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    West Northants
    Great to see the ridges on most of those beef sheds, surely the one with crown cranked (?) sheets on is going to struggle for ventilation though? They all look like a nice tidy job though and some cracking floors too (y)
  2. Panels quick and easy, used on that silo because it lends itself for a cubicle house with the position and size so can whip top panel off, board down, roof on cubicles in.

    Shutters add strength to shed but take longer to do
  3. It's 90' wide so nice and high in middle, open on 2 sides so should be ok :) we went and did some concreting there when cattle where in and it felt nice not stuffy
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    That's what I've looking at, the P3 standard is under £500 yet the P4 is about £1k but way more features.
    What would you recommend or is that a stupid question?
    Who did you buy it from?
  5. Phantom 3 did everything I wanted. Try and get the professional for the 4K camera though. Got mine off maplins
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    Sorry for all the questions, there's £200 between a Pro 3 and 4 is it worth the extra?
    Like you it'll be pretty much be taking photos of work & a good camera is a must.
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  7. Not much difference that I know of
  8. zyklon

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    Nice bit of work.

    What laser level kit do you use for lining out the shed or even for the floor?
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    have you seen any particularly tidy designs for splitting buildings up for cattle that stood out to you as being well thought out? /worth a mention?
    some farms just run a shed such as the 60x 40 as 1 pen or even bigger sheds, I don't find this handy to handle cattle or good if you have mixed ages/bullying.
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    Romney Marsh
    Phantom 4 has a gizmo that stops it flying into obstacles, flys further and for a longer time!
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  11. Surgery

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    Send us a quote on the 150-45 shed , thanks

    In fact if you could do that at 140 with twenty foot bays and 18ft high , cheers
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    good effort.you will get good at it before long,no seriously good work nice to see oyhers that take pride in their work
  13. Steevo

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    Compared to last year as per your profile:

    2015 at RWG Contracts

    We've erected 13 buildings, and laid 820 cube of concrete

    You're looking at 5000 cube of concrete this year to keep up that growth Rob!!
  14. Done less buildings this year :( can't see us doing more concrete than what we've done this year
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  15. Spectra laser level
  16. Not really, just gates and races. I can price up Ritchie equipment for you if you wish
  17. Steevo

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    Maybe bigger buildings...?

    Laying a quarter of a million pounds of concrete in a year isn't bad going..!

    What are you hopes/aims for the business in 2017?
  18. There's been more work in the buildings we have done I think.

    Hopes and aims

    Hope I don't go bust

    Aim to make it to 2018 alive (y)
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    thanks I meant more the arrangement than the individual items, you go on 1 farm and use the system and think this was well thought out then go on another and spot the cock ups for example we rented a 45ft x 60 building split into 3 20ft wide pens but it had 15ft gates so they didn't meet to lock cattle back onto bedding = baler band + hurdles nightmare!!!
    best thing to do before deciding on a shed layout is to view a few others which are highly recommended by others, I was cheating thinking you would have seen a lot of setups.
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  20. Steevo

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    Makes sense

    Now that's what I call aims! :)
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