1. Clive

    Will Putin invade ?

    As the wheat prices seem almost completely dependant upon news about this right now which way does the crowd wisdom of TFF think things will go in the Ukraine ?
  2. Bury the Trash

    Tractor racing anyone ?

  3. Boomerang

    Are fendts really that good ??

    Or are they living on past glories.? A big outfit down the road runs several, including crawlers and heard that they have got through 11 new engines .two other farmers both had new engines 8n more than one that they own all these are In tractors no more than couple of years old . If this is...
  4. S

    To sell or not to sell?

    Bought a fendt 211 5 years ago for £45k. It’s done 1700 hours, driven by myself so it’s like new. Only used for planting 20 acres of spuds and then digging them. Finance clear from year 3. Priced same again at £72k. That’s an increase of 10% per annum. Dealer has offered me £45k for my old...
  5. J

    zetor 7341 parts

    Does anyone know of anywhere that I might get a second hand roof hatch (and possibly the rest of the roof as well) for this tractor?
  6. H

    Bomb proof tractor

    Looking for thoughts on a 100hp ish 4wd tractor, as few electronics as possible. Not new - prob around 20 to 30 years old. Basically something that can be fixed with a spanner and hammer - not a computer!!
  7. T

    What tractor for ploughing 15 acres?

    I have just purchased a property with 15 acres of land and am interested in growing crops (animal farming does not interest me). I know I could hire equipment / get contractors in, but I want to be as independent as possible. What tractor would people suggest I buy? Ideally I would like an...
  8. Gapples

    6 cylinder Zetor or Ursus

    Hi I've been asked by a mate who is not a member here if anyone has a 6 cylinder Zetor or Ursus lying around that would be for sale. Anything available I can pass on details. Thank you.
  9. radu

    Exporting machinery from UK to EU

    I am considering buying a used Bateman sprayer from UK. Besides the phitosanitary certificate, what other formalities are required? Will i be paying VAT or not (i didn't have to pay it before brexit)? P.S Anybody selling a good RB25 or 26 24m?
  10. T

    Zetor hand throttle slipping?

    My hand throttle keeps slipping on my zetor 6211. It feels very tight and I have to hold it up with cloth stuffed underneath. It was recently fixed by a mechanic however is acting up again and I can’t get through to him to find out the issue. No new parts were required so I guess it was...
  11. B

    How Do You Clean Your Tractor, Or Dont You?

    With the price of farm machinery getting more expensive by the day, it , in my opinion pays to try to look after it, if you are lucky to afford to by a brand new tractor, do you first, like me put seat covers on?, do you try to wash the outside of the tractor to keep it looking smart and stop...
  12. M

    Testing waters. 6 cyl zetor crystal wanted

    Hi guys . Im testing the waters to see if anyone knows of a 6 cylinder zetor crystal or ursus version for sale. I know lots were exported 10 or so years ago. But you do see them pop up now and again. Drop me a message if you have or know of anything Many thanks
  13. T

    Zetor 7211 cab heater?

    I recently fitted a new cab heater fan in my zetor 7211. The fan is working fine but blowing cold air. No heat at all. I’m unsure what to diagnose or look for. Any suggestions? I know many will maybe say coolant.
  14. S

    Ford 7810 breathing heavy but running ok!!!

    Another question..... the same guy that owns the Zetor with leaking front hubs owns a Ford 7810 that breathes very heavy but the odd things about is it uses hardly any oil and pulls good it is worked hard so the bores cannot be glazed there's 8000 hours on clock which is nothing but who knows if...
  15. roscoe erf

    so who was it

    bit of a mountain out of a mole hill story really https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/19838542.tractors-cause-traffic-winchester-road-romsey/?fbclid=IwAR3QXL81YEy7eE14ADIeUUtzBepFIAGhYJvsMid78FRJgfk-xJIZSBYlDjQ
  16. Janet Hughes Defra

    New information about local nature recovery and landscape recovery

    Morning all and happy new year. Further to the information we published about the Sustainable Farming Incentive in December (see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/sustainable-farming-incentive-how-the-scheme-will-work-in-2022), today we're publishing information about the 2 other new...
  17. BRB John

    Valtra vs Massey Vs Fendt

    Just been looking at Valtra's A series and G series and can't but help notice that there is significant similarities to Masseys 4700 series and the new 5S and it got me thinking about the structure of AGCO while I assume they will go the same way as CNH, SDF and Argo at some point it seems...
  18. Agriland RSS

    Machinery Focus: An extensive Lanz collection in Co. Kerry

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Quite what spurs somebody to gather together a collection of any one particular type or genre of tractor is often a matter of childhood experience. It was perhaps the enthusiasm of John O’Connor’s uncle for Lanz tractors that lies behind his lifelong...
  19. cousinjack

    Telehandler vs tractor for daily chores ?

    I have lately been wondering whether feeding up our cows every day with a telehandler is as efficient as it appears?? telehandlers by their very nature are fuel hungry with big engines, torque converters and heavy weights? With diesel going up as it is - I’m going to experiment with running...
  20. JCfarmer

    Power harrow pto speed and forward speed

    Most combi drills come with a hydraulic fan nowadays so no need to run the power harrow full pelt to run fan. Running the power harrow at a slower speed of say 600 (if conditions allow) would require more power or would be easier to drive allowing a faster forward speed?