16ton grain trailer


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If you are looking for a trailer may be worth a look


Arable Farmer
Ktwo will have a single tipping ram, not sure if Stewart are and don’t think drt are. I have a western with a single ram and I like it a lot better than twin rams for stability and my western come down quickly aswell when empty.


Mates got two AS trailers one is like the Ktwo one but blue and the other is an actual AS with two rams an slightly longer.I prefer the the Ktwo out of the 2 of them.

Still prefer my Stewart though.


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Here's a post I made on a previous thread about our DRT trailers:
Very good trailers.

I'm not entirely sure of the exact details but DRT was set up by Derek Triffitt some years after selling triffitt trailers. He did this in partnership with others including Pete Slater who is currently running the business.

They're only 3 miles down the road from us, we've bought 2 off them in the last 3 years, a 16 ton grain trailer and a 32ft straw trailer. Bought direct from them as we are so local and know Pete very well. My first comment would be that they are up there with the best of manufacturers even for a local firm. They don't cut corners; trailers on high speed ADR axles, ours are on BKT ridemax 560/45 or 60 radial tires and they're shotblasted and done with plenty of quality 2 pack paint. They even fit load sensing hydraulic brakes alongside lsv air on the dual system so it can be used better with older tractors without locking up. Some may find them a little old school in design but I think they are a good farmers trailer, built for modern high speed heavy haulage. Its the little things like a single piece floor so material doesn't snag, recessing pulsers so they don't get knocked on straw trailers etc. They will build to pretty much any spec or custom requirement even things like reversing cameras aren't a hassle. They will also do things such as uprated suspension (i.e. 18t for a 14 ton trailer) if you want. Pete is also very clever and innovative, they do specialist high tip trailers for pea viners and have even come up with a very unique dual walkway for box trailers which act as a gantry when filling the boxes with potatoes then hydraulically swings up to lock the boxes in for transport.

Just for reference this is our 3 year old straw trailer that sits outside all year round and you can see the condition is like new.

View attachment 937277

Just to add to what others have said DRT use a twin ram setup. Our 16 ton trailer holds 16t of wheat filled at the side of a combine, 17t filled with a loader to take it to the store (over weighbridge) without going silly so no need to worry about being oversold to make it look more appealing in a brochure.
I totally agree, they multi leaf is a lot better ride.
I think the multi leaf on the end of the drawbar method doesn't like as much hitch load and as such the trailers are designed to suit which gives a lot better ride and they don't bottom out against chassis. I know it's nice to have a bit of weight on back of tractor for grip and to take some off trailers wheels if its soft going but some of these bigger trailers up to 20 now are putting far too much weight on hitch imo.

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