200yard length of farm road, worth??

What kinda money would this be worth, it the entrance to the neighbours farm but we own it, its on my title deeds, the farm changed hands, so new owner wants to buy it, what's it worth, 10grand??.


Would the sale affect you or your business at some point in the future. Has the neighbouring farm any future development potential. What width might you include? If the neighbour has a legal right of way why so keen to purchase?

Highland Mule

Livestock Farmer
Would the sale affect you or your business at some point in the future. Has the neighbouring farm any future development potential. What width might you include? If the neighbour has a legal right of way why so keen to purchase?

That's my thought too - could he be wanting to get ownership so he could grant said right of access to other people too (new housing perhaps, or some other form of development beyond that he's got rights to at the moment)? This might be a case where an uplift clause would be worth adding (not that I like them in normal circumstances, but worth a try perhaps - say £10k and then £10k more for each and any new users?)

Jackov Altraids

Livestock Farmer
It's the only access into the farm, should have been sorted 60 years ago, but it was my dad's cousin, so just left but now it's needing sorted,.

If it is the only access then I'm sure they would be able to prove right of way eventually although it may cost you all a heap of legal fees to reach a conclusion.
I've no idea what the situation is, but if it is just 'tidying' up a matter that should have been sorted years ago then it should be done amicably, you could be neighbours for a long time.
It would be a very good time to think of something that they could do to your advantage, eg. supplies , drains or access you might need and have a non-monetary solution. As owner you could well be liable for it's use and responsible for it's maintenance.

If it's a developer wanting your ransom strip, that would be a different matter.
It wouldn't be quite the same situation but there are places that need to cross common land near me and to buy the access cost 10% of the value of the property.

Dry Rot

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Access can be worth a lot of money. At the moment, he had access for himself, his family, employees, and invitees, i.e. postman, visitors, etc. but not for anyone connected with some future development that may increase the use/volume of traffic. I'd tend to say nothing and wait until he gets desperate! No doubt he has a plan in mind!

br jones

A chap i know inherted his farm (pikey) which once upon a time was part of an estate.to earn money ( lazy twit ) he started have motorcross meetings ,now the big house on the hill found this annoying ,so investigated a way of stopping said meetings .they found they owned his driveway ,and in the deeds it said access only for agricultural purpose


North Wilts
It's the only access into the farm,

Its only access to the farm 'now', what it could be access to in years to come is anyone's guess. As it stands the access right is for the current use only, ie agricultural. If any planning change of use was made then they would have to come to you for a new access right, at which point you'd be able to charge £££. Any money you receive now has to fully compensate you for the loss of those potential future payments, which could be considerable. There's also the issue of control - by being able to restrict the access to agricultural only you have a lever should your neighbour suddenly want to start a motor racing circuit or anything else that you might take issue with. Once the access is 100% his you'll have no control at all.

Unless you need the money, and/or have some specific project you can see a decent return on from on your farm, or outside of it even, then hang on to it. Just because they want to buy it doesn't mean you have to sell it.


Arable Farmer
south norfolk
If the prospective buyer has right of way it may not be worth much at all.id get as much as I coukd for it if selling.got a few neighbors round here who just seem to take liberties all the time and my time helping them has gone


North Cumbria
To put a value on it, is it his only access, or could a different access be built on land they own? In which case the value would be around the cost of instating a new access lane.

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