2 Day Forecast; Becoming Hot and Humid.

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    As we have been giving you heads up very warm spell still seems likely next week with some seeing highs of 33C/90F but a blip is in the forecast in the form of low pressure crossing the country but then followed by High pressure again so warm, sunny weather retuning in the south while the north may be cooler and unsettled- we will kept you updated at our website metjeffuk.com


    A part from some drizzle possible on western coasts otherwise a dry bright & sunny day in store with temperatures rising to 25C/77F


    A dry start for most and feeling very warm and humid most places remaining dry and sunny, Heavy and possibly severe thunderstorms breaking out in the far SW spreading east overnight with a daytime High of 31F/88F

    Outlook for the rest the week is unsettle in the north warmest driest weather in the south

    Your free 5day forecast ready to view at the website.

    more updates at metjeffuk.com
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