1. M

    Tractor wanted.

    Evening, Im looking for a tractor. Preferably a massey, but would consider anything. Ideally needs to be between 80 and 100hp 4wd , 40k , with a loader A left hand shuttle preferred Would prefere tidy with good history than low hours Doesn't need to do much in the way of work, only have 50...
  2. Selectamatic

    Muckspreaders... Does what I'm looking for exist?

    Evening all, I do a bit of muck spreading for smaller customers, horsey folk, where 10t Bunnings cant get to etc etc. At the moment, I have this... It's ok, but not heavy duty enough, and not big enough. (However, I'm not looking for massive, as it defeats the object of the thing!) So, On...
  3. Dave W

    Do you name your tractors?

    I've recently been to a place. Pair of brothers, bit backwards maybe but god honest hillbillies. Anyway, everything on the place has got a name. Keith Kubota Walter ransomes There's more but I'm not sure it's ok to repay them. Anyone else do this?
  4. A


    I have been approached by a 16 yr old wanting a job as an apprentice, working 4 days, college 1 day a week. What is the going rate of pay and are there any grants available?
  5. T

    Zetor button beside starter button?

    I’ve noticed on my 6211 there’s a button beside the starter button that isn’t on other models. Any idea what this may be? Perhaps a cold start button?
  6. Clive

    Turbo rebuild / reconditioning ?

    We have a oil seal leaking on a Fendt 724 turbo Only option by dealer is a new turbo which is ££££ Can anyone recommend a turbo reconditioning company tat maybe able to help fitting new seals and bearing etc ? I "think" these turbo are variable geometry so will need to be someone who can...
  7. T

    Zetor gear grinding?

    On my zetor 6211 when shifting between gears 1-3 the gears grind however don’t at extremely low revs but from 3-5 shifting is fine, also if shifting from 4-3 down shifting the gears they can grind. Is this an issue or just the way it’s being driven?
  8. M

    Zetor 3045 Or 3545 4wd

    I would like to find a Zetor 3045 or 3545 4wd tractor.....original condition if possibe. Any help or advice very muc appreciated
  9. E

    Zetor valve settings

    Hi. I have had to replace head gaskets on my zetor 6945. Can anyone tell me the sequence to set tappet clearances.Ie when 1 is at top adjust 6. Thanks . Giles
  10. Surgery

    Lister Wilder and Chandlers Changes in the South

    Very surprised with a letter to say lister-wilder sold out to chandlers in the south on agco dealership , what are chandlers like to deal with? Edit - Link to Press Release -...
  11. T

    Zetor PTO and hydraulics?

    On a zetor 6211 I’ve purchased when the pto is off the lift arms don’t work, how can I set it where the lift arms work when the pto is off, I put the pto lever forward as far as possible which is recommended in a YouTube video to only engage hydraulics but the pto shaft was still going slowly...
  12. Eden.Agri.AD

    A certain trailer pass scheme

    I get what they set up to do, and what the wanted to achieve, but again, like a lot of these things, they have got lost along the way. There were a few posts on Instagram like "Farmers are reminded to seek professional help & not make unqualified farm repairs", Does that mean that an 18 year...
  13. T

    Brake fluid reservoir on zetor 6211?

    I recently bought a zetor 6211 and noticed a reservoir on the outside on the side of the cab. I thought this was for brake fluid but noticed another reservoir under the bonnet so I’m unsure. Does anybody know where the brake fluid reservoir is and what the reservoir on the outside of the cab is for?
  14. T

    Zetor 6211, burst hydraulic pipe

    Just recently bought a 6211, I’m more experienced with vintage tractors but today a hydraulic power steering pipe burst, a significant amount of oil leaked and it will be replaced tommorow. Will I need to refill with power steering oil, where can I add power steering oil on a zetor 6211? I...
  15. Clive

    Guess the parts price thread ?

    A thread to guess the shocking price some manufacturers charge for parts !