERE X9 Challenge

    So hows it going then? I haven't heard a peep as of yet. The Doubleday video of one munching through rape at an indecent pace was very impressive, but is it a better Combine than some formidable rival machines. Anyone had one on demo?
  10. Hereward

    Arable offer, do options have to be rotated or can they be in the same place for the full five years

    For the Mid Tier arable offer, I'm confused as to whether options such as AB9 can be in the same place for five years or must they be rotated? The wording says "on whole or part parcels in rotation on:" I'm confused!
  11. Bossfarmer

    Grass OR muck for grain yield??

    just curious as to peoples thoughts here im currently running 200 sucklers and followers plus stores and sheep on 500 acres of grass 220 silage/280 grazing im looking for some poorer ground to buy/rent for grazing the stock as its arable ground theyre on which could be growing a crop, the only...
  12. Northeastfarmer

    Wool...what will you do with yours...

    Burn it Keep it till next year Sell it well it looks like it’s worthless what are people doing with theirs?
  13. Bogweevil

    Previously no one could tell you what a good level of organic matter for a particular soil was...

    Interesting... Scientists led by Rothamsted Research have developed an easy to use ‘soil health’ measure that shows for the first time that 38% of arable soils in England and Wales are degraded. This is compared with less than 7% of grassland and woodland soils being given the same rating...
  14. Corteva Updates

    Follow the label when using Forefront T

    Follow the label when using Forefront T Farmers using Forefront T to control perennial weeds such as docks, thistles, ragwort and nettles to turn infested pasture back into productive grassland, must remember treatment comes with certain obligations. “Forefront T must only be used in fields...
  15. Bury the Trash

    Subterranean Clover.

    Sub clover .....anyone got it growing in uk ? Can commercial seed even be purchased in this country ? Also would it be a useful companion to Lucerne.. ? ?..........
  16. Kevtherev

    Grass Renovation thread

  17. Macsky

    Reintroduction of business rates on land and buildings

    What are the chances of this happening to increase revenue post covid? Ive heard that that this could be the case, 50% of farm rental value + buildings value.