105x50x20 side extension

Northdowns Martin

Arable Farmer
Snodland kent
Galvanised finish
105x50x20ft 7 bay portal side extension
Integrated eaves beam gutter on building join side
150mm fibre cement roof
Open sides
Gable ends clad to square in 0.5 plastic coated box
Side gutter with 2 downpipes

Separate prices for supply and erect please

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How to mitigate heat stress in cattle

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Written by John Swire

With temperatures forecast to rise above 25°C, cattle producers should be prepared to mitigate the negative effects of heat stress on their beef and dairy animals.

“Cattle are fairly comfortable when the ambient temperature is between 15°C and 25°C over the summer months but if the thermometer rises significantly, production performance will start to suffer,” warns Jacob Lakin from Azelis Animal Nutrition.

“This is because both a milk production and growing beef animal will start to divert energy away from production performance towards keeping cool. You’ll notice if a cow is struggling during a summer heatwave because she will start to salivate heavily and pant...