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    Insiders View – Yields to rival the rest

    Written by cpm As advances in breeding accelerate the yield potential of conventional barley varieties, a new offering from Senova looks to be hot on the heels of some of the top hybrids. CPM reviews Bordeaux. Varieties like Bordeaux are closing the yield gap between conventional and hybrids...
  2. Farmer_1994

    “Grazing corn”

    Bmr tillering corn, 60 days from plant till harvest and yields 5-7 dm ton an acre. feed test from local farmer that tried it last year Thoughts?
  3. Bigjon44


    Anyone warrant doing a T3 this year? Growing skyfall and is a bit of yellow rust around so may do a cheapo one involving Tebuconazole
  4. jondear

    BBC started on Agricultural fertilizer.

  5. F

    Slurry separation

    Having just followed a trailer load of solids along the the road that were to be tipped in a field gateway it got me wondering what exactly the point of slurry separation is? It seems to me to just create yet another product to be handled and involves yet more machinery (separation unit, pumps...
  6. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Wet and cold May, plenty of corn and hay?

    Spring weather can indicate possible yields of our domestic wheat crop, which is expected to rebound for harvest 2021. With a wet and cold May, will the old farming adage provide the UK with plenty of corn and hay? In spring, winter wheat enters the construction phase of growth and this...
  7. Andyt880

    DD turnips into permanent pasture without glyphosate

    I am thinking of getting 4 acres of old grass land Direct drilled with turnips after second cut silage. Winters are wet here and land wouldn’t be the lightest but this would be one of my driest fields in winter. Never grazed a forage crop over winter here before. I am wondering would I get...
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    Tackling emissions through methane-busting masks for cows

    Written by Agriland Team A new strategic partnership aims to tackle methane emissions in the dairy industry – through the use of methane-reducing “masks” for cows. With a claimed emission reduction potential of 53%, this mask device “neutralises methane as cows exhale” – and is expected to...
  9. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Budgeting, why now and how can this benefit us?

    Why now is a good time to start Budgeting is a useful tool when growing grains and oilseeds. Calculating costs of production by tonne by crop type can help you understand at what price your crop could make a profit, and so help manage your cashflow. Perhaps the most important question is, why...
  10. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Get the most from wholecrop silage

    Northern England and Northern Ireland Feed out and flexibility Wholecrop silage is proving to be an option well worth considering for dairy, beef and youngstock diets. With a shift in weather patterns leading to unpredictability, maize growing is becoming more difficult. Wholecrop cereals...
  11. Jerry

    Variety breakdown

    How many years do you think a variety holds in for? Grown skyfall and Graham for a few years but skyfall is suffering from rust. What’s interesting is home saved skyfall is fairing better fresh C1 seed a seed contract. Graham is all home saved and little sign of rust. Note I’m in the SW so...
  12. ffukedfarmer

    Hay Making 2021

    Anyone made a start yet?!
  13. CPM RSS

    Warnings issued as a third of UK OSR crops could be at risk of TuYV

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham OSR growers are being urged to be aware of the risk from TuYV as results from a recent survey confirmed that a third of susceptible UK crops are infected, with severe implications on yields, according to plant breeders, Limagrain. Charlotte Cunningham reports...
  14. Chickcatcher

    Ear of Wheat in May

    I have one just in time
  15. W

    Blackgrass chemical attack

    I know there’s another general BG thread but this is just a particular question about chemicals. Basically what are your ‘chemical’ approaches to BG. We aren’t doing a proper job so looking for ideas please.
  16. Agriland RSS

    ‘Per plant farming’ with Tom, Dick and Harry

    Written by Justin Roberts ‘Per plant farming’ is the rationale that underlines the creation and ongoing development of the Small Robot Company based near Salisbury in the UK. Rather than look at a tractor and work out how to automate it, the company has started with the question of how...
  17. jerseycowsman

    Grass growth?

    Does anybody reckon their grass is growing at 150 or even 200 kg/dm a day. It wouldn’t surprise me, grass is so good at compensatory growth?
  18. Agriland RSS

    Fertiliser spreader checks should be prioritised to reap financial rewards

    Written by William Kellett Farmers not checking fertiliser spreaders pre-application could be losing up to £100/ha. This is the warning from Dale Shaw, machinery sales manager at Carrs Billington. He said: “With input prices on the rise across the board, farmers need to be considering how...
  19. Badshot

    Wtf EU RED audit.

    What a load of bollix.
  20. Farm Business RSS

    Strategies to make the most of late sown maize

    Written by John Swire There is still time to sow maize, despite the late cold spring and the wettest May for many years, but growers need to review their approach to minimise any potential yield reduction or decline in feed quality. A few changes to establishment could help ensure a more...