16month in calf heifer


Thanks for all reply’s an excellent advise as always. Have a companion left in with her an will start wit odd treats an hopefully docility improves 🤞🏻. Her mother is saler limo x and her father AI limo zag agin easy calver but she was runnnin with chx calfs an limx bull calf and full ch bull last summer🙈. So a bit like falling into bunch of nettles it would be hard to tell which one stung you🤠. I will let her show better springin an then maybe induce her to suit work schedule. Will keep ye posted on proceedings. Thanks again.

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Good luck. I calved a heifer who was born the last day of March 2016 in mid May 2017. She calved herself, a small calf but she reared it.

She calved again in April 2019, again in March 2020 and again this year in early April. All the other calves were full size as is she now.

Unfortunately for her she comes from a line that I am getting rid of due to temperament which she exhibited for the first time this year but in spades.

BCMS needed a photo of that page of my calving book to register the first calf and the vet may have had to write a note.

No problem. She has been grass fed the whole of her life by the way.


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I’ve never registered a calf too a young heifer online, always had too ring BCMS direct. But never had to provide evidence, they’ve always just taken the tag numbers (usually with a comment like “are all women that keen near you?”)and the passport arrived later that week.


Wouldn’t call 2 years a modern fad dad always calved at 2 all my lifetime

I said that it's not ideal to calve heifers at two if they're not well grown or under good supervision. And it's true that the emphasis on calving at two has grown during the last twenty years, so it could be classed as a modern fad.


Update: moocow alert 3.30pm yesterday. Pin bones still not fully gone. Had her in shed and she progressed as normal. put hand n her @7ish an all presented as should. 8pm still no sign of feet out despite lying out forcing for hour or more. Tried ropes on feet but second foot v tight to come out so decided vet safest option. Vet arrived and had good go at getting feet and we all agreed side safest option. Bull calf delivered out side an all’s well. Tubed calf an hav him suckin her today 🤞🏻👌. Temperament has improved massively an is v fond of calf. So hopefully they make a nice little team. Thanks for all feedback.

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